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Tera Patrick is a pornographic film star who is currently worth $500,000,000. At one point she was estimated to be worth $4 million and is currently on a $5 million dollar contract. She has a net worth of $500,000,000 for a net worth of $5.


Her first movie in which she appeared was “Private Lessons” in June 1999, which was the first ever production to release her images for commercial use on the Internet before her porn career. In November 2000, she won AVN Award for Best Couples-Themed Video.

Terra Patrick is one of the most famous porn stars in the history of the internet.

Terra Patrick’s net worth is probably close to $10 Million.

Early Life 

She was born during the summer with a lot of heat and humidity.

Khan’s father is a former Thai actor, and she has a younger brother named Bobby, whom she described as her best friend. She has been writing her own stories ever since she was old enough to write, and as a child, her stories included dragons. She first began writing music for her brother, and she became a professional musician.

Being at an international high-school, Patrick had the chance to travel the world and has lived in various places. Nowadays, Patrick lives in her native France and works at a modelling agency.


Patrick has appeared in several adult magazines.

Patrick has worked with the likes of Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, Sienna Miller, Sienna Miller, and many other superstars. She has also worked with the likes of a plethora of other celebrities.

In 2006, Tera Patrick starred in a production titled ‘Tera Patrick’s Fashion Underground’ where she performed with Jean Val Jean and Tommy Gunn. In the same movie, her husband performed with Lanny Barby.

After Patrick learned that Playboy Enterprises had not paid clubtera.com a share of the advertising revenue earned by the Web site, she filed a lawsuit seeking payment of those earnings.

In the fall of 2008, PlayboyTV held a contest to pick the 25 greatest porn stars of all time. She was one of the top two. She was one of the top two again in 2009.

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, on July 22, 2019, Tera Patrick’s Net Worth is $10 Million.


This guy was once in the NBA and he’s known for fucking everything!

Favorite Quotes from Tera Patrick

“My sexuality and work in pornography shouldn’t have anything to do with my politics. I’m not a political person and I don’t care about the views of the people who made this videogame. It made me feel humiliated and I decided to take it off the shelf because I don’t want to feel ashamed of my sexuality in the future.” – Tera Patrick, July 2011.

I became an actress through my modeling career. I am so comfortable on stage and off. I always enjoyed being in front of the camera. I always have been a very outgoing person and I think I am still that way. I love taking pictures and I still love to be in front of the camera. I prefer to be modeling than acting. That is why I prefer modeling to acting.

3 Life Lessons from Tera Patrick 

– Always make sure you have the proper equipment to make your dream a reality and be persistent in your efforts.
– Stay focused on your goals and objectives to get to where you want to be.

1. Be You 

When you are feeling lonely, you are feeling for your own self.

2. Follow Your Own Dreams 

Follow your own dream and make your own path. Don’t let the outside world or other people interfere what would be your best dream.

3. Don’t Judge 

Your life is not a game and you shouldn’t try to figure out what other people will think about you.
Your life is an open book and the reader is always you.


This blonde beauty has starred in over 50 adult films and is a regular for Playboy. She’s a perfect choice for a sex campaign like this because her looks are great and she’s well known.

We can learn something from Tera Patrick if nothing else, and that’s not to give up on your dreams! She started modeling in Japan and got into the porn industry afterwards. You can also see her on Instagram as @Tera_Patrick.

Terra Patrick is one of the most famous porn stars in the history of the internet.

Terra Patrick’s net worth is probably close to $10 Million.

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