50 Iconic Frank Miller Quotes

I don’t read books or comics and I don’t eat popcorn while watching films or TV shows.

Frank Miller is a film director, writer, producer, and actor who is popular for directing the 2000s action films that have been widely appreciated for their action films and visual effects. The first film directed by Frank Miller is the 2000 action film ‘Street Fighter: The Movie’.

Miller was the first person to produce the two Sin City movies, which were also the first two Sin City stories. He also co-directed both movies.

There is no one way to be a hero, but everyone agrees that if you want to be one, you have to act like one.

50 Iconic Frank Miller Quotes

The world doesn’t make sense until we try to force it to.

The fact that the picture-making technology has advanced to the point that I can make a CGI book, and I can put it in a movie, is very fortunate.

Of course it’s not something I could have ever imagined when I started in comics, when I wrote my very first letter to Marvel Comics in 1977.

If we are not careful, we will become a society of whiners and complainers. And, when America is the victim of crimes of a political nature, we are in no position to whine and complain about the acts of others.

It’s great for conveying the style of a cartoonist, but Frank Miller is a cartoonist. The movie doesn’t have to be realistic. The movie doesn’t have to have any plot. It doesn’t even have to use words.

Batman said he would take away the guns from the Joker.

Shellie’s boyfriend is very intimidating. If you even look at her or think her name, he will cut you and make you useless to a woman.

Frank Miller hates Superman and Batman. I like Superman and Batman. I like them a lot. They’re nice. Batman is in his underwear and he’s standing on a toilet. Superman is in his underwear and he’s flying. They’re really cool.

“Miho is very sadistic”. I found out about her “twisting the blade” metaphor from a comment on this video.

10th of 50 Frank Miller Quotes

The gun is the most useless invention of man. Man invented the gun to shoot other men. The gun is made to kill. It exists only to kill. I want no part of it.

Miller got the crime thing from “noir” movies like “Tokyo Drifter” and “Tokyo Joe”. He liked them because they were about people on the margins. Also, he liked the fact that you could tell the story in one room, even one with a door, making it easy to imagine that things were happening in another room.

As many of you know, Marvel has been expanding into some of our most cherished mediums, such as television and film. I’m thrilled that we’re able to work with some of the best of our industry, including Frank Miller. We’re excited to continue the partnership and we can’t wait to see what Frank and his team come up with next.

Screenwriting is like being a fire hydrant in a town with a bunch of dogs lined up around it.

Miller claimed that he prefers to write and draw in his home, with total freedom, and then take it to the “lion’s den”.

“Troublemaker” in comic books means someone who shows some sense of dignity and has a sense of right and wrong.

Having a goal in mind is a bad idea. In the real world, you’ll just have to deal with failing and being happy with your success.

Miller once said he felt the only way to get into the comics industry was to imitate the work of Frank Miller. As he explained in an interview on Comedy Central, this meant doing gritty stories without the aid of superheroes.

Frank Miller wrote his own personal views in comic books by making the characters angry, violent, and drunk. He was inspired by things that were important to him, such as hot chicks, fast cars, and cool guys in trench coats. Miller’s opinions didn’t change much over the years, but he did get more and more extreme.

It was a huge honor to be invited and also the first time I met FrankMiller. He was so gracious. I was so impressed with his knowledge that I thought he was a genius, haha.

20th of 50 Frank Miller Quotes

As we work with the actors and the director, we have a different kind of relationship. We go in, and it’s really collaborative work. We make changes and we discuss it. It’s the only experience where the design and the actors actually end up being one thing together. And the other thing is acting. I learn something every single time that I work with an actor or a director on the movie.

Nancy’s got a guardian angel. He’s seven feet plus of muscle and mayhem and he goes by the name of Marv.

Even if you try to write characters that will be more than one kind of entertainment, it can still be a bad job if one type of entertainment dominates over the others.

 I don’t do a comic book thinking there will be a movie. I just want it to be as good a comic book as it can be.

It is very easy to judge superheroes by the rules of the world and think that that is what they are for. That is not the case. Superheroes are just like all of us. They have strengths and weaknesses, fears and hopes. They just have been given superpowers by a being much greater than they are. While their powers might make them the strongest or fastest or smartest. It is their will, determination, and inner strength that is superhuman.

I check the list. Rubber tubes, gas, saws, gloves, cuffs, razor wire, hatchets, Gladys, and my mitts.

This example also involves a single word that is split across the line. You’d get this result if you did a Find-and-Replace and searched for that.

I would add that, perhaps because of his experience as a cartoonist, and his own interest in that medium, Miller brings a cartoonish energy to his work on Batman. The art is very direct, and the story is, if not the most outrageous thing he has done, then certainly the most unusual.

30th of 50 Frank Miller Quotes

When you have a disease, it’s bad to forget your medicine.
In any situation where you have a problem, it’s bad to forget your medicine.
You cannot survive without good thoughts.

Yeah, she goes on a rampage with a Pez dispenser and chops his head off.

He was going to be damned if he was old enough for Batman.

This is something that I’ve also thought about at some point in the near future. I don’t know how I would go about doing it, but I’m very much interested in creating a character that is larger than life.

Frank Miller has always been a monomaniac, and he does everything he can to keep things that simple. He doesn’t work to look like anyone, or to cast someone he’s worked with in a movie. He likes to focus on one thing at a time and does it in his own style.

Miller has not been shy about his dislike of comic book adaptations. He has been quoted as saying, “The fact that people are paying attention to my work makes me mad.” Miller probably felt a little more comfortable speaking his mind after his novella, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, was adapted into an incredibly faithful film adaptation that won the Academy Award for best picture of the year.

This is interesting. If Frank Miller has been drawing crime and super heroes comic books since he was a little kid and he’s a graphic artist for over 40 years then he must have been thinking about crime and super heroes pretty early on.

Gotham City is the most advanced city in the world. It has skyscrapers, subways, and all the technological wonders of the day. This city symbolizes the best of modern civilization and it is where the League stands to fight against the forces of evil.

40th of 50 Frank Miller Quotes

Frank Miller, in a talk at the University of British Columbia, said he’s not trying to influence people’s votes or political views.

For me, the term comic books is a very narrow term, because it’s about these specific things, and there’s a lot of other mediums, in the book world, that are very specific and that has a lot of crossover with comics, but I don’t like the term comic book because it seems to be limiting it.

I think comics are really the only art form that allows you to do this. You get to communicate with your audience immediately, and that’s pretty much the whole point.

Powers, who started his career in the 80s at Marvel, said that in the 1990s, people started to question the art form.

My heroes are knights and warriors of Old West. They battle against evil and evil doers in a dirty, blood-caked world. Some of my heroes are immortal and others die in battle, but all of them die with honor.

Batman was still twenty-nine during the events of “Death in the Family” when he met the woman who became the Dark Knight’s wife.

This is not saying that the two are synonymous, just that they were associated in the same era.

Frank Miller has a point. There is no such thing as objective truth. All truths are subjective, and they change as they are interpreted by the people giving their opinion. I do agree with Frank that “The first draft of anything is crap.” The first draft of anything you produce is not going to be the best possible thing you can do, but it’ll be better than the best you are capable of coming up with.

For a man already a legend, Frank Miller was still growing into becoming the very best. A combination of talent and determination had him already a master of the medium, but he was still just starting to show off his most impressive abilities.


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