50 Incredible Bill Nye Quotes

Bill Nye has a lot of interesting and funny quotes that I enjoy hearing and quoting.

Bill is a scientist whose mission is to inspire people to achieve their potential by breaking down complex scientific concepts to make them accessible to the masses.

Bill Nye was a well-known pop culture figure from the U.S. for his comedic and educational lectures on the intersection of science and entertainment. He produced and hosted the Emmy award-winning PBS children’s science program Bill Nye the Science Guy, which ran from 1993 to 1998. Some consider him the father of the modern revival of public interest in science.

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50 Incredible Bill Nye Quotes

By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, farmers can reduce their environmental impact. They can even reduce their costs, because it cuts back on the need to fertilize their fields and to purchase energy and equipment for heating and processing feed.

Evolution is a fact and it’s one that can be tested. There’s no evidence to support Nye’s assertion that evolution can’t be proven.

While the United States has no active space program, Bill Nye is actually an advocate for manned space exploration as a means of exploring other planets and the solar system. He even has a book published called Planetary Society: The Art and Science of Spaceflight.

A lot of great people are great teachers. And I found that just by taking a chance on them, they often turned out to be great teachers.

NASA and space exploration is an engine of innovation, inspiration, and the world’s premier space exploration program. It is well served by politicians that work to keep it that way, rather than turning it into a jobs program or cutting its budget.

7th of 50 Bill Nye Quotes 

As a former science educator and the Science Guy himself, Bill Nye is no stranger to the world of television. In a world where the lines between educational programming and entertainment can get blurred and can easily lead to bad science, Bill believes that television is just as good as words and pictures and should bring people together. His most recent foray into entertainment is the Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World, where he teaches viewers about science and the environment. This show has received much attention after one of its episodes featured a conversation about vaccinations.

If we lose the ability to make a landing on the moon, it will be devastating, and if we lose the ability to land on other planets, it will be heartbreaking.

I have no idea what this quote means. I’m not a scientist. I don’t know what Rush Limbaugh said but, if he said he’s charmed I’d be charmed.

I dressed in a tuxedo and I wore a bow tie. A bow tie with a tuxedo is more formal than a straight tie with a tuxedo.

This was at the beginning of his career, when he was only in high school.

NASA is not just about flying a rocket. The space program is about how we as a people, can work together and live together in peace and harmony.

Bill Nye has been a huge advocate of changing socks often. He has even conducted a couple of experiments on the subject. He tested changing socks to see if it would affect the growth of the fungus in question, but he says socks don’t seem to affect the frequency of athlete’s foot.

Bill Nye has commented, in the past, on the lack of success of his standup comedy material, saying that writing good jokes isn’t easy. He’s since said that standup comedy just isn’t for him and that he’d rather spend his time doing science instead.

There are new technologies now that can reveal answers to our questions about the universe. There are new technologies now that can reveal information about the earth itself. The age of the earth has been a question for many years. But the idea that the earth is only 6,000 years old is just a hypothesis.

William Nicholas Nye was born on June 14, 1942 in the USA. As a child, he became interested in natural sciences after watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. He attended Cornell University, where he majored in mechanical engineering. His interest in paleontology and evolution made him an expert paleontologist. He joined Cornell’s Ithaca College in 1970.

17th of 50 Bill Nye Quotes 

I think this is a fair position, and we should not force “creationism” or anything else in our science classes. They need to be separate from science classes. I am willing to support the inclusion of creationist theories in science classes as long as they are only taught as an alternative to evolution. I am not sure I would want this to be mandatory. It is true that some creationist theories are similar to evolutionary theories (such as the big bang theory), but then others are not.

My favorite example of this is the original IBM PC. If you look at how much it cost, it was about $1,500. You could buy a new car for like $5,000 in 1975. So, instead of thinking about it in terms of how much you spend, think about the idea of how much you could save.

If you’re going to wear a business casual outfit, make sure the pants are a little below the knees and that the top doesn’t have a scoop neck.

I believe that the people who will have to do something else are the people who were doing this work anyways. So I’m not too concerned about it.

In my mind, the population clock starts ticking with the first human being. The world population will never reach more than 9 billion people. We will not see the population peak until after the year 2100, and we will not see the population drop below 900 million until after the year 2300.

People who get the passion for doing medical good for the world before they are 10, are more likely to start a career in medicine. Also, people who make vaccines or do medical research, get the passion for that before they are 10.

Bill Nye started watching television when he was around ages 8 through 12. He began watching science shows, like Noggin, with his family. The Naughtons, the family that he grew up with, loved science shows, so he started to follow their footsteps. He is known for his various educational TV programs, including Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill Nye Saves the World, Bill Nye the Inexplicable, and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

One of my favorite memories of Bill was at an event where I met him for the first time, and I was telling him I played ultimate Frisbee. He looked at me very suspiciously. I assured him I wasn’t lying, and that my frisbee skills were much more developed.

It’s easy to say that the apocalypse is here and that there is nothing we can do about it, but I don’t believe that is true. There are things we can do to mitigate the damage.

I don’t know what Bill Nye really thinks about science, but it’s hard to believe that he doesn’t at least think science is important. If only he would get out a bit more and try to understand that science is a big part of our world and it gives us a lot that is useful and beautiful, we can look back later and love it.

27th of 50 Bill Nye Quotes 

The Bill Nye quote would have to come before the God of the gaps because it explains how there can be gaps in knowledge. The quote would explain how creationism teaches a gap in knowledge and how it relies on that gap in knowledge to support its position. Creationism can’t explain the absence of evidence, so it has to be faith-based or it would have to say that no evidence exists to explain this matter.

There is evidence that Venus once had a thin atmosphere and water. There is no evidence that Venus is hot enough to melt lead or that the air is so thick that you have to be 900 meters deep in ocean water. Bill Nye may not know much about science but he knows not much about Venus.

Innovation is what has made the United States great. The only reason why people want to live in the United States is because it offers the best innovation.

Bill Nye was being interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show and when asked, why do you know what you think you do? Nye responds with “because I believe it”.

When Nye was a kid, he wore a tie every single day, and his mom was not happy about it. She told him to never wear a tie again. He started wearing a bow tie though, got comfortable with it, and he said he just kept with it.

You can say the same thing about almost every issue facing the world today. It’s the same thing over and over again. It’s a classic case of arguing ad lib. If Bill Nye wants to play that game, then maybe he should stop acting like a clown and actually make some scientific arguments.

I’ve realized that the humor is not just in what we do, but also in what we say, in our culture, and how we act.

As a public figure Bill Nye has a responsibility to present the facts to the public. It is our responsibility to analyze facts and provide the public with an understanding of the facts. Scientific facts exist and scientific processes exist. Facts cannot be changed and can not be manipulated to fit personal beliefs and/or prejudices. Science is objective. Science is about information and not about feelings, opinions, or beliefs. Facts are facts and no matter how important your feelings or opinions are, they do not constitute “facts”.

Commercial Spaceflight is an important part of NASA’s overall strategy to achieve deep space exploration. It will help us to reduce the cost of reaching space and eventually send humans to Mars.

People often say that they are not going to teach their kids about climate change because they don’t want them to have a worldview that is different from their own. This is often presented as some sort of moral decision. But it seems like the real reason is that they don’t want their kids to be educated on a subject which is actually true.

37th of 50 Bill Nye Quotes 

Bill Nye believes that science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science, then you’re really holding everybody else back. If we don’t practice scientific thinking, we’re not going to progress.

If you want to learn how to code, then you need to make it a fun experience, and you can do that by making it a learning experience. There is no point creating something unless you can see the point of it. Making a website or learning a language is just as much about learning how to learn as it is about the actual subject matter.

The main idea in biology is evolution. But that’s not what creationists teach, hence why they are called creationists. In today’s science classes, we talk about the internet, which comes from science, but that’s not the only idea in science. We also talk about weather forecasting which comes from science, but that’s not the only idea in science. As for evolution, it is also the idea in evolution, not the only idea in evolution.

Spring came late and lingered a bit, and got a lot of people to talk a lot.

The toddler who you saw in the last slide, he was just a kid, right? At some point he will stop making a mess. At that point, you can start to teach him some valuable lessons.

Space is fun, exciting and inspires us to do great things. But the truth is, when you look at the budget of NASA, it’s less fun, exciting and less inspires us in doing anything more than playing with a Rubik’s Cube.

 Life science is the branch of science that studies living things.  Biology is the study of life.  The evolution of species is the fundamental idea in biology.

Bill Nye said that it is necessary to have critical thinking abilities in order to not be a victim of a lie.

Scientists claim the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old, and many do not believe God created it in six days as described in the Bible.

Don’t be afraid to talk about recycling with your kids. Recycling not only saves valuable resources, it also helps keeps trash out of the landfill, so the kids can recycle better.

47th of 50 Bill Nye Quotes 

It is really hard to learn a language when there’s no way to hear it.

Your social media posts are not a substitute for having a real-world education. Keep that in mind.

God does not know anything about anything, he does not observe, he does not create, and he is not part of the past or the future, and creationism cannot predict anything.

The problem I have with this statement is that it assumes the only way to measure Earth’s rotational speed is by looking at Mars and we can’t measure the Earth’s gravity. I think it would be a lot easier to measure Earth’s rotational speed just by making sure our clocks sync up or comparing our atomic clocks.


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