50 Incredible Willard Scott Quotes

Willard Scott was a comedian who was famous for his impression of a British actor. He was especially known to use the name Willsie Scott or Will Scott.

Willard Scott was an American media personality, television personality, entertainer, character actor, comedian, singer and composer.

He studied at Harvard, and is currently on the faculty at Columbia University’s SIPA Graduate School of Business.

Scott has been writing since he can remember. Although he has made it his business to write eight books, he has actually been a writer for much longer than that. He wrote an entire book about his first memory in his younger years, and is still writing a second book about his childhood.

His acting and songwriting career includes acting in multiple movies, most notably ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, and writing songs for ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Gulliver’s Travels’.

Willard Scott was an amazingly talented actor who gave me a great lesson in professionalism and personal responsibility. He was a very gracious man.

50 Incredible Willard Scott Quotes

Willard Scott wore dresses all the time. His wife was a strong supporter of his acting career.

I love my grandparents because they are my grandparents.
[Other]: Why do we love our grandparents so much? Part of the reason I think has to do with the tremendous natural affinity that kids have for older people, whether they are their actual grandparents or not. They really do care about them and look up to them as role models.

What a big mouth. He could have been a politician, but he did not listen to those around him.

Many librarians are like teachers without a classroom. They are often very caring and very helpful.

Self-acceptance comes from being honest and accepting yourself, and your personality, warts and all; and from belonging to a family that accepts you without question.

There were so many weather acts that it didn’t matter if they were a good act.
I mean, they were a good act but they didn’t have any impact.
The thing that made the weather on “General Hospital” stand out was the acting.

August depresses him, he doesn’t even feel like eating and when he doesn’t eat, that’s a sure sign of stagnation.

Willard Scott said that he would like to be known as the person who convinced people in America that catfish is one of the finest tasting fishes in the world.

Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody else seem to do anything about it.

10th of 40 Willard Scott Quotes

When you slap a man who chews tobacco his jaw will slam shut on your arm.

Willard Scott loved how Lorne Greene prepared for each parade. He said Lorne had a routine, and he was doing it all those years. And he never forgot it. Eventually, Willard Scott became that routine.

I want to get my own show because “Today” will eventually get tired of me, or the audience will get tired of me.

TV critics are important when they decide which programs to see on TV, but not important at all when it comes to actually buying tickets for those programs.

Glaucoma is a cloudy condition that leads to vision loss. Early detection is the only way to predict how cloudy your future vision will be.

Even when I can only do 20 minutes, I can find at least 5 minutes of additional time for calisthenics.

In the first season, the writers gave us some examples of how Willard’s character was shaped. He was a Southern Baptist, and from the beginning, he was depicted as mean, judgmental, etc. It was all part and parcel of his character. The writers never really went out of their way to portray him as being any one thing more than the other, which was pretty clever, of course.

Willard Scott told SNL’s Lorne Michaels that he’s interested in doing Saturday Night Live.

In the world of entertainment, no one is immune to the perquisite of a reputation. In fact, it is almost expected of Hollywood stars. But when a man has worked as hard as Willard Scott to live up to his reputation, he should be able to rest easy.

The American dream is to live in the White House, to meet the king of England and eat some free food. That’s the truth, not the lies of Willard Scott.

20th of 40 Willard Scott Quotes

This was the first thing I heard when I went to the office last week. Everybody is working from home, talking on the phone, and e-mailing each other. This is the first time I’ve actually seen people in the office.

If you’re not an American, you probably don’t know Willard Scott, but as a television actor, he was the voice of both Barney and the purple dinosaur in the 1970’s. Scott became popular as the host of the TV series “Atlas Shrugged” alongside John Galt and Dagny Taggart.

When he was in high school, he weighed 175 to 180 pounds, with a body like Abraham Lincoln. And he was the only thing that stood taller than 6-foot-3, which was what he weighed.

Willard Scott, who became famous by playing the lead role in “The Honeymooners” and “The Odd Couple”, said that he used to play children’s shows to become accustomed to being on camera and to practice being aware of the presence of a TV camera.

My parents are no longer with me, but they gave me the best parents and grandparents I could ask for.

My grandmother was an average housewife who always made sure that everyone in the family was fed daily. All of her recipes went back to her grandmother, who cooked on a wood-fired stove and was passed down to her.

The way you get on in this business is to be nice to people and let people take advantage of you. The best part of being a public figure is nobody will ever hate you. I know it sounds corny, but I’ve never met a big star who wasn’t a nice person. I like people. People in the world are just the right people.

People with a phobia may be much more concerned with being afraid of a potential negative outcome than they would be about an actual outcome that they feared.

It was just an ordinary day. Just a normal day. Except for all the news about Egypt.

Willard Scott probably was never as dumb as he thought he was.

30th of 40 Willard Scott Quotes

It is a fact that Willard Scott’s voice often sounded like he was chewing gum. One of the most underrated voices in comedy, Scott was an original (and one of the best) members of The Three Stooges.

As a radio voice, I am the best. There is no competition.

Nature’s a tranquilizer for sure while going to sleep.

Bryant Gumbel said that his ego had applied for statehood and he also said that his ego will be the fifth largest.

Sally makes the best cookies of all the people in the world. The cookies come out all uniform with nice little air holes.

When it comes to the issue of eye-related diseases, Dr. David Greenfield is a prominent advocate. In his book, the doctor says that the leading cause of vision loss is glaucoma. He also explains why it is crucial for people to get screened and treated for glaucoma.

When you’re finished with something, it’s finished.

Willard Scott’s dad was an agent for Met Life, in the 50s, he remembers the mortality rate being about 58 years old. Then it went up to 62, and 68.

The truth is, good-looking women exist, but we, as humans, have to find the good-looking men in order to be happy.

The weatherman has a big, old, soft, heart. He is easy to love.

The weather man has always been one of the best, most secure jobs because the weather man changes anchors, the set changes, the producers come and go and the weatherman doesn’t.


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