40 Inspirational Charles Darwin Quotes

I’ve studied Darwin and his impact on our world. He made me understand the meaning of life and that there are many ways life evolves. He also taught me how to think and how to have a sense of humor.

Charles Darwin was an English biologist who lived in the 19th century and was one of the principal advocates of the theory of evolution.

He is considered to be one of the most important scientists of the 19th century. He is the founder of the science of evolution. Evolution is the idea that living organisms evolve (change over time) over eons of time.

Darwin was considered a pioneer in science because he was the first known person to believe in evolution. He also believed that humans were the highest form of life and were made of the same material as other animals. He studied fossils and living species to support his theory of evolution. Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection was the most significant scientific discovery of the 19th century.

40 Inspirational Charles Darwin Quotes

A man who dares to waste time on things he is not interested in has not discovered the value of life.

Darwin thought the human species was not equal to other species and that human beings were made in the image of God at some point in the distant past.

I think we can all agree that ignorance usually makes us lose faith. Knowledge makes us confident though. I have learned a lot and I am confident that some problems will be solved though science.

When you are a millionaire you start thinking more about money. You need money to feel secure. Money provides security, stability, and certainty. Money gives you a feeling of control over your life. If you have lots of money, you feel better. You can help others. You can pay for their education. You can do whatever you like. Money is a source of happiness.

Human beings are born with instincts, but we must develop reason if we want to develop character.

The friendship of a man should be judged by his friendships, not by his enemies.

Darwin thought that the civilized races of men will almost certainly exterminate the aboriginals, although he felt he was not certain about this. He also thought that man would replace other nonhuman races with human beings.

Natural selection is the process that shapes living things and keeps them alive. It favors those features of organisms that contribute to survival and reproduction more than others over time. Natural selection is very important because it is how life on earth has evolved.

A single human mind is more powerful than any mechanical device that has been devised to date.
A single human brain alone is capable of understanding and solving many problems.

11th of 40 Charles Darwin Quotes

The process of evolution has given us a kind of mind that takes in the world and makes sense of it.

Error is never eliminated, it only becomes more apparent until it can be seen for what it is. When that happens, it is killed.

It is good to be able to self evaluate and question your actions.
It is not good to be forced to self evaluate and question your actions.

Facts are like a knife. If you use them properly, they will make everything easier and more efficient. However, if you get a sharp knife and throw it on an innocent person, it will cause an injury, although it wouldn’t really harm that person.

You can’t be serious man. You’d be a damn fool to try to read Shakespeare. It’s impossible to be so close, to this kind of genius, there are no words.

15. You’re not going to try to read Shakespeare? That just shows how low you’re willing to go to defend your pathetic excuse for an opinion.

Even though you are in a rut or a slump, it is not a cursed evil to become as absorbed in whatever you are doing as Charles Darwin was in the subject of evolution.

On the ordinary view of species having been independently created, we gain no scientific explanation.
The sentence in the paraphrase is what the original author is trying to show by the use of the word “we”.

When we observe the universe, we see that most of the objects are lifeless. And the law of gravity works for all of them and never stops at any place.

Scientists are not supposed to have strong feelings, but they do have them, and they are often the most important.

How imperative the future is to the present when one is surrounded by children.

I admire your work as much as I admire the work of fools. You are doing experiments to discover the truth, in the same way that fools are doing experiments to learn from their errors.

22nd of 40 Charles Darwin Quotes

It is a very high moral standard to be able to control your thoughts, and to know that you ought to control your thoughts.

Aristotle’s belief in the innate nature of human qualities is often cited as a key example of how Darwin’s theory affected the study of human nature.
And although Darwin had some difficulties in reconciling the idea of a soul with the development of life, other prominent thinkers did not.

This quote is from Charles Darwin. He wasn’t much of a drinker himself, but he thought that monkeys were wise, because they don’t drink alcohol.

All I know is that I am a machine for observing facts and grinding out conclusions.

You could argue that poverty, disease or famine are caused by bad economic laws, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that it’s a simple problem of lack of money. Bad institutions can be just as destructive as bad laws.

Man came from primates and is a descendant of mammals and arboreal creatures.

No matter how far into the universe we look, we will never be able to fathom the beginning of it all. We may be able to figure out how life began, and we may be able to make some pretty compelling guesses about how Earth became habitable for life, but when we look at everything beyond Earth, we can never be absolutely certain that life was indeed inevitable.

The naturalist Charles Darwin considered the book of nature to be the devil’s chaplain. He wrote that nature was a clumsy, wasteful, blundering, low, and horribly cruel work of nature.

This is an example of paraphrase in the negative form, whereby the target has been chosen as part of the original.

I know that people are always trying to figure out what makes a person happy and why people have different personalities, but the answer is very simple. It’s really the same thing everyone needs in their life all the time, and in fact, music can make a person happy all the time. I know music that makes me happy all the time, but I can’t think of any that does the same for you.
Here are some music tracks that I think will help you create a happier day for yourself whenever you want.

32nd of 40 Charles Darwin Quotes

It’s really important to have a life-like attitude when playing the piano, and there is no doubt that when you feel the emotion of a person, you will create the same emotion in the listener. This feeling of love is what you get when you play the piano.

It is important to realize that most of what we call “evil” or “unjust” is nothing more than some sort of mistake. It is a mistake to believe that other people have something that you lack. It is a mistake to believe that people are evil or that their actions are unjust, just because they are different from how you would act if you were in their shoes.

In general, I don’t like listening to the ‘lead of other men’, and would rather follow my own instincts.

This is the most important point in the theory of evolution. If a species had to be smart just to survive, that’s the end of the story.

A blushing person is a peculiar one. Perhaps the reason is that blushing is a very human expression.

It is not difficult to see how an animal’s instincts are often similar in the way they’re expressed. And indeed, I once considered how it would be like if we were truly just animals, and that we could not help but behave in an instinctive, instinctual way. To me, it seems a bit like they’re a lot like us, but with a whole lot of animal instinct mixed in.

Since there are no limits to the amount of resources, energy, knowledge, time, or effort a person expends, I think an individual who is capable of directing that towards his or her own good is doing the thing that maximizes his or her own benefit.

It takes an hour to walk a mile. A mile isn’t far, right? It’s only an hour if you walk really fast.

We’re all part of a single gene pool that makes up the human species.
We’re all on a never-ending quest to live and to flourish. We can’t help but compete with each other.
And it’s this, not some divine intervention, that accounts for the evolution of the human species.

Charles Darwin – Prophet of Evolution


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