5 Reasons Why Exercising Changes Your Life

I have always been a skinny kid.

My mom thought that I was too thin, so she always bought me clothes that were too big. I wanted to lose weight because the clothes that were too big were really uncomfortable and it was difficult to bend down or sit without having to remove them.

I was a very large kid, very strong and pretty good looking. I was always into athletics and I wanted to look like an athlete. At the same time, I was always into music, which was kind of a combination of athletics and music. I was very good looking and could be very intimidating when I wanted to be.

I have never regretted my decision, but I am the only one who is responsible for the choices I make in life.

Today, I am a healthy, fit and well-balanced person. My physical appearance has changed a lot. My hair is a lot longer and I have a lot more muscle and definition in my body.

5 Reasons Why Exercising Changes Your Life

I chose to become a personal trainer and bodybuilder to help people who are going through life and struggles like me. I wanted to take it to the next level and show them what I knew.

I can’t think of a better way to start a presentation than by telling you that exercise can change your life. Exercise is a great way to control stress. It will help you to become healthier, stronger, and more self-assured.

1. You Will Have Something To Work Toward

It is very important to have a goal in life. It gives you the focus and sense of purpose. It allows you to measure your progress from the past to the present, and where you would like to be in the future.

I want to be a great leader and be successful.
I want to get good grades in college and get into good grad school after.
I want to win a game and be the best player out there.

Each workout should be done to set a new personal best. For example, the last time you did something really hard, you might want to do something challenging that has more recovery time. Also, you would want to push yourself to set a new personal best.

The body and strength are never a given, they must be worked on and worked hard for. You must be strong and fit enough to run as fast as you can, and you must be smart enough to train your body, strength, and endurance to run a fast marathon.

Without goals in fitness, you wouldn’t know when to change up your routine or continue what you’re doing.

2. You Will Have More Self-Confidence

People feel like their lives are being taken back from them.

When you appear healthy on the outside, you are likely to feel better about yourself on the inside.

This is true, but it can also be deeper. Your achieving goals of lifting weights creates results that spill over to other parts of your life.

When you run (or do anything really, for that matter) you always feel better after you’ve finished. This is because you’ve done something you couldn’t do before, you’ve accomplished something when you didn’t think you could. That same feeling should be experienced when you see your physique changing positively.
You can read a little more about the body in the following article.

The shirt, is now a frame for your beautiful chest. That shirt that was just a t-shirt now is a frame for your excellent body of a man.

3. You Will Feel Better

Research indicates that engaging in movement can lead to feelings of happiness and accomplishment.

The best way to start your day off right is to do a small workout before breakfast. This will get your body moving and get you looking forward to the rest of the day.

The feeling about how grateful they are about helping someone can create positive feelings.

4. You Will Be Healthier

A lot of diseases that plague Americans are very preventable with just exercise. According to Mayo Clinic, regular exercise is known to help improve heart health and can lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease.

5. You Will Be Noticed More

I talk about this in more detail here but understand that a great mind will make you a better person and not just to the opposite sex.

I can go to the gym all day long and still be in shape! I always look for different ways to take a break from the grind – doing some of my favorite workouts, yoga, or even playing some frisbee.


You might think that your life will change the moment you start working out. But your life can change even if you go to bed at 8 p.m. and workout at 5 a.m. It is not an effective workout that’s why you must make your workout effective for you.

Here’s the deal, you can do a few things when preparing for the fit life.

I wish that everyone could have the chance to experience my level of fitness.

It won’t always be as easy as waking up extra early to work out, not wanting to eat like everyone else and not taking the time to go to the gym when you are tired will all be worth it.

If your goal is to grow a bigger body, take the leap on the road to becoming the most toned down version of yourself.

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