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Bad Bunny is a Cuban-American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur based out of New York. He is the most popular rapper in the United States, and by extension, Latin America. His music is mostly in Spanish.


Since his career has started, he has been raking in millions of dollars.

As of July 2019, Bad Bunny’s net worth is around $50 Million.

The songs contain lyrics that are more about social issues. They are also known for its catchiness. The songs are known by the Spanish word “golpes” or hits.

Early Life

Ocasio was raised in a home where his parents were both artists, his father was a sculptor and his mother was an illustrator.

This is Bad Bunny…
He started with singing when he was just five years old, and he sang this song so that his parents would not laugh about him.


Luian had fallen in love with Bad Bunny’s voice and that is how he was introduced to Bad Bunny. A few months later, the Colombian performer was signed to Columbia Records.

In 2019, Bad Bunny and Ozuna released a collaboration called “Fonseca” which features vocals from Ozuna. The song charted on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs.

Bad Bunny is not just featured in the single, but has signed on as the official voice of Vivo V9. As of now, this is the best selling Android phone in the world.

He collaborated with J Balvin and Prince Royce. Then, he created a song titled ‘Sensualidad,’ which claimed the tenth spot of the ‘Hot Latin Songs’ chart. He also released his single ‘Tú No Metes Cabra’ in November 2017.

Bad Bunny became known in the Latin American market, and soon started collaborating with artists such as Daddy Yankee, J Balvin and Quico.

He gets more than half a million followers on his official Instagram account. Bad Bunny has 2,000,000 followers on his Spotify accounts. He has 3.8 million followers on his Instagram account.

According to various sources, Bad Bunny was born in January of 1992. He is 28 years old.


Bad Bunny started his career by rapping with his family in the streets of Puerto Rico.

Favorite Quotes from Bad Bunny 

The New York based rapper has made it to the big time just nine months after stepping in to rap. Bad Bunny is the latest New York rapper to make his way on to the Billboard Rap chart, joining Big Sean and Drake.

3 Life Lessons from Bad Bunny 

When it comes to success and success in the music industry, there is no one set formula that guarantees you success. You need to learn to persevere and never give up. You need to constantly keep improving your craft while taking great care of your fans and yourself. You also need to be driven and willing to work hard.

1. People Will Criticize You

It doesn’t matter how many people like what you do, if there are people that don’t like it, no matter how many people that don’t like what you do, there are people that do like what you do.

2. People Change 

Money does not change people, people change by their own will.

3. The Space Of Change 

`I know you and I know me, and I know you’ – he said, as he began to recite some of the verses he had written. He also said that he hopes a “new generation” will be able to take on his legacy.


The rapper’s real name is Adrian Pabon, but he goes by Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny is a popular reggaeton/trap artist.

He is considered as one of the best trap artistes of the current generation. Though his songs are predominantly in Latin or Spanish, world-renowned musicians have featured him in their respective songs.

Riff Raff, with his social media accounts, is also popular in the social media.

Since his career has started, he has been raking in millions of dollars.

As of July 2019, Bad Bunny’s net worth is around $50 Million.

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