Top 10 Calisthenics Workout Motivation Videos

I do a lot of calisthenics. They’re fun, they’re a great workout, but they don’t last long enough!

Calisthenics is just about the best way to get your workout in. It is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn some calories. It is easy and versatile, allowing you to enjoy a variety of exercises.

This article will cover all the best calisthenics motivation videos and their respective creators on YouTube.

Top 10 Calisthenics Workout Motivation Videos

Here are the top 10 best calisthenics workout motivation videos on the web. They’ll get you started with bodyweight exercises. No equipment needed and can be used anywhere, even the office!

1. Calisthenics Workout Motivation – Bar Brothers

The best things in life are free!

Bar Brothers is a new bar from the Bar brothers of The L Magazine.

You may have heard the Bar Brothers’ Calisthenic Routine. Well, you can get your own routine in under 5 minutes! It only takes a few minutes to learn it and you’ll be able to practise it anywhere.

2. Train Insane – Frank Medrano

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Frank Medrano has a crazy amount of strength, and trains using exercises that include things like his bodyweight. Although his strength is extremely impressive, he’s not a particularly heavy guy.

Even though you are not a body weight athlete, you can still use your bodyweight to pull off the most complicated moves if you understand how to do it.

3. 2 Year Calisthenics Transformation

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The best calisthenics transformation videos that I’ve ever watched were about a guy who had lost 150 pounds through calisthenics and is now an amazing fitness model. He is the most inspirational and motivational calisthenics transformation video I’ve ever seen. He has his own website where he offers fitness tips and other information about fitness. I highly recommend watching one of his videos.

4. Chase Your Dreams – Brendan Myers

Hi I’m Brendan, and I’m a huge advocate of learning the basics of the sport before moving on. That’s why I’ve made this video, it’s designed to help you understand the key concepts in fitness, and also provide you with a great motivation to keep you moving towards your goals.
So watch this video, learn the basics, and get started with fitness.

5. 1 Year Incredible Body Transformation – Calisthenics

Copyright (c) 2014 Bar Brothers DR. All rights reserved.

6. 16 Year Old Body Transformation – Calisthenics Unity

This is a transformation of an 11 year old boy who weighed only 8.5kg (approximately 20lbs) when he started this transformation, he is currently 22.1kg (46lbs)!

7. People Are Awesome – Street Workout Motivation

Check out this video and then prepare to be amazed! The only thing that makes me not believe is the part when one of the men is balancing on one of the ropes, and I know he can’t be that good.

8. Serbian Street Workout – Ultimate Motivation

I’ve tried finding the original version that had a little more effort put into it, but haven’t been able to. I was hoping someone in the comments here might be able to link or put me on the right track. I found some old articles, but I’m hoping that if these are older than the wiki’s birth, there is a newer version.

This is some serious street workout footage. I really like how they use the camera to frame the shots and the tight choreography. There’s a lot of good technique from the ladies in the clips, and their energy is really high.

9. Higher Power Workout Motivation – Bar Brothers

The best things in life are free!

Bar Brothers is a new bar from the Bar brothers of The L Magazine.

This guy is a huge inspiration. My friend Mike told me about it on Facebook and it blew me away. Mike also says the Bar Brothers are the only brothers he knows who can do this whole thing on bars.

10. Best Motivation to Workout – Bar Starzz

The Bar Starzz are quite a famous YouTube channel from the Netherlands. They are always inspiring. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do a triple full n’ single leg tuck, a muscle up, and two incredible muscle ups with a variety of holds.


I’m going to look at the 5 best motivation videos for calisthenics, which are very simple and to the point.

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