11 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Calisthenics

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It is very difficult to achieve a physically fit body without any extra exercise
but if you are planning to get fit, then you should take proper care of your diet and workout. Also, you should avoid making excuses for any reason.

We take a different approach, we are helping you gain better health and fitness with our equipment at home. We don’t charge you crazy money to join our club and you can learn to use equipment at home. You can achieve your fitness goals without a lot of pain and effort.

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11 Reasons to Start Doing Calisthenics Exercises

Calisthenics is a form of physical exercise which uses your own body weight as a resistance. It requires no special equipment or weights as you use your own body to create resistance.

You don’t need a wall, floor or will power. All you need is your phone and a laptop.

Calisthenics is a wide category of man-ouvres, often rhythmic.
2) The other problem is that the ‘a’ in ‘calisthenics’ is pronounced like the ‘e’ in ‘the’ and ‘the’ is pronounced with an ‘eh’ sound at the end like the English word ‘the’.

I can just do the same as before. I don’t have to make any changes in my diet or the supplements I take and I will lose almost the same amount of weight as before.

1. Do it Anywhere

This is a very good equipment for home exercising. Not only will it keep you fit, you will also be able to exercise all your body parts with ease. If you can afford a quality fitness equipment then this is the best place to spend your money. As it is portable and very easy to use, you will be able to exercise anywhere with this.

The reason why you can find pull-up bars pretty much anywhere is because they’re extremely simple and cheap to make. All you’ll need is a piece of scrap wood that can withstand the weight of your body, as well as two clamps or a couple of heavy clothespins.

Once you’ve got the wood nailed to the ground, simply hang two clothespins somewhere near the mid-section of the bar.

2. Not Tough on Joints

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You will not need any sophisticated machines for calisthenics, instead just a simple set of weights. If you have got limited equipment, then you can even exercise without it.

3. Develops Whole Body Strength

Calisthenics works on the entire body and this helps in improving overall energy, stamina and higher mental concentration. All this works in ways to improve the body.

Muscle groups are the different parts of the muscle tissue that you have. The biceps, triceps, and the deltoids are an example of three different muscle groups. The biceps are a muscle in the forearm that flexes your forearm at the elbow, while the triceps are the muscles that bend your elbow. The deltoids are the shoulder muscles that raise your arm and rotate your shoulder.

4. Improved Muscle Co-ordination

It’s a great activity to do with your kids, to get them used to co-ordinating their actions; to also engage them in the present moment.

All the exercises you do in calisthenics are the same things that your body would do if you were really on the ground. You are mimicking the movement in your muscles. It really helps to improve your overall muscle co-ordination and strength.

5. Greater Flexibility of the Body

Stiff muscles increase the likelihood of other problems in the body, such as arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome.

In addition, there are many vitamins and other nutrients in natural milk that cannot be found in ordinary milk.
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6. Bye Bye Body Fat

When we have an excessive fat, we have a greater chance of developing diseases.

This exercise helps to stimulate the nerves in our body and also helps in the removal of wastes from the body. It is considered to be the most effective means of exercise for fitness and weight loss.

7. Dispense with Monotonous Workouts

Calisthenics are an easy to do strength training workout routine. One can do calisthenics to build up an athletic look and to get rid of the monotonous strength training workout.

8. Improves Muscle Endurance

Muscular development is an important part of fitness. It is required for sportsmen to do their daily life errands and physical activities without feeling tired easily.

9) Better Neural Adaptation

The practice of calisthenics makes you feel capable and gives you more confidence to do something. You can easily perform any task you want to do with better success.

10. Psycho-Motor Skills

Calisthenics is the practice of body building. It consists of the practice of physical exercises that are coordinated with the mental state of the person. Calisthenics improves the ability of a body to balance physical and mental attributes in order to achieve certain goals.

11. Accomplish Any Target

People set many goals for making themselves fit. The only difference is that you know exactly what you are doing and do it for a long time. So if you are not comfortable with a heavy weight training program, you can always opt for calisthenics as an equally worthy alternative.

The only bad workout is the one you decide to skip. Whatever may be the reason, you have to eliminate all the reasons, which are in the way of your goal.


Common exercises come under calisthenics and these are – sit ups, lunges, squats, crunches, pushups etc. These exercises are very easy to do and they can generate very good results if done genuinely.

It is your responsibility to care for your body, that’s the only possession that will you get throughout your lifetime, so make sure you take very good care of it.

The exercise protocol that we have created for you is easy to follow. You can begin with 3 days a week for a month and then increase it to 5-6 days a week after that. Make sure you continue it for a minimum of 6 months to see significant results. We have listed out a few popular ones that have been proved to be effective.

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