42 Brilliant Buddha Quotes On Peace, Life & Happiness

Buddhism is a great approach towards life and is based on the teachings of the Buddha. It has been practised in the world for over 2500 years and is a way of helping people live a happy life.

The Buddha taught us that we’re responsible for our own happiness and that we should be mindful of our relationship to others, animals, and our environment.

If you practice this quality even for a moment, your mind will be
completely at peace and you will see everything as it really is.

42 Buddha Quotes on Peace, Life & Happiness

Learn to concentrate and focus on what you are doing in the now. This will help you to achieve great things.

Think about it! What you think about what you think about what you say.

Think of something that is pure, joyful, and beautiful. You create yourself and life itself when you think of something positive.

It is not that you are bad. It’s just that you keep giving in to your emotions instead of using your higher will to transcend those emotions. You need to try to control your emotions in order to be free. You need to use your higher will to overcome your lower will.

People can do things wrong, the things they do wrong lead them to make a wrong choice by wrong thinking.

An undisciplined mind leads only to chaos, and one that is disciplined leads to freedom.

The Buddha then gave a list of attributes, both good and bad, which could be applied to the mind.

If you really want to be successful in life it is not enough to want it, but it is important that you act. If you wait to be happy, there is no point in starting to live and no point in starting to succeed. We are living under the illusion that we will be happy, but when we get there it will be too late. You have to start right now and try to be successful.

You cannot get to where you are going until you get to where you are, meaning you cannot get to where you are going by making a plan that will get you there. Instead, you need to be the plan to get you to where you are going.

Peace is not something that we can just “get”. It is a process that we can build and take steps to maintain.

10th of 42 Buddha Quotes

Buddha said that if you shine a light, it will also brighten your path.

If you don’t find anyone who will help you on the spiritual path, you must make your own path. There is no companionship with the immature.

The greatest misery is to see other human beings suffer because of their own inner weakness.
The true strength is to be able to love and help them.

You cannot find happiness, but you can find peace. You can find inner happiness.

People have anger and you let them have it. So you can’t blame them. They have anger, they have a right to be angry. You don’t have to give them anger.

Fear and desire are two of the most dangerous and most powerful forces in our lives. The only truth that I know to be certain is this: if you want to lead a life of freedom, of true happiness, you must not fear. To fear is to be controlled by the past, by the future, by the mind, by the ego. There is only the present.

Pain is certain. Suffering is optional.

Happiness does not disappear if it is shared. Happiness is not something that people can get, it’s a state of mind that people can create with one another. The key message is it’s not about the number of people who light their own candles, it’s about the number of candles that others light so that they are able to share in the happiness.

When we speak of the Buddha’s teaching, we must remember that it is not just a system of thoughts. It is not just a system of words. He is the one and only person who is able to change our minds because he was the first person to change his.

You can’t really conquer yourself, but you can learn to find things inside your self that do not need to be changed.

20th of 42 Buddha Quotes

The work of discovering what you love and how to give yourself to it is the most important task you will ever do.

Living in the present will make you fearless in the face of death, as there will be no “what if’s?” to fear.

There are many people who simply try to cause trouble in their lives. They try to be a nuisance and make people around them miserable. Sometimes that can involve gossip, sometimes it can involve violence, and sometimes it can involve other kinds of trouble. This is bad for the people involved and bad for the community.

One moment of thinking and feeling in one day can change the whole world. Thinking and feeling is the root of happiness and wisdom.

As people listen to our words, they may become persuaded to follow us and act the way we have said. We should think before we speak and choose what we wish to say with care, aware of the consequences of our words.

Let us forgive the enemies who hate us or dislike us in one way or another. Our hatred towards them does not change this law. Our hatred towards them will cease when we love them. By loving them we forgive them.

We are born everyday and we can choose what we are going to do today and how we are going to live it. If we live it wisely, we can make it so that we don’t have to be born again everyday.

The fact that everything is in relation to something else means nothing is done alone. There is always more than one thing in the picture.

If we choose to make good our own mind, we make our mind good; if we choose to make evil our own mind, we make our mind bad.

29th of 42 Buddha Quotes

Self-loathing brings more harm than any other negative energy.

To live a happy and peaceful life requires wisdom and integrity.
To walk safely through the maze of life, you need the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue; you need to put right actions first, and think about the consequences after you have done them.

If you have a choice between being with the wrong sort of people and being alone, don’t choose to be with the wrong sort of people.

The more you talk, the less you get done.
The more you read, the less you pay attention to the words you read.
But if you act on it, it is not the words you read, but your actions that make a difference.

The best way to travel is to take every opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. It’s worth it to travel to experience a new place, culture, or way of life.

This is something I think about a lot. The way I see it, if I’m holding on to anger, then I’m going to get burned. Not in the burning part of it, but in the part of my heart that’s angry.

If you are free from any kind of remorse, you will be joyful. Be joyful.

When you are in need, if someone has a little, give them some.

A “wise critic” isn’t the problem. Most of the time the people who are criticizing us are actually us.

One who is engaged in the noble path should not cling to
One who is not engaged should not be indifferent.

A person should never delay doing things. Otherwise, if a person is stuck somewhere, he will feel regret later.

Not harming living beings is called noble. Noble people do not harm living beings and so are therefore called noble.

Being mindful of all the details can allow you to notice those tiny moments of happiness that come up in life.

A person who never wants to change or become something else, they are beyond becoming.
Because they are still becoming.


If you feel like something is missing from your life, or you’re unsure of where to start, read these inspiring Buddha quotes about inner peace, happiness and love in daily lives.

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