8 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Morning

Whenever you wake up in the morning, think about your day ahead and how you are going to enjoy it. Negative thoughts will take away the positivity.

While at university, try to start every day by praising a quality about yourself.

In the words of the great Martin Luther King, if you don’t have positive affirmations for your day, you can still say positive things about how the day went, or you could think about someone who would help you get through the day.

8 Things to Tell Yourself Every Morning

I’m beginning my day with a gratitude for all my blessings.
I am well-equipped to meet my day.
I am surrounded with the power of a million blessings.
I am prepared for whatever may come my way.

Every morning, when I wake up, I’ll tell myself that I am a winner and will have a great day. I will do my best to really mean them and believe them.

1. This Day is a Miracle

When you look at life as a miracle, you take each day as a gift and treat it as such. We should cherish every moment and not take anything for granted.

If you think of every day as a new challenge that you get to experience, you will adopt a more positive attitude.

2. I Will Achieve Success and Happiness

Sometimes I feel like my dreams are out of reach. Take some time out of your day to remind yourself that if you work hard and stay dedicated, you can always reach your goals.

You need to learn to be happy for yourself. Happiness is yours alone to achieve. Nobody else can give you happiness but yourself, so give yourself a reminder that you can achieve both success and happiness.

3. Today Will Be a Good Day

You can change your life by changing your mind. If you believe in yourself and your actions today, your life will be much better than if you believe in yourself and your actions yesterday.

When things get bad, try to create a good feeling, even amidst some bad things.

4. I Am Enough

That’s true. You shouldn’t try to be someone you’re not, but that shouldn’t mean you have to try to be someone you are. In fact, there are a lot of things about yourself that you don’t need to hide from anyone.

4: If you feel like something’s missing in your life, it probably is.

When you need a little bit of self-love, tell yourself that you are enough.

5. Today is a New Day

 We will start today as we mean to go on. Each day brings new opportunities for us, as well as new challenges. We do not wish to dwell on the past, but if we don’t we will surely repeat it.

6. I Will Have a Productive and Joyful Work Day

If you are unhappy with your job chances are the rest of your life will be disappointing and you’ll feel like you are not living up to your potential. Your job is a major part of your life and can make or break a relationship.

While you know you don’t really like your job because it’s a dead end and everyone knows it, so don’t worry, and if you want to make the most of the situation, you can affirm that it’s a great day because it’s a great opportunity to learn new things you don’t know about.

No, you are being very selfish. You need to go to school, do your work, be a productive person, and let your boss worry about you.

Also, this is a great question on its own. A good summary.

7. I Am Proud of What I Did Yesterday and Excited for What I Will Do Today

Today’s plan should include the things I want to get done, things that matter
and things I want to get out of.

Write down your list of goals for the day and give them a number of days worth of time to complete. Set realistic goals and don’t be a perfectionist!

8. What I Do Matters

It’s very important to do good and help others. Always try to see the good in the person you are talking to and help them. When you are talking to a person, focus on what they like rather than what you dislike about them.

Saying to yourself that every act you do matters will help you to continue doing those positive acts and will make a positive impact on the world around you.


You get up early in the morning to start off your day. You check your e-mail and realize that your boss has already replied to a question you sent. You open the attached document and realize that this month’s report looks very good, and you can already see where you made progress. You also notice that the boss wants to meet with you before the end of the day. You are excited about this meeting, and you can already feel yourself getting ready.

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