40 Wonderful Shane Richie Quotes

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Shane Richie was born in Bristol in 1980. His parents split up when he was a child and he moved around the country a lot. He had to endure a lot of hardship as he grew up.

Richie is well known in the arts for his great performance in “The King of Comedy”. He was nominated for an Academy Award for best actor and nominated for three Golden Globe awards.

Richie has also ventured into presenting. Richie has presented a number of game shows, including a number of game shows in which he portrayed the legendary folk hero “Robin Hood”.

Here’s the best quotes about Shane Richie.

40 Wonderful Shane Richie Quotes

Shane has been on stage since he was nine years old and starred in films and TV shows over the last 13 years, but he is no stranger to the business. Since the beginning, Shane has been touring with his show, “Beneath the Painted Sky.” The show combines music, storytelling and circus acrobatics.

Aja was one of the cleanest people in the castle and he would make sure everything was sparkling.

 Richie’s career has had ups and downs and he didn’t always take on the projects his agent had lined up. This has happened during his career and he has dealt with it by just doing what he enjoys.

The best thing about Alfie is that it’s a really old show with only one star, so it’s just him on a stage.

Shane Richie was one of the first singers I ever heard, so you can see why I would mention him.

Shane Richie found success early. His debut series The Comedians – for which he won BAFTA Scotland’s Comedy Award – was a runaway hit and, the following year, he featured as a “castaway” on the BBC’s long-running television show I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, where he came second. He also starred in the film The Brothers Grimm and has starred in a number of stage shows, including the West End play, The Boy from Oz.

Every actor, performer, entertainer, and musician goes on stage to be liked and to be looked at as a good person and to be listened to.

People thought that he was taking it easy on himself and that he was lazy, but what he’s truly saying is that he understood how business really worked. He wasn’t being lazy. He knew that he was being taken seriously by the organization as they believed in him, but he didn’t want to take that for granted. So he wanted to get himself ready for it again.

10th of 40 Shane Richie Quotes

Archie explains how he felt when he was shot. He said that he was dead behind the eyes. He felt everything but his senses were not working. He was unable to move. He was paralyzed.

All these years we’ve been thinking that we stood on the shoulder of giants, the comics who had come before. Shane Richie. Jon Richardson. Paul Morley. Jonathan Pie. There they were; the golden age. We’ve just been standing on their shoulders.

This is something that you can tell from a coach’s perspective, and he talked about the players being able to watch themselves play.

I’m not good at paraphrasing, but when I went to a comedy club at a festival around the same time, it sort of felt like I was going to an all-time classic. There was a great atmosphere and it was just as exciting as the first time I saw the Three Stooges or Monty Python.

Shane is a playwright and theatre director. He has directed the play, The Life and Times of Nancy Wilson which is currently in production in London. He wrote the play that won the prestigious Whiting Award at the 2008 New York International Fringe Festival and is available in the UK from Soho Theatre.

Shane Richie has had a similar experience to Archie Rice, having fallen from grace to the point where he’s now working for the BBC. He says that people who have been through this kind of thing and become a public figure can sometimes forget that the rest of the world isn’t like that.

I think theatre is the most moving form of art because it’s so unapologetic; it’s a living thing. It’s an emotional response, and it allows the audience to be in the moment, and that’s very moving.

It makes sense because if you get a lot of reports and no reports happen, you start to believe that things aren’t happening.

There is a spontaneity to creativity and the feeling of doing something for the first time. You learn so much about the medium in the process, that it becomes its own reality. You might have to learn a few things at first, but when you have a hit, you’ll probably be a bit wiser and you’ll feel like a better person to boot.

Shane Richie (a member of British Country Music Association) is of Irish descent through his father, an Irishman, who was in the business of opening country clubs in the UK.

20th of 40 Shane Richie Quotes

Archie is a great actor but he’s also a fun guy to work with and a funny person. We had a lot of fun playing off each other and he’s a great team player. So I’m looking forward to having some fun with him. I’m in awe of who’s played Archie before, I’m so lucky to be given the opportunity – I jumped at the chance to play him. I’m excited and I’m super anxious to get started.

What is the point of my reading poetry? I could give my opinion about anything I want. Just because I read a book doesn’t mean it means anything about me. In fact, the more I read, the more I discover about myself.

Shane Richie says he loves caravanning and has just started an ITV2 show called Travel Channels, which is about travelling around Europe in a caravan. The show is being filmed in Portugal and looks amazing – although unfortunately, the show only has a few episodes so you’ll have to wait a bit to see it.

He said that he made a decision as a poor young actor that if he didn’t want to struggle to find work as an actor, then he would try to be a professional singer.

I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to the modelling and acting world. I came into it really late and didn’t really have the right contacts or connections to get me off the ground. It seems that my work has come around the corner at the perfect time, so hopefully the world will soon be calling me ‘Shane Richie’ more than ‘Shane Richie the model and actor’.

What I wanted to do in the first act is get a character into a situation where they have to make a decision. I also tried to have a character whose story has a good arc, and then to build to the action in the second half.

I’m thinking about that a lot. The live stage, I think it is a very organic experience, and I would just love to go on tour and try it out. I also think there are times when you have to go with the flow, and I don’t think that’s the sort of thing that should be planned. I think it should just be that you play your best set and hopefully the audience likes it. You don’t go there with expectations.

He’s worked as entertainer at Pontins, so when it comes to comedy, he knows how to work an audience. He knows how to tell a joke.

Shane Richie was one of the founders of The Blues Foundation of Australia. He’s been doing the festivals for the last 10 years. He’s now a big star in Australia. He’s an inspirational speaker, he’s done his research, he knows all the artists who worked all the time… and he’s passionate about what he does, and he’s very smart and he’s very knowledgeable and he has this sort of infectious enthusiasm.

30th of 40 Shane Richie Quotes

Shane Richie said that sometimes the words that are written aren’t seen, but the lyrics of songs are sometimes in your teeth or your eyes and that’s what makes the songs beautiful.

I think there is a bit of a disconnect between the Burton of La Bête and the Burton of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In his early works, Burton appears to be more concerned with the creation of the characters and world around them, whereas in the later works it seems he’s more focused on the character’s actions. This film might be a transitional work in that way.

Shane has been in a long standing relationship with the Australian game show producer, Barry Maxwell.

I don’t believe in reincarnation, but I would like to think that my hamster, Shane, is probably still around.

Because I don’t want to be like the other guys, I just want to come and have fun.

‘Country’ was originally a term used in the U.S. to describe music by country stars. When I was a kid growing up, I thought of country music singer Charlie Rich and his song, “Behind Closed Doors,” as a ‘bad’ country song.

Shane Richie plays Shylock a lot. The casting office probably thought he’d sound good as the guy who talks like that.

The car hire company provided a fleet of vehicles for the wedding reception. Shane says that they were on time and very attentive, and that the wedding ended on the best note and had a lot of fun!

Shane Richie is quite lazy around the house, if he washes a cup he often just puts it on the side.

 I miss you most when I’m away from home.


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