6 Everyday Tips On How To Stay Happy No Matter What

But the happiness we desire will only come from a change in our consciousness. We need to be happy at heart. We must think of ourselves as a Buddha, a great being.

A lot of us are trying to get what we want. Some of us are waiting for real love. Others — for a great job. And the list of our wishes is huge. And it is amazing about all of us — about all of us — that we have dreams, that we make wishes and look for something special to fill our lives with.

We can only live our life with the knowledge that the sun will rise tomorrow. Even if we do not know exactly when it will happen, we know it, and that is all we need to know.

I’ve always been afraid of letting go, of opening myself up and I don’t think I want to do that now.

How to Stay Happy No Matter What

Now, I know, we’re not going to get out of this mess because everything is controlled by the system.

This is why it is so important to look for answers in the present. To understand the present and where you are. This understanding, however, is only the first step. It is not the purpose of this article.

Just do whatever you want. Make it happen.
Just be happy.

With these two things, you do not have to worry about being happy, or sad, or miserable, or any of that.

1. Don’t look for happiness — radiate it.

I don’t think so, because the more good thoughts you have when you’re at work, the more problems you’ll encounter. Also, the good things that may happen, you’ll get excited about them in the morning, but when you don’t have enough sleep, they don’t seem real.

We’re responsible for the atmosphere we create, and we can do so without violence.

It’s not a coincidence, but the result of a ‘brainwashing’ started at a very early age.

The easiest way to reduce the population of the Earth is to change your self.

Don’t just sit and do nothing, fill your mind with positive thoughts and then spread those thoughts out to others. In time your entire surrounding will change and your perception of the world will be transformed beyond recognition.

2. Stop trying.

You can be who you are and still look good. Do yourself a favor — think of who you want to look like, and think about who you want to impress. That’ll get you somewhere.

If you go too far, you won’t be able to stop and you’ll lose control of your life.

This illusion of the <> life that you have put in your mind and accepted, leads you to the wrong destination. Besides, it hinders you to enjoy the way.

I think that now, more than ever, is the time to stop and breathe. We have an opportunity to experience life in a different way. And to think of the importance of taking a conscious decision in life. It takes courage to continue on this path because it’s a path that could take you on a roller coaster ride. But it’s a journey. So keep on going.

3. Enjoy being alone.

It is all about being happy in the moment. If you let the past and the future creep in, you will be scared.

Today loneliness and solitude aren’t in the trends, so we find something to fill our life with. To avoid being alone.

there are more articles and resources on the internet about how to make friends. The most popular is the ‘find your soul mate’ article.

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If we can’t be happy just on our own, then it seems that the prospect of being happy with another person is daunting.

I think I need to spend more time being my own person and focusing on my skills.

4. Stay open-minded.

Paradoxically, but I am the only one who helps to keep my mind open.

The more you think about the outside world, the more you realize that we are all the same. You realize that even with the people from the most different countries and with the people with the different opinions than yours, the only thing they share is the love for life.

As soon as you understand this, the rest of the world won’t seem hostile. You realize that it’s your home — our home — we are all connected and need each other to make this world a happy place for everyone.

5. Be grateful.

Sometimes people treat their troubles as though they were the most valuable and important things in the world, and if their troubles aren’t there, they feel confused, as if they were missing something.

I am not a “sick person”.

Be grateful for the freedom to be able to choose to eat whatever you want, choose to wear whatever you want, and choose to go to school and work whatever you want to do. Also, be grateful that you don’t have a cold.

If you notice that someone seems to be having a nice day, and you want to be kind to you, you should be willing to notice how that person is feeling. If you’re having a crappy day, and someone offers to help, you should be happy to hear that. There are a million small things that can make someone feel better.

6. Accept yourself.

Accepting who you are is only the first step towards being that person. To accept yourself as a whole person is the first step towards being a better you.

If you find this way of thinking hard to believe that a self-help book would actually be about being a better self, the authors make many points to show that they are just as much of a self-help book as any other. In fact, the first two points that they made (to be yourself and accept yourself) were about this very issue.

Let yourself do what you want to do, let yourself make mistakes, be illogical and imperfect. Don’t be so attached in your perfectionism that you don’t accept yourself for what you are.


I think you should never be positive permanently, just like how you shouldn’t be negative permanently.

Moods are an inevitable part of the human life. They are also the expression of an individual’s emotions.

Think positive, and pass it through you, take a deep breath and concentrate on the positives.

You already chose happiness, now it’s just a matter of letting it grow.

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