38 Enlightening & Spiritual Eckhart Tolle Quotes

Ekhart Tolle is a German author and spiritual guidance teacher. He was listed by Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world in 2011.

The first three books were about the war in Iraq, published in 2004 to 2007.

38 Enlightening Eckhart Tolle Quotes

You cannot have more of what you do not have. Therefore, you should be able to enjoy your current abundance and success.

All that matters is how it feels. There’s no thinking about it.

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When you are asked a question, rather than ask what you want from life, ask what it wants from you.

All thinking and emotion are not of the ego. They have their origin in different parts of the soul and they are useful when they are not identified with the ego.

6. The past doesn’t have any power over the present.

To love others is to realize how alike they can be to you. You recognize yourself in them. You realize what you have in common with everyone around you. You see the beauty in their differences and similarities.

The mind was never designed to function without time. The mind believes that the Now is frightening and stressful because the mind is not capable of perceiving the Now as being “here and now.” Time and our perception of the Now are inseparable. The mind lives in time, but cannot exist in time.

It really doesn’t matter what you think about. The way something looks, sounds, or feels is irrelevant. It’s all about feeling… what we feel.

If we feel happy, that’s the most important thing. If the feeling is love, it’s the most important thing. The most important thing is how you feel about life.

10th of 38 Eckhart Tolle Quotes

Self-care is essential to happiness and fulfillment. When we do not feed our inner selves, we fail in our purpose to be happy and healthy.

If there were no thought in you, you wouldn’t even know that thought is there. You would be like a sleepwalker who has no idea of their own waking activities. When you know that you are having thoughts, you are awake within your dreams.

Life is the dancer and you are the dance. Every day we are born as a dancer, we learn to dance. And like a dancer, we can’t control ourselves and we can’t make others dance. But we can give a dance to others by expressing ourselves, and we are able to change and learn and grow through our experiences.

Nothing, ever, can prevent you from being present now. This is because the past no longer has any power over you, and if the past no longer has any power over you, it also means that the future no longer has any power over you.

Just like how a good meal is made from the right ingredients, the right things can make you happy. You can’t make yourself happy. Happiness comes from within. You can learn how to do something about your life, but not how to make yourself happy. Think and learn from your experiences, but don’t attach to them. Be happy and don’t worry about the situation. It is what it is.

There are two ways of looking at life. One is that it is a series of random and meaningless experiences. The other is that you are a soul, you are a spirit, you are consciousness and that you are here to learn. It has to be this way.

Unhappiness is a choice. It is not the same as being in pain.

Your present life situation is whatever it currently is, your present life experience is whatever it is right now. You do not have to think about your present life situation. Your life is what you are living not what you think or what you don’t think. Your life situation does not exist outside of time, it is now.

There is no one to say you cannot feel sad, or that you cannot feel happy about something, and yet in your head you are feeling something else. What I’m saying is that there is no one except you to say that. You are your own authority. You are your own authority. You are your own authority.

21st of 38 Eckhart Tolle Quotes

The present moment is all you have and it is the only moment you get. Use it well and live for it now.

Happiness doesn’t come from things outside of yourself that you may have or have not. It comes from a person within yourself. It’s not the things happening. It’s a person within you that is working.

Reactions to things that happen to us in the world we happen to be in, we strengthen, they strengthen too.

I had to look up the word “emergence”, it means “to come from within”. When we become aware of something new, it is a shift, it is a change in us. It is when we become aware of the fact that something within us is different at that moment we begin becoming more peaceful.

The more that you practice the present moment, the more the present moment dominates your life. As you practice the present moment, whatever you do takes on a sense of quality, or of life as it ought to be. What you do is imbued with care, or with love.

Eckhart Tolle once said, don’t define yourself to others. Define yourself to yourself and don’t give a shit what others think of you. Whenever you interact with people, be there as the field of conscious presence, not as a function or role. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.

27th of 38 Eckhart Tolle Quotes

I think the only thing we have to remember is that life is not happening to you, you are making life happen. Life is not something that is happening to you, you are something that is happening to life. You are life. You are made up of so many different things. So many different dimensions.

Love is not selective, but those who are open to love are those who are most open to love; and those who are most open to love are those who have the most love in them. Love is not exclusive, but is open to whoever is willing to share and to love.

To exist means that you are there. You are existing. So, not being exists. Not being what you are. That doesn’t exist. To exist means that you are there. You are existing. You are being who you really are.

Consciousness is like a mirror that reflects what is in your mind. When there’s no thought in your mind, you cannot see the reflection of that in the mirror. Only when you think and create stories can you see the thought reflected in the mirror.

If we are living in the present, nothing is out of our control, so if we let go and accept what is, we can live positively.

When thoughts are flowing freely, we are not thinking, we are just being. Then when we need to think, our mind will be clearer and more creative, because it has not been occupied with other things for a while.

 If you are an outsider, then you have the option of staying in the unconsciousness of society and you can’t help but be a part of that. However, if you leave the collective, then you have the opportunity to see things as they are and this will allow you to become enlightened.  If we are all outsiders in some way, then we all have a choice in how we want to proceed in life.

34th of 38 Eckhart Tolle Quotes

I think that it’s important for us to understand that our intentions are what drive the world, not the things that we do. Our intentions are what make the world go ’round. Our actions are just the thing that come from our intentions. If we stay focused on what our intentions are and the things that we do.
I think that our intentions are what drive the world, not the things that we do. Our intentions are what make the world go ’round.

You don’t have to carry a burden of memories or regrets. The thoughts you are thinking now will manifest in your life. Your thinking will have a huge influence on your life.
Your mind is what shapes your future. If you are having the thoughts you are having, your future is also going to be as you’re having it.

Eckhardt Tolle said that humans only live in the now because we are programmed to believe that the future is more important than the present. We can’t really be present in the now because our brains are always trying to predict the future. If we were present in the now, we would fully experience life.

… the best way to bring peace of mind is to do away with the bad, to make progress toward that to which the mind is drawn: the good – then the true and the highest mind will follow.


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