43 Motivational Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes

She is also the founder of The Wellness Factory, a company that provides the latest wellness trends to its customers.

She is the founder of the website HerFuture.com and started a PR consulting firm that represents her clients.

A lot of girls need to think of women’s entrepreneurship and how it can be used to benefit their personal and professional lives.

I have known Gabrielle for 15 years, and in all that time, I have never witnessed her speak that way to her husband. She is an extraordinary, remarkable woman. And for more on Gaby and her remarkable story, please go to GabbyBritt.com.

I like to keep things lighthearted and not take myself too seriously. I like to laugh at my own jokes. I’m a big believer in making a positive change in our world. I believe that we are all connected and that the best way to do that is to be kind to one another.

43 Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes

Do not allow your passion and purpose to become stale or uninteresting. When it does, it will become your profession.

The fear of a breakup or loss gives us a sense of separation, of being alone, and that loss leaves us feeling powerless. And that fear and pain makes us want to control the other person too much. All of this just separates us more. In moments of loss, we’re often angry at the other person because they’ve caused our pain. All of that anger just makes us separate and separate ourselves. It’s really hard to get past.

Fears can be witnessed, but what is the point of being afraid? There is no point if you don’t have any reason to be afraid.

This book will make you feel great – you get to get to know your best friend even more through words and it really will make you feel better.

The fear that we have been thinking of ourselves as being different from the rest of the world is what we have created by our own experience.

A problem is simply the choice we make in our mind to be fearful. For example, we can either think about the fact that a person is about to step on my foot or, we can choose love and think about the fact that the person is about to touch my lovely toes.

Relationships should exist for the purpose of helping people grow and heal.

It doesn’t matter what you were doing before, what you were thinking or feeling about yourself, or what you had done in the past, or what you intend to do in the future. What matters is that you are ready to be who you are right here and right now, ready to meet someone who is ready for you. And that person is waiting for you right now.

We live in a culture where people are constantly chasing a number — a number of likes, a number of followers, a number of likes, a number of followers. We live in a place where there are ways of measuring our worth. As Gabrielle says, abundance isn’t based on a number, it’s about what you value, and how you value in your own life.

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What a terrible trap. No wonder that’s called the ego. We can’t live off happiness because someone can always take it away. But when we live in gratitude in the present moment, we realize that happiness is never lost. Even in the face of the devil.

If you could forgive yourself and start forgiving yourself, then just for one minute–it might not be that easy–but just for one minute, forgive yourself. Just for a minute, and try that.

Giving up fear is like giving up sugar. They’re both sneaky ingredients that hide out in almost everything, and just when you think you’ve got that craving under control, suddenly it rears its ugly head again.

It was a choice that I made to focus on the present and not on the past or the future.

Thinking may be helpful in certain situations, but it doesn’t alleviate fear.

As someone who has walked a road of loss and darkness, I have a deep compassion for those who have walked the same road. I also have a deep confidence that the world needs a light, and I have a special purpose to provide that light.

If the way you feel is dictated by your environment, then your life will feel like a roller coaster. To get stable ground, you have to focus on your breath.

Peace and positivity radiate from your heart.

In life, so much of what holds us back are the long-held resentments stemming from childhood.

I begin my commitment to new perceptions by paying attention to attack thoughts toward myself and others. Whenever I notice my thoughts detour into attack mode, I say out loud or to myself: Happiness is a choice I make.

This is a great example of a paraphrase that will give your original material a new flavor without leaving it out of context.

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20. We sense love, but it is not present in our lives. We keep it for the fear of God. Ultimately, there is a silent voice in us that longs for something better.

When we become aware of our true nature and live it fully with all of our heart, then we bring about happiness.

If you believe something, your mind will come up with creative ways to make it work.
If you believe you can’t do something, your brain will find a way to make it work anyway.
So if you can believe that you can do it, you will be successful.

When we have a place of positive energy (mind, heart, spirit, body), the world around us becomes more positive.

The more you think you are nothing and you think you do not have much control over your reality, the more you will give power over to others. The more you surrender, the more you receive. The more that you give up what’s not real, you have to give up what makes you real–who you think you are.

You are a creator and you create yourself through your thoughts, your actions, and your words. You create the reality of what you think you are.

I choose not to think of my fears in a way that would cause me to make myself feel bad or make someone else feel bad. I choose to use my fears as a way to explore my emotional pain and to explore what it was like to be in a different place.

I’m not letting anyone come in and take anything from my mind–whether it’s bad thoughts, bad ideas, negative energy, or thoughts about someone else.

Choose to live as Jesus did; or choose to live with the fear of man and the fear of the law.

I believe that praying is the time to ask (and meditating is the time to listen).

I’m not sure I understand this. This seems like something that would work better in a Zen meditation environment.

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I want to be a kind person. I want to be a giving person. I want to spread the kindness and the love.

We all have a “voice” as each person has a unique soul and has unique gifts to share with others. The only way to express this is through the “voice” each person has, the lessons they choose to learn and share, and the gifts that they have created (in their own unique way).

There are times when I notice my thoughts detor away from positive thinking and they lead me into attacking myself or others. I would like to remind myself that happiness is a choice, or I can choose happiness.

I feel like I got a little too invested in this course. I thought it would really transform my life. It helped me get a boyfriend and meet a new friend… But now I’m like, “Wow. I don’t know what’s going to happen with my life.” I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. It would probably be a good idea for me to take a break from it.

You get what you put in, so put in the time and energy to get the real deal and the results will be amazing.

This phrase shows us that we must be willing to see things differently in order to see what is real. In this case, Gabrielle is seeing love and understanding how it can be a part of life. We are all capable of loving and understanding. All we need is the desire.

Forgiveness can be like a bedrock for a spiritual practice. I try to forgive as often as possible.

She’s working on her happiness like a full time job.

Much of our anxiety and stress comes when we are focused on fear and disconnected from the voice of our inner guide.

And when change happens you don’t get it without wanting it.

I feel like I’m always falling for something I think I can’t have. But the universe is always working on our behalf but not always working on our time.

The most effective way to create abundance in your life is to start by creating it on the inside.

When we connect with real people and make them feel real, we fall in love with them.

Worry is our way of hoping for chaos. It tells us that we are so afraid of something that we take a step backwards and don’t even try.


Gabrielle Bernstein is a spiritual teacher and author. She has been inspiring people across the world with her words of wisdom for years.

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