87 Greatest Mindfulness Quotes You Need To Live By

I think that if we can be mindful of the beauty and the pain and the joy and the pain and the sorrow and the joy and the excitement and the sadness of life, that we can connect more with it. I don’t think that there are many quotes that I love, but I guess that anything you can be present for can be a teaching moment.

Mindfulness is focused awareness on the present task. Calmly accepting and acknowledging feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.

The most important thing that we can do is teach people how to become mindful, in order to gain emotional intelligence and the way they deal with certain situations.

I’m going to teach this class over the next four weeks using the principles of mindfulness. We’ll use it to deal with stress, conflict, and anxiety. If you agree with that, please sign the paper at the door.

87 Mindfulness Quotes to Live By

In every moment, the present is more valuable than any moment that has come before it and any moment that will come after it. This insight could be called a constant reminder to fully experience and appreciate the present.

2. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

It seems to me that the meaning of both sentences are similar. But I don’t know what the difference is.


I think if you listen to the audio to both sentences, you will easily understand what the difference between them is.

Everyone should focus on doing their best for what they do, and in the end that makes it easier to pass on.

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When you wake up, every moment is a practice.
When you look at the people around you, every moment is a practice.
When you feel grateful, every moment is a practice.
When you are angry, every moment is a practice.
When you practice mindful breathing, every moment is a practice.
When you meditate, every moment is a practice.
When you watch the world, every moment is a practice.
If you can do this practice without becoming attached to your results, you’ll be the first person in the world to succeed.
This is the only way to happiness.

When someone comes and shoots an arrow into your heart, it’s fruitless to stand there and yell at them. It instead, is better to turn your attention to the fact that there’s an arrow in your heart.

7th of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in breath.

In the end, just three things matter. The ones in this space we’ve lived, the ones we’ve loved and the ones we’ve learned to let go of.

Knowledge is a way of understanding our mind. We can have a lot of knowledge, but it is the understanding of how our mind works that is useful. It is the understanding of the nature of mind that is useful.

I don’t know why I chose to look at this. Is it because there was so much of the story that I wanted to look at, but I was in denial over it? Is it because the writer gave me the characters and I could take them at face value? I don’t know.

11th of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

The space between our thoughts and the thoughts of others creates our perception. This is the basis of observation. The thoughts in our mind are the observer.

Marcus Aurelius said that the perfect character is to live each day as if it were your last. We are all going to die someday. Why not make each day count for something and not just worry over the end.

I want to experience the present moment. I want to be aware of what I am doing now. I want to be honest about how I feel. I want to be attentive to myself.

Remember everything that you’ve experienced. Even if it means forgetting some things. It’s okay to let go.
Don’t be afraid to let go. Just hold on a little longer. But don’t forget those moments. They’ll help you in the long run.

When you were born, you were so weak, you were so helpless, you needed me to give you the strength to live and the courage to live.

Vippassana or insight meditation is not like a process that cleans the layers of the mind. It is the direct experience of the present moment, which is like a mirror that reflects the layers of the mind. That is why it is named Vipassana.

There are five qualities: purity, non-attachment, contentment, equanimity, and mindfulness. If any of these five are present, then there is no need to practice meditation.
When we are pure, the path to liberation is not meditation.
In our experience of our true nature, there is no reason to practice meditation.
This is a short version.

In a group setting, most people won’t allow themselves to be taken advantage of. This is true for most people, and it is true even if they are not mindful.

20th of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

To live is to exist. Each day is a new day with the potential to be a magnificent day. As the days pass, we gain knowledge and experience of our existence. Our experiences give us the insight and knowledge to gain from this existence.

It all started because she ruined today with mourning tomorrow.

Each morning we are born again. What is done today is what matters most.

“I am grateful for all those dark years, even though in retrospect they seem like a long, bitter prayer that was finally answered”.

The doors of perception are always open, but you have to put your mind in the right place.

I’ve noticed that all of us are on the path to change. We just need to find it in ourselves. Our way of life is never complete. We never become finished but we need to take charge of our own life and embrace change for ourselves. We need to embrace change as part of our everyday life.

If we are going to have a chance at having a good life, then when we encounter problems, we need to keep in mind that there is plenty of time. We can and should work at being the best that we can be and be kind to ourselves.

First, let go of your mind and then be mindful. Close your ears and listen!

A child who lives, plays and speaks in freedom simply follows his or her own interests, thoughts, and feelings, and is guided only by his or her own desires and intentions.

When we try to imagine the light, it is not the light itself that is in our mind. It only becomes the reality through our perception. However, it is not always a pleasant experience as it is a way of learning to be conscious of ignorance.

Try to listen, stay calm and cool. Stay positive. Think, solve the problems through logic and rationality. You need to learn. Don’t assume, and just listen.

31st of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

The mind in its natural state is like the sky. It is covered by clouds which hide its true nature.

There are a thousand reasons to live every day, and none are more than sufficient.

I agree that pain is not the same as psychological responses to the pain. However, I do not agree with the statement that if fear, anger, guilt, loneliness and helplessness are all psychological responses that can intensify pain. Pain itself is a biological response to physical damage or trauma and it is not affected by thoughts of the pain. However, people’s thoughts about the pain are affected by their emotional state. If we are in fear, anger, guilt, loneliness or helplessness, we will have a harder time coping with the pain that is the result of physical damage or trauma. We will also tend to have more negative thoughts about the pain.

When you are walking, move like you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

When you realize that there is nothing that you are lacking in this life, the whole world belongs to you, and you belong to the whole world.

Every feeling is just an impulse in your mind that is causing you to think, feel, and react to things. If you are mindful of your thinking and your breathing, you have an anchor to your emotions.

When we want to reach a goal, we are no longer happy with our current state.

Breath is Nature’s wonderful gift to us. Be grateful for this wonderful gift.

It’s not a good idea to speak about people without hearing them.

40th of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

Envy and jealousy result from the fundamental inability to rejoice at someone else’s happiness or success.

And I don’t need anyone else to distract me from myself, like I always thought I would.

We shouldn’t judge people. We should embrace all the crazy people in our life–because it helps us to grow.

“When you don’t struggle against reality, you are in harmony with reality” – Pema Chodron.

I have the feeling that we all rush around too much, trying to do too much. We think too much about things, and we need to take time doing only what we feel like doing.

Mindfulness can be difficult, but it is the only tool we get that lets us live fully in each moment and to learn from our experiences. It is the tool that can help us to be more patient, kind and able to forgive, and it can help us to live in the present.

Mindfulness is simply awareness of what is happening right now without wish, without expectation, without thinking about what the future will look like. It’s enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes, being with the unpleasant without fearing that it will always be this way, and so being present with what is.

The freedom of being anxious leads to less anxiety. The freedom of feeling guilty means that you know you are doing the right thing.

48th of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

When your mind is distracted, put your attention in the present moment. It will bring your attention to a new level.

There are two types of seeds in the mind: those that cause the mind to create anger, fear and frustration, and those that create love, compassion, equanimity, joy and peace. Spirituality is the germination and sprouting of the latter and the transformation of the former.

I wake up every single day with fear in my heart and no direction. Don’t open the door to my study and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument.

Letting go is the path to liberation because it is only by letting go that you may experience freedom or what we call liberation.

The government is using the rhetoric of ‘pragmatism’ to justify their actions and to disguise their real intentions. It appears the government’s real purpose is for the country to become as wealthy as possible and to take over the world’s natural resources.

If we are experiencing something that arises in our mind and we are not observing the mind, we are also not experiencing the arising. If we are not observing the mind, we are not experiencing the mind. If we are not experiencing the mind, we are not experiencing the arising. If we are not experiencing the arising, we are experiencing nothing. If we are experiencing nothing, we are experiencing everything. We are experiencing the arising of everything, the arising of the arising of everything.

What we lose when we lose our sense of self-importance is our sense of importance and our need to be important. What we gain instead is our freedom, our openness and our capacity for spontaneity, simplicity, altruism, and happiness.

There are thoughts in our minds that we do not believe in. Don’t believe in them; they are not valid thoughts. They are just thoughts of a mind that is unaware of reality.

You have to start by imagining that you are somebody else, then live that out, then you will find yourself living out what you already imagined. You’ve got to put your brain into the role of that other person.

58th of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

58. I wish life would not be easy, but sacred. I wish the days would be as centuries, loaded, fragrant.

When we concentrate on finding goodness and gratitude in all situations, we are able to develop an attitude and emotional state that nurtures our soul. We get to a point where it is not necessary to concentrate on finding anything negative in a situation, because we already know it is not good and not worthy of attention.

A true you-and-I relationship brings us face-to-face, eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart, hand-to-hand. We are present completely, no agenda, no agenda at all. We are just appreciating what is and becoming what we are seeing. This kind of relationship gives us an opportunity to see deeper than our normal routine allows. The result is a greater sense of peace, connectedness, and wholeness.

It is not hard to live well; it is really hard to live well. But those who learn to live well, they do it without expecting to be saved or that they are a good person or that they are better than anyone else. They live by that principle of not taking credit for anything that happens to them and for whatever they do.

Some people are not aware of how much they lose in their life. The simple acts, such as going to the toilet, are taken for granted and are forgotten, until they are suddenly taken away.

I think mindfulness is simply an awareness of present experience: what you are thinking and doing, what you’re feeling. And it’s accepting that experience, acknowledging it, without judgement, or reacting to it.

The world is filled with all kinds of activities – we live our lives by grasping, possessing and achieving. We never stop consuming and trying to get more and more, to be better and more perfect, to be happier and more content.

Sogyal Rinpoche is the author of the book To My Friends in the West: A Letter of Appreciation for Your Immeasurable and Unending Gifting of Love.

65th of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

Often times when we are struggling, we are not fully giving ourselves to the idea that what is is. Instead, our self-destructive behaviors are based on a desire for change, and these feelings are often based in fear.

The most precious gift we can offer to others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces the people we love, they will bloom like flowers.

Thinking about the past, future, or judging others is painful. It creates a state of suffering. Therefore, it’s best not to think about any of those things. Instead, focus on the present moment. That’s when you can live happily. Think about the present moment. Don’t think about the past or future; be in the now. That’s where your happiness lives.

Emptiness is an integral part of understanding BuddhaDharma; without it, there is no understanding. BuddhaDharma is not an easy philosophy to grasp. This is why it is explained in many different ways. When you understand emptiness, you understand BuddhaDharma, and when you understand BuddhaDharma, you understand emptiness.

As you contemplate this moment, what do you see? In general, what are your thoughts about this moment? Be as descriptive as possible.

It has been said that if you are still running toward something because you have hope, you are not going to get there. This is a quote by Pema Chödrön who is a Buddhist teacher. I think it is important to keep running toward something, but you have to have a lot of hope to keep it going. It is not just something that someone else will do for you; it is something you have to do for yourself.

71st of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

Happiness is the ability to enjoy the moment without worrying about what might happen next. Each moment is all we need, not more.

Human beings have different cultures and there are different ways of life between the people of different cultures. Diversity is an aspect of humanity that cannot be eradicated by terrorism or war or self-consuming hatred. It can only be conquered by recognizing and claiming the wealth of values it represents for all.

It is important to practice mindfulness and awareness while sipping tea, just like sipping tea while breathing, without straining. When we are mindful and aware, we are present, we can enjoy a tea ceremony, a tea time.

74th of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

You can’t control external circumstances, nor your emotions, but it IS possible to use your breath to anchor and ground yourself.

If you are truly aware of the value of life,
to waste it blithely on distractions and the pursuit of vulgar ambitions
would be the height of confusion.

If we want others to be happy, we should practice compassion.
And if we want to be happy, we should practice compassion.

Be present to what is happening in your life. Let go of the past and let what is be. Trust in the future that something better is coming.

I often feel frustrated with the amount of time I have on this earth, the amount of energy that I am using, and the things that I will never accomplish. How much time, energy, and resources are being wasted with things that make me unhappy? I don’t like what I see in this world. I wish there was more peace and love in this world.

When you look at the world around you it is the first step towards purifying the mind.

80th of 87 Mindfulness Quotes

After we realized that the problem wasn’t our self talk, we realized that the solutions were right in front of us. It was just a matter of remembering to do them.

We all know this idea — good and bad thoughts make us unhappy. But if we can learn to recognize the thoughts we are having that are making us unhappy, and change them into more loving and loving ones, we can be happy!

Happiness comes from within. It is our thoughts that determine the level of our happiness. However, when we are faced with external circumstances we may feel bad, but we don’t need to worry – it is our attitude that matters.

Mindfulness is the practice of attention to the present moment. Mindfulness is a practice that begins in the small, remote cave of the unconscious mind and blossoms with light of the conscious mind, reaching far beyond people and place.

It felt like testing for my endurance, the test of how long I could keep up my “performance” but I could not be certain if I would pass the test.

Henry James would say that ‘true happiness consists in getting out of oneself’ but this doesn’t just involve getting out but getting out and staying out. This means having an errand and that you have to stay out.

The only thing we can ever fully know or experience with any certainty is just this single moment, now, and with it every moment of our life.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the Four Noble Truths are the core teachings of the path to freedom, the path to awakening, as they are the basis of all wisdom. The Four Noble Truths are:

1. All compounded things are impermanent.
2. All compounded things are suffering.
3. The cause of suffering is desire.
4. The cessation of suffering is the end of desire.


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