40 Lao Tzu Quotes For Spiritual Enlightenment

Lao Tzu was a very wise philosopher of ancient China. The people of his time attributed to him the authorship of this or that book and the history of China.

The founder of Taoism, Lao Tzu lived in China and authored The Tao Te Ching. His inspirational and spiritual quotes have lived on to become legendary in the eyes of almost everyone who hears them.

Laotzu’s quotes are a collection of spiritual advice for everyday living. These tips are the foundation for a spiritual life and should be appreciated by all.

40 Spiritual Lao Tzu Quotes

Loving someone gives you strength, but only when it’s reciprocated. And loving someone deeply gives you courage, but only when things are going well.

2. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever ways they like.

If you want to do something great, start by doing something small. If you want to travel from point A to point B, just start by getting from point A to point C. It will be a little difficult to do it directly, but it will be a lot easier to do the small things and it will take you a while to get to your destination instead of trying to do it all at once.

Leaders are the best when people don’t even know they’re around, once the task is done, people will be like “Yeah, we did that ourselves”.

If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

Don’t fear the chaos of the world. Only fear the mind that causes the chaos.

There have been many studies that have proven the link between kindness and happiness. If you want to be healthier, then be kind to yourself. Practice kindness in words, thinking and giving.

“Your best days begin when you decide to start.”

It might be hard to understand that simple statement, but when you think of it, you will understand why it is so powerful. This sentence is an example of a simple sentence that is packed with meaning. That’s because it has many different ideas.

9th of 40 Lao Tzu Quotes

Travel often teaches people how to live for the moment. You will learn to not only appreciate life’s simple pleasures, but also have more appreciation for everything else because you will have experienced much more.

If you want to become successful, you’re going to have to develop a greater ability to focus on the three things of simplicity, patience, and compassion. They’re your greatest treasures.

We should not take offense when others act unethically towards us.
We should not take offense when others act badly towards us. Only when we ourselves act badly or unethically can we be hurt or offended by others.

  I am only content when I am doing what I feel like doing,  i am not trying to impress anybody. The respect comes from me and I keep it coming by doing things on my terms and not trying to please anybody.

A silent person can not express themselves, but they can also see what is going on in a situation, and respond to it appropriately.

In all your activities, live close to the earth, and don’t try to control or control others. Be fair to everyone, and generous in your dealings. In governing, let go and let others govern the nation. And in your work, do it for yourself. In family life, be completely present.

Being a good leader and being a good person are one thing. Having a bad leader and a bad person are another thing.

When you let go of your thoughts, you can become a person who you really are.

A wise man is one who is aware of the limitations of his own knowledge and that of others.
An enlightened man is one who is aware that the world can only be known through experience.

Realize that you don’t have to constantly chase down more and more material things. What you have is enough and a lot. When you realize this, the whole world belongs to you. Enjoy your life.

Growth is the introduction of higher dimensions into your awareness, which makes you better able to appreciate life.

In our world, most people are stuck in the third dimension of time and space and can’t see how life would be so different if we were able to see the higher dimensions of consciousness instead of just time and space.

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.

20th of 40 Lao Tzu Quotes

Love is the strongest of all passions, because of the way it attack the three elements that define our being.

If you want to avoid failure, the first thing you should do is to plan not to fail.

The life and death are a continuous process; their existence depends on each other.

Trust can’t be forced, and it won’t be received.

If you realize that everything changes, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you don’t fear dying, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

To realize that you are not able to understand is a virtue; not realizing you are not able to understand is a defect.

I like this one. It reminds me of a great quote by the poet Robert Graves, who once said that the test of intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in one’s mind with perfect equanimity.

You have access to your highest nature. You know who you are and what you want. That is self-evident.

Streams of awareness are like reflections in a mirror. A person who lacks internal peace is unable to recognize his or her own face reflected by the mirror.

If you want to bring good out of your relationships with others, you need to put good out first. You can’t just do what you want and ask others to do what they want. You need to put your own energy out first.

30th of 40 Lao Tzu Quotes

As a parent, you should do without interfering, and you should do even better because you will be doing without them.

When you act as boss, do not forget that you are also a worker. You need to be clear about your own roles while allowing room for your team members to grow and learn.

Life gets done when you allow it to happen. The world is won by those who accept life’s occurrences. But when you struggle to achieve more and more, life becomes more and more.

To be humble is to be honest, to be truthful. To be proud is to be corrupt, to have no self-control. To be self-serving, is to be selfish. To be mean, is to be cruel. To be lazy, is to be weak. A person should be honest, truthful, humble, honest, humble, humble.

Water can be more powerful than stone, and it can penetrate the hardest of objects. Water is always the greatest threat on land.

Human beings are made of the same stuff as you and me; they just think they are better than you.

The universe is not in a hurry. However, the universe is still accomplishing things.

People are always looking for a way out of the mess they find themselves in. If people knew what was good for them, they would surrender self-interest to love others. Without this important piece of the puzzle, it is impossible to live a truly happy life. We all want to be loved, but unless we love others, this will never happen.

The purpose of violence is to make you reconsider your position. If that is the case, then you are more likely to get away with it.

To give people the benefit of your experience, let them follow you.

Being authentic in speech has nothing to do with being articulate or having good vocabulary. It is about being genuine and having self respect.


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