Why Is One Side Of My Face Bigger Than The Other? Possible Reasons 

You might have noticed when you look closely at the mirror or take time to observe your photograph that your face does not appear the same way on both sides. That is left or right. 

Sometimes your left ear might look pointier than your right ear. A good observation would show you that this is a common feature in most humans. 

Unfortunately, many people lose self-confidence or feel uncomfortable the moment they discover both sides of their faces aren’t the same. Some might even give their own theory as to why both sides of their faces aren’t the same. 

Now, let’s answer this pressing question.  

Why is one side of my face bigger than the other? 

A major reason for this is a factor known as Facial Asymmetry.

The word asymmetry means not symmetrical or not identical. So facial symmetry is a condition in which both sides of a face don’t align in the same way. 

There is nothing to be afraid of, as this is common and normal for most or all humans. It only becomes a problem when one part of your face becomes distorted, which can happen for various reasons.

However, in some cases, it can be extremely noticeable, and in such cases, the affected person can take personal or medical approaches to correct this issue.

 For most recorded cases, facial asymmetry can be corrected and is often temporary. In the case of severe injury, A doctor can prescribe implants.

To know some other reasons why one side of your face is bigger than the other, keep reading.

Other Reasons Why One Side Of Your Face Is Bigger Than The Other 

Facial asymmetry isn’t the only reason why a side of your face is bigger or different from the other. Other factors are responsible. Let’s look at them. 


It is a very common reason for facial asymmetry. As people get older, it becomes obvious that their body begins to undergo changes such as wrinkled skin, failing strength, grey hair etc. 

These are all a result of aging body cells in the entire body. It would also affect the facial appearance to a wider degree than in the youth. 


Stroke is also a major medical cause. It is a medical condition in which one part of the human body, either left or right, feels numb or tired and cannot move. It can distort the face and cause difficulty in speaking.


This is another medical condition. In this condition, the muscles of the neck are not aligned or positioned properly. It is often temporary and is rarely permanent. It can also be called a “twisted neck”. 

It usually occurs during childbirth, or when one enjoys keeping his or her head in a particular position for a long period. It would be interesting to note that this happens to three in every hundred babies born. 


Genetics is another reason why facial asymmetry occurs. It goes a long way to depict what to expect. So, if someone is born into a family with facial asymmetry as a genetic trait, it becomes natural to expect the same. 

Accidents and injuries:

Accidents can leave a person’s face asymmetrical. It could be a fire accident, a serious wound or injury. 

Therefore, protection from potential accidents and injuries become highly important.  Learning to take precautions is a valuable skill in today’s world.

 Parents are equally advised to be extra careful with kids and must learn to keep dangerous items out of their reach. Courses on Environmental Safety are important, and this is available in schools across the country.  


How you treat your face habitually can determine to what extent your face would be facially asymmetrical. Furthermore, your sleeping pattern, including how you treat your face daily would determine how far you would experience this factor.  

So the rule is to ensure that undue pressure is not applied on the face regularly. Good practices would include; avoid sleeping too much with one side of your face, avoid sleeping a lot on your belly, alternate with your back sometimes. 

Bell’s Palsy:

Bell’s Palsy can also be a reason for facial asymmetry, and it is a health condition you must not take for granted. It is usually temporary and is caused either by an infection or a postpartum sign. . 

Bell’s Palsy happens when the nerves on a person’s face become paralyzed, and this can lead to the weakness of the facial muscle and an inability to move as it should. 


Smokers are liable to die young. but you are probably tired of hearing this over-flogged line. Maybe you should know that smoking can equally cause facial muscles to react and result in facial asymmetry. 

Hence, you should avoid smoking, especially if you are young. You can consider dealing with the habit by seeking medical and professional advice. 

It is no surprise that as of 2014, a discovery showed that smoking is one prominent reason why people experience facial asymmetry. 

Dental extraction:

Having dental or tooth extraction has proven to be another cause of facial asymmetry in people. This happens because it affects facial muscles and their alignment in the face. So it is advisable to seek medical advice before and after tooth extractions.  

Exposure to the Sun:

You will observe that facial asymmetry can result from exposure to intense sunlight and sunburn. These exposures tend to affect facial muscles causing them to be asymmetrical. 

A Quick Tip:

Always wear your sunscreen and carry it around. Would you please not wait till its summer to get sunscreen? 

How Do I Know One Side Of My Face Is Bigger Than The Other? 

When you want to measure facial asymmetry, you need a current photo of you facing the camera properly. Or you can use your mirror as well to improvise.

So to measure facial asymmetry, do the following: 

  • Draw a neat oval shape around the face. Ensure the lines of the oval shape are not too big or small but fit closely to the edges of the face before you as much as possible. 
  • Divide the oval into two vertically from top to bottom. 
  • Draw a horizontal line slightly above the tip of the leap for one side of the face, then draw the same for the eyebrows and the tip of your nose as well. 

Observe that neither parts of your face are identical to each other in a precise way. You can use a ruler to confirm this as well. 

Possible Treatment If One Side Of Your Face Is Bigger Than The Other 

While some factors are out of our control, they can be managed and corrected. In severe cases, one would need to seek medical and professional advice to remedy it, including therapy and surgery if needed. 

When one experiences asymmetry due to genetics, it is usually not a cause for concern. 

If you consider a correction to facial asymmetry, you would need to consider some of the medical and surgical options available out there. Please note that medical expertise is advisable before venturing in for surgery.

 The available options are: 


Most facial asymmetries are due to injuries or damages to the facial bone; hence one would need to get implants that would correct that.

Available implants are either made of silicone, metal, gel, rhinoplasty, protein, plastic etc. 


Fillers can cause facial symmetry. These serve as injections to the face. Fillers don’t last for long as they fade away with time. 

Facial exercises:

Although this seems feasible, it is not a complete solution because it is not considered a treatment. However, it is used to augment facial muscles. 

It is also gradual and sort of tricks the facial muscles into alignment. However, there are articles in circulation and more online resources that talk about facial exercises in detail. 

Final Note

Facial asymmetry is a condition in which both sides of the face, either left or right, are non-identical when divided equally. This is nothing to worry about. It’s normal for all human beings. 

It should be clear to you at this point that facial asymmetry happens to us all, some in more degrees than others. But it is important to note also that this is often temporary and is affected by the day-to-day choices we make. 

So what is your take on this? Have you made any of these observations? Would you take out time to run our short test to determine your level of facial asymmetry? It would help you get to know yourself better and serve as a good opportunity to embrace who you are. 

Remember! If you desire a change, a doctor’s recommendation is very important to avoid self-prescription

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