20 Deep And Strong Emily Fernandez Quotes

She is a beauty pageant winner and has competed in the Miss Georgia USA, Miss Georgia Teen USA, and Miss Teen USA pageants. She was also on ‘Little Women: Dallas’.

Fernandez, who has been dating Dreadz 448 for a while ‘ became part of the rapper’s track, “Lifetime”; the song has been released on the Internet.

The best way to stay classy in this world is to be yourself and if you don’t like yourself, create a character and be it.

20 Deep and Strong Emily Fernandez Quotes

My daughter is getting married in June and having a baby soon after. I couldn’t believe what I read the other day – and I can never believe the hype.

I loved the quote so much that I had to re-write it in English. I miss my king.

Emily Fernandez has survived a long list of cancer treatments, including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

When Emily and I talk, her voice sounds funny and almost off key from the side effects that she is experiencing. Her voice has a quivering in it.

The experience was really hard, but it was more frustrating to see him suffer.

Emotional struggles are what makes each person a unique human being. They affect each in their own way. People can only be as happy as they are happy at their time.

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Emily has been going through the grieving process for the last few months. There are many things that she has been going through. One of the things she has mentioned was the loss of her father. She has been missing him very much, and she has had trouble moving on.

I couldn’t believe it. I saw the fear in his eyes.

If this hadn’t happened, this would not have happened. The lack of height made no difference.

I am grateful for all of the angels who have been watching over me, and guiding me.

I didn’t fight for his life. I fought to keep him alive.

Pregnancies with little people are dangerous, and being pregnant with a baby with dwarfism is much more dangerous.

Dr. Fernandez testified that she did everything in her power to save her husband. She wanted multiple tests run, and she wanted to be sure that she did everything she could to keep her husband alive.

Emily’s baby suffered seizures and doctors believe they were caused by problems with the placenta.

At different times in life, it is important to feel good and it is important to feel not so good. I feel good some days, and not so good others.

I suppress my emotions sometimes and I can become more prone to depression. I was feeling sad today so I sat in my car for a while and listened to sad music.

The last line in the first paragraph and the first two lines in the second paragraph have been removed.

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I love hearing her say, “I’m not going to forget this day” for the first time to the rest of her family and friends. I had tears in my eyes when she said it. I really can’t say enough good things about what a great mom she is.

My heart goes out to Emily. A normal, healthy baby girl. Not receiving enough oxygen at birth and, as a result, she developed a medical condition where she has blood around her brain. She’s doing much better now, thanks to modern medicine, but she still requires oxygen and other medical treatment, so her family is understandably trying to make the best of a difficult situation.

“He would panic every time a nurse came to change his diaper because he couldn’t hear or see them. He would have to be taken away from the nurses who were caring for him.

I don’t remember anyone saying anything specific about the name, I don’t remember any crying over the name, but I’m sure all of us were all wondering what was going on. They would never do this to us, but I’m sure that all of us were going through it together.


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