The 25 Best Tv Series On Netflix To Watch Now

This will depend on the time of the day you watch. Depending on how many hours you have in the day, I suggest any of the first four seasons of Friends, Frasier, Breaking Bad, and Arrested Development.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

It’s hard to make the right choice at the best of times.

I’ve made a list of the 25 best Netflix series for you to watch. You just have to choose which one you like the most.

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 My name is Sam and I study physics at University College, Oxford and I’m interested in the human body and how it works.

The 25 Best TV Series on Netflix to Watch Right Now

The number of credits each film or actor has received is not meant to be a measure of quality or reputation, it is meant to be an indicator of attention & popularity.


Here’s my list of the


20 questions/questions

What is the most famous movie poster?
[OP]: There are two.

I’ve written a little bit about some of these shows and how watchable they are.


25. Maniac

The television show The Big Bang Theory has its fair share of witty and wacky plots.

After the death of several people in a car accident, a pharmaceutical company hires a pair of strangers to engage in the most extreme trial of their lives.

After being taken by the couple to a sex dungeon where some of the couples have been kidnapped, they are taken to the basement dungeon where the main couple has been held.

Starring Jonah Hill, Jessie Eisenberg, Jonah Hill, Melanie Laurent, Justin Theroux, Sonoya Mizuno, Gabriel Byrne, and Sally Field, The LEGO Movie was released to critical acclaim.

At the time of writing, this movie has an 83% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 7.61 out of 10 based on 80 reviews.

A lot of great movies on Netflix!


24. The Haunting of Hill House

A horror series that follows a family as they have to confront their haunted childhood memories.

They find out who killed their sister and why.
They find out why they thought they were the ones who committed the crime.
They have to deal with their mistakes.
They deal with the loss of the person they loved.

The best movie you never saw with the lights off, curtains drawn and a pillow in your hand ever.


23. Broadchurch

Broadchurch is a British serial crime drama set on the fictitious town of Broadchurch, and follows the investigation of the murder of a young boy called Danny Latimer.

Detective inspector Alec Hardy and Detective sergeant Ellie Miller investigate the abduction and death of Danny Latimer. They focus on the impact and media attention has on the small Dorset town.

While the first season overall received fairly good reviews, the first episode was criticized by some critics for being too long and too formulaic.

A series that is popular enough to be named one of the best.

It’s great for weekday workouts that you have available to you. Perfect for the gym or a walk at night.


22. Black Mirror

As a show that takes inspiration from The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror is one of the best shows to date.

Charlie Brooker created a British anthology series that explored the consequences of new and unanticipated technological and social changes.

The series is very popular, has many fans, and it has been nominated for many awards. It also improved the interest in the series in the United States.

You know, I think I’m gonna call it a day. It’s been a pleasure to meet you and share some stories with you.


21. Luther

The series is set in modern day London and follows the close to genius Detective Chief Inspector, Luther, as he tries to solve detailed murders, that often involve serial killers.

He is very good at his job but he can’t let go of the criminals who had been murdered. He is consumed by the thought of each one.

The fact that this guy has only one private life and that is with his family is both a blessing and a curse.

Elba has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award and a Critics’ Choice Television Award for his performance as John Luther.

Who is your favorite TV series?
Let me know!

20. Mad Men

I’m a fan of Mad Men, a show about advertising men in the early 1960s in New York. Jon Hamm plays the title character, Don Draper, and he is a creative genius but troubled soul.

He always acted bold, confident, and acted like a big shot. His outward persona was a veneer to hide his past and troubled childhood.

It also has won almost every award in the world as “The Golden Globe”.

It also received various awards including, Best Picture-The New York Film Critics Circle, Best Director-The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, Best Screenplay, Best Film of the Year, and others.


19. The Office

This film is about the day-to-day life of office employees working for a fictional paper company in the UK.

In the US, “This is a…” is sometimes used to introduce a film or book that is a re-release which is itself based on the original, but has been re-titled and/or re-edited.

Gervais plays the character David Brent, who thinks he’s the coolest boss in the world. He is not.

The company (which started out as a research and development lab for IBM), was now facing closure. The staff was not happy as they were not paid for past months. They started playing practical jokes on each other.

The show was good but I did not find it to be funny on the last series.

The funniest thing you have said.


18. The IT Crowd

A British sitcom about an IT team who hang out at a corporate company. Starring Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson, and Matt Berry.

The show revolves around socially awkward Moss (Richard Ayoade) and Roy’s (Chris O’Dowd) tomfoolery, which usually ends in complete disaster.

I’m not sure whether or not the people at the company have a boss, but one thing’s for sure – they’re all incompetent.

The show was the first to air on Channel 4 in 2006 and ran for four series in total. It has been well received by critics and has a bit of a cult following.


17. House of Cards

The TV series is based on the British film which was directed by Kevin Spacey and also starred Kate Mara, Michael Kelly, and Kevin Spacey.

Congressman, Frank Underwood, is a Democrat in the 5th congressional district of South Carolina. Congressman Underwood is angry at the Democrats in the presidential election for not choosing him to be the American candidate.

Claire and Underwood are the masterminds behind this scheme. They conspire to get Frank into a position where he can win his election in the House of Representatives.

A series that went on to receive multiple award nominations, such as receiving 33 primetime Emmy award nominations, including Outstanding Lead Actor for Kevin Spacey.

A wonderful addition to the Netflix library!


16. Friends

It was the most successful television show in the history of the world, becoming the most popular TV show of all time.

The six friends are living their lives in Manhattan and each person is having a good time doing what they want and are all in their 20s and 30s.

The cast couldn’t be better. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know it. The cast couldn’t be better. I didn’t want to take anything away from the cast who are great at what they do.

The show has received a lot of awards and nominations including Empire magazine’s, The 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time (no. 7) and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for the 2008 Emmys.

In Friends, many of the characters experience a lot of emotional and financial turmoil as they try to grow up.

15. Frasier 

A comedy series (1993-2004) starring Kelsey Grammer as a psychologist who returns to his home town of Seattle to become a successful author.

He takes a position at a local radio station and is offered a weekly radio talk show. He starts dating his girlfriend, who has issues with his friends and family.

The show was praised by critics in the United States and others throughout the world.

14. Fawlty Towers

A 2-parter, which was a two-part series of the very British sitcom, “Yes, Minister”. In fact, it was one of the shortest British sitcoms ever made but that’s what makes it funny so much in this parody, along with a ton of slapstick comedy to make you laugh.

Basil Fawlty is a rude, but very wealthy hotel owner played by John Cleese. The hotel is in a small town in the English countryside.

It’s about the life of the author in the seaside town of Brighton in the 1980’s. However there is some trouble with the hotel and Cleese is there as the landlord.

Three awards were given for contestants part in the series.

The best TV series at Netflix is the original series House of Cards.

13. Extras

Office fan? Well then, this sitcom was written and directed by Ricky Gervais, so you should enjoy this one.

Andy Millian, a frustrated actor, is trying to find a way to get work in Hollywood. He finds a friend named Maggie Jacobs who helps him by setting up meetings with more experienced agents. Soon Andy finds an agent who will not only help him but also cast him in movies in which he gets to do funny things.

The thing that’s been bothering me.

12. Dexter

Dexter is a private detective that works for the Miami Metro Police Department. He investigates homicides, mainly those committed by serial killers.

He says he’s “doing the world a favour” by hunting down and killing murderers that managed to escape the justice system.

Dexter Morgan was recognized for being nominated for 23 Primetime Emmy Awards and winning two Golden Globe Awards.

The show is really good, but the first, second, fourth, and seventh seasons were fantastic!

11. Planet Earth

It was one of the most expensive documentaries ever made and the BBC’s biggest nature documentary, presenting a global overview of Earth’s diverse habitats.

While making five years of series, and creating a ten-minute featurette within each episode of the show, we take you behind the scenes to discover the many challenges involved with making the series.

Planet Earth II was the first television series from the BBC to be shot in Ultra-high-definition (4K) and was made available in the UK in Ultra-high-definition 4K-ready sets from Sony.

Planet Earth III is a sequel to the series Planet Earth. It will feature a group of people.

This is the show I wish I’d had a chance to see first.

10. Breaking Bad

This one is a bit more difficult to explain.
This one is a bit more difficult to explain.
This one is a bit more difficult to explain.
This one is a bit more difficult to explain.

Bryan Cranston is amazing in the movie, “Breaking Bad”. He plays Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns a family heirloom, an RV, into a factory for methamphetamine. This movie has got it all – action, suspense, comedy, and a very emotional ending that is going to make you cry.

In an instant Walter White (Bryan Cranston) became a different person and was diagnosed with a fatal form of lung cancer.

In an attempt to provide a better future for his family, Walter White embarks on a new life of cooking meth with his business partner Jesse Pinkman.

One of the most recognized shows of all time, it is considered by many to be the best show of all time.

No, Breaking Bad is no good. I just made a joke about it and you can’t take it seriously.

9. Suits

Harvey hires Mike and begins the process of teaching him photography despite all the misgivings he has about his abilities. Mike takes his job very seriously and works hard at improving as a photographer.

The American legal drama television series throughout its lifetime has been nominated for several industry awards, including the Golden Globes and the Emmy Awards. It is set to premiere its final season on July 17th, 2019!

I’m just a guest in the next match. However, I will be a guest in the next match.

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a police-based sitcom that depicts the day-to-day life of Jake Peralta and is written and created by former NYPD officer Danny Strong.

The cop show series has an ensemble cast, and it follows a team of detectives at the 99th Precinct of the New York Police Department.

It was created by a Huffington Post writer with a list of “9 Reasons You Need to Start Watching TV shows”.

The Office was never canceled. It was, in fact, renewed for more than another season. The
cancellation, however, may have come from NBC.

7. Daredevil

He fights the crime in the streets of New York City, and uses his ninja skills. It’s Daredevil that he uses his powers for the benefit of the public by fighting crime with his fists not his gun.

This is no easy feat, because like all blind people, he is extremely sensitive to sounds, and is always on the lookout for danger.

And there you have it. If you want to get technical, we could technically put this on YouTube as well. But we’re going to keep it on our main channel since I think that’s a better way to get the word out. And I’ve had a lot of fun creating this. So, I hope you liked it too.

All three series received a strong review on Rotten Tomatoes. Always above 80%.

But it had a 4.6 rating among its audience and the viewership increased by 1.3 million viewers between its premiere and the end of its second season.

6. Orange Is the New Black

OITNB, which is based on a popular American drama and has been aired on the US television network ABC since 2005, also stars Laura Prepon as Tricia Miller, a former drug addict who was recently released from a maximum-security men’s federal prison and is now working as a drug-addict social worker.

Since her friend in the new country died, she’s moved on and started a new life. But the sudden and unexpected recall of her past has had a dramatic impact on her newly formed close relationships.

The first season of the show won seven Emmys and became a Netflix darling.

5. Family Guy

It is a sitcom where Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris and Stewie live in an old house. Each episode is different and will have you laughing from beginning to end.

Family Guy is a mockumentary sitcom produced by Seth MacFarlane starring Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, Quagmire, Cleveland Brown, and many others.

4. Better Call Saul

This crime drama portrays a family man, Walter White, who becomes a meth dealer in order to support his family.

Despite all of this, this continues to prove difficult, as a combination of bad luck and the ever constant temptation of going back to his old ways keeps playing on his mind.

When ratings are good, people are happy. When ratings are bad, people are angry.

The Breaking Bad spinoff ranks as the 4th best TV series.

3. American Horror Story

The six-season anthology horror series features some of the best actors in American television and each season will have a different set of actors all getting to showcase their talents in different characters.

I had an easy time because I can concentrate with one thing at a time. It’s like how a game of chess works: You need to think one thing at a time and make your move once you know what the opponent’s moves are.

It was praised for its cinematography, production design, and music scores.

2. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an award-winning, supernatural drama that tells the story of a group of friends dealing with their own personal demons while being stalked by an unknown, terrifying entity.

Strangers Things starts in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, the protagonist Eleven, (played by Millie Bobby Brown) is the only living person who remembers a small event that happened in the 80’s.

They claim to be doing research for the US Department of Energy (DOE), but instead, they are doing paranormal research for the government.

The first two seasons of Stranger Things won an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Peabody Award.

The book is a reference to how many people think of Stranger Things as a television show instead of a book.

The third season will feature the same characters, but will now be set in the United Kingdom as the story continues.

The movie is set for release on July 4th, 2019.

1. Sherlock

Sherlock is a brilliant British drama, where everything is solved with a little “hint” or a clever little twist.

This is the first Sherlock Holmes film, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, who also plays the titular character in the BBC series.

Sherlock, which was based on the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was nominated for over 15 Awards including a Golden Globe.

Because of its quality, the movie can be attributed to the quality of writing, acting, direction, and its mass appeal.

Since 2001, the third series of Emmerdale became the most watched drama series in the UK.

Sherlock has been the most watched TV show in the United States this year.


If you want to find a show to watch, you can check our list of the best Netflix original movies to dive into right now.

Yes, our list is pretty accurate.

I wrote down a list of 25 new Netflix original shows to watch right now.

My favourite series is a bit different to most. I like the fact I can watch it on Netflix, I can put it on one side and it will play nice with my PC or Mac and not eat up tons of memory or cause lag issues on my TV.

Send us yourtoppick for the best TV series of the past 25 years (to the present) in the comments section, and we’ll consider it for an eventual update to this list.

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