25 Inspirational Robert De Niro Quotes

He is also an outspoken critic of Hollywood’s treatment of Italian actors.

A great actor, he’s had a great career and starred in many movies. If you’re wondering who the big name is in this image, it’s Jean-Luc Godard, a French cinema pioneer.

Robert De Niro has said many interesting things throughout his rich career. Here’s a small selection of his famous quotes.

25 Inspirational Robert De Niro Quotes

I learned the two greatest things in life when I was a kid, which is never rat on your friends and that when you’re in a tough spot you should never talk about it, even if you can get the best of everyone involved.

You can learn a lot from a bad choice.

The only thing you must pay for is living your life, not your parents, not your spouse, not your children. But once you do so, you can create the life you want.

If you put off doing things, you won’t succeed. However, if you don’t have enough time, you won’t be able to rest. Sometimes, the more a person struggles, the more they grow. The more he struggles, the more he can accomplish. The most talented people have been the most patient.

It is so important to find new people. Having a new person in your life can add so much joy and fun to your life. So, get out there and start meeting new people and you will be surprised how many people you can find to add joy and fun to your life that you were missing before you started searching.

It is good to be able to understand others. It is important not to draw attention to your feelings and not to express them.

Sometimes, the best way to deal with adversity is to face it head on. When you are going to do something, don’t just do it. Take action. Take decisive action. Don’t wait.

Money makes life easier if you have enough. However, you can also find yourself trapped in situations that you don’t have enough since it will make your life easier to get it.

It is easy to have people be nice to you when you are famous, but what is harder is that people usually want to be your friend, and in the long term they will not always be nice to you.

10th of 25 Robert De Niro Quotes

We often believe that the meaning of life lies somewhere beyond the physicality in which it is lived. We believe that our lives are not fully lived until we have accomplished some meaningful purpose. Or at the very least, find some reason to give ourselves significance.

Robert De Niro said that he didn’t experience rejection when it came to auditions. He believed that the rejection came when he was given the role, rather than the other way around.

If a director makes a movie, he has to always try to give his best performance, he has to try to make the best movie in the best possible way.

People used to think of Robert De Niro as a supporting actor, a guy who hung around with the heavyweights. In fact, he’s had his own movies that have been very successful for him. He’s had an acclaimed career. His latest work has been controversial, but not at all successful.

Robert De Niro said that he doesn’t like to watch his own movies. He said, “I fall asleep in my own movies”.

Robert de Niro said that he is not into long winded discussions for his characters. At the end of the day, he gets out there and act it out.

De Niro talks about how his character in Silver Linings Playbook, named Pat Solitano, was able to connect emotionally to the audience through his performance, but the real Pat and his wife Pat Solitano (played by Julia Stiles), was not the same character.

17th of 25 Robert De Niro Quotes

I have been afraid for most of my life to be honest. If my instincts told me to do something, I am afraid to do it.

I discovered a talent, developed an ambition, and recognized my passion. However, I know I have to do my work and make sure that I don’t let it go to my head.

This is a good lesson for us to see how we change, how we develop and evolve in life and in relationships.

De Niro is an actor who has always been a great asset to the film industry.
He always uses different ways to express himself and to communicate in any given situation.
It is very easy to see that the actor’s charisma is a great asset.
His statements in this interview show his self-assurance and how much he loves to be known.

I like this quote very much because I didn’t like the film I made at the time and I didn’t think it worked in the end, so I should not spend time thinking about this. Just do the next one, it’s a bit like a child’s way of handling things.

This is the most important job in life. Being able to battle it out. No matter how you do it, you gotta hold your ground at times. Other times you’ve got to compromise. But never a compromise you can’t live with.

I like to sit, and I find a good chair to be comfortable, and I can get to one in a reasonable amount of time.

If you have been rejected by someone, you might feel some pain, but in the long run, what matters most is how you react to rejection. It is best that, you make a move when you feel rejected, instead of waiting for them to reject you and making a move after that.

______________ have to deal with everything that happens during the day. _______________ will also _______________ put their everything into everything they do.


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