How to Creatively Use Social Media Marketing for Fashion eCommerce Brands

Social media seems to have become the focal point of every marketing strategy, and the world of fashion is not excluded. The beautiful qualities and features that social media offers are perfect for every business or marketer that wants to promote their brand and boost sales.

Given the nature of the fashion business, social media marketing is the best strategy because social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok are the perfect medium to place your visual content. 

Most prominently used among eCommerce brands, social media can yield immensely positive results with its ever-growing number of monthly users. If you are looking to improve your social media game, read below and let us help you create the best strategy to conquer social media channels. 

Focus On Organic Growth

When businesses start expanding and decide that they want to take over social media channels, they usually look for the easy way out. If you are one of those wondering how to get 1k followers in 5 minutes on any social media for free, the answer is that you probably can’t, there’s always some sort of a catch. 

Accounts that aim for instant success usually crash and burn and are either shadowbanned or their account is completely banned. For fashion brands, it’s extremely important to build a strong client relationship that is based on trust and quality products. If you opt for instant glory, you might isolate a large portion of your potential organic growth which ultimately means no word-of-mouth marketing.

By using social media channels’ features to create quality content and post at the right time, your brand will without a shadow of doubt start to gain traction and you will find yourself with a serious amount of following in no time.

Before you decide to pursue instant success, think hard and weigh the risk of doing so as opposed to focusing on building steady organic growth.

The Social Media Of Choice

With the fashion eCommerce industry expected to top $1 trillion by 2025, it’s a given that the competition will be fierce. Every brand will try to use a different social media channel to bring their ideas forward to new and potential clients and what will work for your brand is something that only you can decide on.

However, we can all agree that Instagram is social media’s jack of all trades. With such carefully designed features that will allow you to tell your brand’s story without any hassle, who can stay immune to the captivating powers of Instagram?

Instagram also allows you to use hashtags liberally as opposed to other social media. With an allowance of up to 30 hashtags per post, you can make your post more discoverable than ever. But that’s not the end of Instagram’s powers; it’s known that hashtags boost engagement, but the reel feature can land a post of yours on Instagram Explore and get a serious amount of traffic your way. 

In addition to all of that, you can set up an Instagram Shop which will enable your customers to get your best fashion pieces with just a click/tap on their screen.

Engagement Is Key

We see it so many times, businesses and content creators have a significant amount of following but they don’t seem to utilize it to its fullest potential. Engagement is what drives growth. 

If someone is interested in a piece that you are selling and is actively inquiring about it, guide them through what they will be getting and elaborate on what kind of value your brand brings to their table. 

In addition to that, you can use social media and treat it as customer service. It’s normal that from time to time there will be an unsatisfied customer so rather than sending emails back and forth, you can resolve the problem instantly through social media.

Collaborate With Influencers

This is probably the best option for fashion brands as influencers can showcase your products and fashion pieces to a lot of audiences without the hassle. You can also, with their permission, post the created content so that your feed never slows down.

Many opt not to utilize the power of influencers due to the fact that they might be extremely expensive. However, that’s not always the case, you can find the right influencer that will represent you without breaking the bank.

Provide the influencer with a link that will lead them to your store and if you are feeling extra generous, you can add a discount coupon that clients can use on your online stores.

Final Thoughts

Social media has already taken over the marketing world as the most affordable and widespread means of reaching your potential customers. eCommerce fashion brands can benefit significantly from a strong social media presence, so if you are looking to improve your social media game, go over our guide and use it to your advantage. 

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