Chris Wang Net Worth

Chris Wang’s net worth is estimated to be $200k.


Wang made his acting debut in the television series ‘Eagle Fighter’, and has appeared in many successful dramas such as ‘You Are My Destiny’, ‘My Love is Forever’, ‘The Legend of Lu Zhen’ and ‘The Empress of China’.

He makes almost $30 milliion per year, and is often the highest paid coach in the NBA.

Chris Wang made his fortune investing in Chinese companies while studying at UC Berkeley in the early 2000s.

Early Life 

Wang came from Taipei, Taiwan, and went to school at the New Taipei Municipal Yong-Ping High School for a semester. After leaving school, Wang enrolled at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and graduated with a degree in finance.

There was a TV show called ‘King of Adventure’ which was looking for a new host. They asked me to submit my CV along with several others to be interviewed. I gave them a couple of interviews and we clicked.


After he hosted The King of Adventure he was invited to host other international travel shows such as “The World’s Richest People”.

He was so happy about his result on the show. He felt so proud of himself when he finally hosted the show and got the highest score.

Wang starred in TVB series ‘The Fierce Wife’, ‘Love and Betrayal’ and ‘The Fierce Wife Final Episode’. He also acted in some movies such as the sequel to ‘The Fierce Wife’, ‘The Fierce Wife Final Episode’ and ‘The Fierce Wife 2nd Chance’. He is also a singer and is the co-host of ‘Ticket To Happiness’ with co-host Luma Chung.

He released both a music album and a series of books while also acting in the movies ‘Superman and the Mole Men’, ‘She’, ‘They Are Flying’, ‘Inborn Pair’, and ‘Love Me or Leave Me’. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate of education for his achievements in acting.

As of July 2022, Chris Wang’s net worth is estimated to be $10 Million.

How Does Chris Wang Spend His Money?

Chris Wang is an amazingly talented actor who gained a massive fortune during this pandemic. During this pandemic, he’s choosing to live his life in a van with his family. He’s also a philanthropist who’s made it clear he doesn’t want to live in a shelter that’s so crowded that it feels like a jail.

Chris Wang’s Van 

Wang pays over $60 million per year to fuel his van. On average, this costs him around $40,000 a year and will last him for about 5 years. Therefore, Wang has to pay around $200 every single day, or in his local currency, around $1,920.


Chris Wang is a successful entrepreneur from the United States. He has been featured in popular websites in Asia and has worked with many successful companies. He has also been involved in various charity projects.

Favorite Quotes from Chris Wang

I just went for a prank. After I showed my kiss cam on our kiss cam on the screen, I observed the reaction of the audience and they were looking around trying to find out where we were seated.

Chris Wang wanted to get his kids (then ages 5 and 3) and his wife, Nicole, to know more about the world and the Japanese culture, so he invited Japan out on a cruise as their family travels.
Chris Wang chose to work with Japan because of the company’s philosophy, which focuses on relationships and giving people the joy of travel.
Chris Wang’s travel series, “The Adventures of the Wang Family”, launched in 2015, with Japan as their first destination.

3 Life Lessons from Chris Wang 

Chris Wang started his journey by making a list of the skills he wanted to learn and then he looked for a job. He had no idea that through perseverance, determination, hard work, and positive thinking, he would grow his salary.

1. Be Kind 

Life is tough, and every person on Earth has battles they need to fight. Being a nice person will help you win more battles.

2. Step Out From Your Comfort Zone 

Even if you haven’t had a problem, people with anxiety can be their own worst enemy. They worry about the future, the past, and what other people think.

3. Stay Curious 

Always take interest in anything that excites you. If you start to interest in something then you will see that you will be able to learn more about it, and you will get smarter.

You can translate this sentence by yourself.


He makes almost $30 milliion per year, and is often the highest paid coach in the NBA.

Chris Wang made his fortune investing in Chinese companies while studying at UC Berkeley in the early 2000s.

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