How to Travel and Not Worry About Your Academic Debts as a Student

Academic debt is a nightmare for most people over 20. The fact is that the cost of education is steadily rising every year and the average family needs to save money for years to get rid of all college or university debt.

Of course, you can get a grant or a scholarship, but not all students can fulfill the tricky requirements to succeed. And don’t forget that apart from that, your life doesn’t end with financial obligations. What if you want to travel and not worry about your next transaction being late?

Here are some great life hacks to help you achieve the desired result.

Saving Money With a Low Cost of Living

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to visit Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bali, or Madagascar. Surely you know that the standard of living in these countries is quite low and this is a plus for most tourists.

You probably won’t have to pay more than $300 a month for an oceanfront apartment or bungalow. Add the same sum, and your monthly budget is ready. In other words, you won’t have to spend more than $600-$800 a month to live in some tourist destinations like Indonesia.

In addition, nothing prevents you from finding freelancing jobs and paying your bills. Such a travel hack is ideal for those who are not ready to spend a lot of money but still dream of traveling.

Making Extra Payments to Speed up Repayment

Depending on the type of your academic debt, you have several options for early repayment. In general, you can make a transaction equivalent to several months or pay for half a semester at once.

In this case, you do not have to worry about penalties and other negative consequences. The only downside is that you have to find the money somewhere. However, you can work in the evenings and save the required amount for a couple of months. Then you will have the opportunity to travel and not worry about academic debts.

But what if you have a lot of homework assignments and are not sure that you can handle all the tasks simultaneously?

In that case, you should find a good writing service. But read honest reviews first to avoid unreliable websites like and others.

Surely you’d better spend at least a couple of hours to find the most acceptable option. By delegating some assignments, you can earn money faster and go on a trip.

Crushing the Remaining Balance With One Lump-Sum Payment

Such a life hack is suitable only for those students who are willing to take risks and do not mind spending all their savings on paying off debt.

However, you will hardly mind that this is the ideal option for those who want not to think about academic debt while relaxing on the beach somewhere in Cyprus or Bali.

Alternatively, you can talk to your parents about a short-term interest-free loan, especially if you have a job and are ready to pay back the money within the next 3-6 months.

Surely your relatives will support you, especially if you have done everything to get a degree.

Lowering Payments Through Income-Based Repayment

If you initially chose REPAYE and IBR plans to study at any educational institution, you can partially reduce your monthly payments.

Let’s say you work in the evenings and plan to go on a later trip. Income-driven plans allow you to cover part of your expenses from your monthly income. This option is good because you can partially reduce monthly transactions if you get a job.

By the way, if you are lucky and your monthly salary is high, then your debt will no longer be a reason for nightmares.

Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need

Many people do not even think about how many goods and services they buy every month. Let’s say you have 3-5 subscriptions to streaming services, Xbox Game Pass, or cable TV.

This number of subscriptions can significantly affect your monthly budget. Try to cancel your subscriptions at the time of fundraising for travel.

Give up new gadgets and do not buy expensive clothes. And you can also change your approach to buying groceries or delicacies. Reduce the cost of every item on your list that you can easily live without for at least a few months.

As a result, you will have a good amount to spend on air tickets, hotel accommodation or excursions. In addition, you should follow the advice of some people on the Internet.

Let’s say you want to order paper, but you’re not sure about any writing service. In this case, you should find good reddit pages with descriptions of companies and choose the best option.

This approach will also allow you not to waste money on reordering a paper from another site in case of failure.

Final Words

The above options will help you prepare for your holiday abroad without worrying about debts.

All you have to do is follow the instructions and don’t make any spontaneous spending, no matter what happens.

Do not forget that the level of your comfort during a tourist trip depends on your decisions.

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