The 10 Most Expensive Matchbox Cars

The most expensive Matchbox cars are the rarest ones.

Matchbox has produced 10 distinctive sports cars so far, considered to be extremely valuable by collectors.

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A list of the 10 most expensive Matchbox cars. For those that don’t know, a Matchbox car is a toy car made in England. They’re extremely inexpensive, and typically, the most inexpensive Matchbox cars have an engine that is no bigger than an adult thumb.

The 10 Most Expensive Matchbox Cars

I started this site to document rare, unusual and interesting Matchbox figures and vehicles, and to encourage collectors who don’t have a lot of money available. I also hope this will be an opportunity for me to talk more about Matchbox, as I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the brand recently
The following Matchbox vehicles and figures are available for sale on eBay.

Here are the 10 most valuable Matchbox cars.

10. Superfast 8d Rover 3500 Police Car

Estimated Value: $750

This specific model of the 1970s Superfast 8d Rover 3500 Police car is rare and difficult to find.

The owner of this collection told the story of how he got it, where he bought it and when he had enough of it.

The car attracted bidders from all over the world and was quickly sold to an anonymous bidder.

9. Ford Mustang

Estimated Value: $2,700

When I was about 5 years old, a guy named Charlie Ford sold me a Mustang.

One unidentified buyer was willing to pay almost $3,000 for this rare white 1960s Mustang Matchbox car from the 1960s.

It has been on show in a number of exhibitions over the years, and although it is not the highest selling Lego set it is worth a pretty penny. You could say that the set is a classic example of a Lego set.

8. Mercury Station Wagon (1969-1973)

Estimated Value: $3,700

The second most expensive Matchbox car on our list is the Mercury Station Wagon.

It costs $149.99.

This model is quite valuable as it features a color that is quite difficult to find among the collection.

Most of the Matchbox station wagons were painted a metallic light green color, but this one is painted yellow.

The number of yellow 1968 Mercury Station Wagons is not clear to me, or how many were made.

In the first quarter of 2019, the average U.S. household income was $61,372.

If you can find one, grab them while you can, as they’re one of the rarest Matchbox vehicles on the planet!

7. Mercury Cougar (1968-1970)

Estimated Value: $3,800

Mercury Cougar was one of the most popular convertibles of all time, but only in one color – cream.

The 1969 Renault Dauphin was 76mm long, and came with a white interior, like this one from the UK.

It’s not very clear how many 1968 cream Mercury Cougars there are in circulation right now, but they are highly sought after and fetch a lot of money at auction.

One of the benefits of this is that the amount of work that it takes to go from one character to the next is reduced, so it’s easier to play your character.

6. Ford Kennel Truck (1969-1972)

Estimated Value: $4,100

The Green Ford Kennel Truck was made from 1976 to 1985.

The estimated value of a Matchbox Truck is around $4,100. Most people don’t give a big deal about Matchbox Toys. The reason the truck is worth so much is that it is in mint condition.

A truck made by General Motors was produced between 1969 to 1972 and featured a removable lucid plastic canopy along with four white plastic dogs.

A mint-condition model was recently sold at auction for $4,100 after it had been sitting in the seller’s collection for decades.
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We can easily rewrite it as a correct sentence, but for the purpose of this lesson, we’ll stick with the original sentence form.

5. Mercedes Benz 230SL (1967)

Estimated Value: $6,765

It features a 4.8 liter engine, 4 speed transmission, and a manual steering wheel.

After selling it in a private auction, this Matchbox model became the most expensive toy ever sold at auction – a $6,765 in 1999.

Since the collectible “Black Spider” is likely to be stolen and sold in the future, it’s important to know how to make the investment a success. This way, you have a chance of recovering the funds you lost.

4. BP Dodge Wreck Truck (1965)

Estimated Value: $8,499

The 1965 Dodge Wreck Truck is viewed as one of the most well known vehicles in the world.

The model is a “prototype” of an experimental model for the study of materials, which was based on the behavior of polymers, but it was built from scratch.

The truck inspired a fierce bidding war in 2013 when it was listed on eBay.
The auction ended for $1034,750 USD after more than 10,000 bids.
It’s believed that one of the highest bids came from a buyer from Canada.

Eventually, the Matchbox truck sold on eBay to a buyer named Bob for $8,499.

3. ERF Dropside Lorry

Estimated Value: $9,000

For the third year in a row, the seller of this car has gone the extra mile to satisfy the buyer.
The buyer originally paid just $6,000 for The Matchbox Car, but has now asked for an additional $3,000 more for the car.

A collector recently sold his blue ERF Dropside lorry to an anonymous bidder for approximately $9000.

The lorry is one of the few Matchbox collectibles which really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really worth a lot of money. It’s a rare one.

2. Opal Diplomat (1966)

Estimated Value: $9,000

In 1966, the Matchbox Opal Diplomat, in Sea Foam green, cost just half of a dollar on the dollar.

Even if a dealer were to give you a $9,000 valuation on a coin as old as this, it would be selling at a discount. For an example of a coin of this age and type that traded at a significantly higher price, see 1910 Morgan Silver Dollar.

These cars are not commercially manufactured. They are highly prized among Matchbox collectors and feature an opening bonnet and white interior. They also tend to have an open trunk and a lot of exposed metal sheeting in the body.

It’s never seen at auction at this level, but you never know.

1. Magirus-Deutz Crane (1961)

Estimated Value: $13,000

The most expensive Matchbox car is the Magirus-Deutz Crane.

A crane truck was found in a garage sale and was purchased for $10. It’s not clear who found it, but it is believed to have once belonged to a company that sells power tools.

The same year, an American businessman paid $20,000 for a pair of them. And in 2014, a Hong Kong buyer bought them for $20,000.

The reason for the value is unclear, but it’s probably got something to do with the price of it, its age, and condition.

And there were a bajillion people who were interested in the item, which is all that matters in the grand scheme of things.

As the Matchbox line entered its third decade, the models were often sponsored by real-world models. Matchbox introduced more than just commercial vehicles. They also produced more models of real-life vehicles, including a Ford Model A, a Chrysler Crossfire and a KMC “Kubota” tractor. This line lasted until 1976, when the entire Matchbox line was discontinued.


Although you may not have the experience with matchbox cars that we do, we hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 most expensive Matchbox cars.

And so it was that the tiny pieces of metal and plastic were worth so much money.

But the fact that Matchbox is popular is mostly thanks to its cheap, mass-produced imitations, not due to the fact that some of the original Matchboxes are considered valuable and valuable.

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