The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live In Worldwide

You, the average American needs to work for 10.7 years to achieve the same income as a single European.

No matter where you were born, if you’re not in the top 20 countries for visa-free entry, you can expect to pay for the privilege of entering a country in the top 20.

This list is based on a single person living alone on a salary and is not for anyone else.

According to statistics released by the United States Department of State, these are the cheapest countries to live in.

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The 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in Worldwide

I have also included some figures for the UK & the US because you mentioned that is the next thing you’d be working on.

– Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Australia and New Zealand are the 5 cheapest spots to live in.
– The U.S. and Canada are next, followed by the Netherlands.
– Switzerland are the most expensives, followed by Japan.

10. Cambodia

Cost: $812/Month

Cambodia is known as the country where you can get everything for cheap.

Cambodia is located in the southeast of South East Asia and is also known as Kampuchea, or the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The border area is approximately 181,035 square kilometres in area and borders Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & The Gulf Of Thailand.

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and its total population is around sixteen million people.

Cambodia’s economy is still recovering from the 2004 economic crisis, however, tourism and agriculture are the two major sources of revenue and growth. The country also has a thriving garment, electronics, and garment industries.

Cambodia is a beautiful country, so it is always worth to explore it. Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries to travel in Southeast Asia.

Cambodia has a population of 15 million people consisting of 75% rural. Roughly, about 97.7% of the population practice Buddhism and there are about 2 million Christians and some other religions.

The most common language in Cambodia is Khmer but some people also speak French, English and Chinese.

People in Cambodia are generally quite friendly.

9. Thailand

Cost: $679/Month

Thailand is the ninth most affordable country to live in worldwide.

Thailand is a country in South East Asia located in the center of South East Asia. It has 76 provinces and is considered to be a kingdom.

However, it’s the largest country in Southeast Asia, with a total area of 1,486,590km2, and a total population of over sixty-nine million.

Udon Thani is one of the most expensive cities to live in Thailand. It has some of the cheapest accommodations and apartments too.
Just look at the cost of living for an apartment in Udon Thani. $199 a month is roughly $40 a night in an Airbnb.

Thailand’s capital is Bangkok, the currency is Thai Baht and 95.1% of the population are Buddhists.

8. Malaysia

Cost: $588/Month

Next on the list is Malaysia, which costs as little as $588 a month for basic accommodation and living expenses.

Besides being a developed nation, Malaysia also has a strong infrastructure, so it is often visited by tourists and travelers.

Malaysia consist of thirteen states and three federal territories, separated by the South China Sea into two regions.

Malaysia is the big brother of the smaller islands. It is the big brother of the island of Pulau Besar.

Malaysia has approximately 31.6 million total people and Kuala Lumpur is its capital city.

When renting accommodation, you’ll have to spend around $209 a month for a 1-bedroom apartment in a city like Kota Kinabalu, or $35 a night for a temporary stay with Airbnb.

Malaysia is famous for its cheap food! You can enjoy a meal for around $1.69. Malaysian are also known for eating chicken, fish and vegetable for breakfast.

7. Mexico

Cost: $587/Month

Mexico is located in the southern part of the United States.

The U.S. borders the Pacific, Central and South American, Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf, and Mexico, as well as the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf oceans.

Mexico is the fifth largest nation in the Americas, covering approx. 2,000,000 km2, and the thirteenth largest state.

It is the most populous city in the Western hemisphere and one of the most populous cities in the world.

Mexico has a majority of Catholics and its currency is the peso.

A month in one-bedroom studio apartment that can be rented by a person or a group of four people will cost around $256 a month, or around $24 a night.

When it comes to essentials, you’re looking at spending around A$1.54 for a beer, A$1 for a coffee and A$3.10 for a meal out.

6. Peru

Cost: $543/Month

People are willing to endure a lack of a decent government in Peru for the reason that it’s so cheap.

If you’re looking for great restaurants, cheap hotels, and cheap living costs, then Spain may be the place for you.

Peru is a country located in the western part of South America. It borders, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. It has a GDP of close to $200 billion (2019).

Its current population is around 34.19 million people, spread over a total area of 1,400,000 km2.

The percentage of its population who belong to Catholicism and the percentage of its currency are the same.

Most of the homes in the city centre are located on the eastern end. This is where most of the restaurants and shops can be found. It is also home to the colonial area where many of the homes can be found. In the city centre, you’ll find a lot more activity.

Whilst at the airport you need to eat and drink. A normal size beer will cost around $1.47, a coffee is approximately $0.98 and a meal out can be as little as $2.94.

5. Argentina

Cost: $542/Month

Argentina is the fifth most-visited country on the planet, with more than 25 million tourists visiting the country each year.

It’s a city in Argentina, where the cost of living is very low, for a budget of under $540 a month you can get a comfortable place to live and cover your expenses for the whole month.

Argentine is another country in South America. It is near Uruguay.

The following are a pair of English sentences, but neither pair of English sentences are translations of each other.

It borders Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, the South Atlantic Ocean and the Drake Passage.

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and the second biggest after Brazil, with a total population of just over 44 million people and covering a mainland area of 2,780, 400 km2.

If you’re considering moving to Argentina, make sure you read all the information you need about the country, its culture, its food, and its other aspects. That way you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision about living in this country.

If you eat out will cost you around $1.70 , drink a beer will cost you around $0.80 , and buy coffee will cost you around $0.55 .

4. Vietnam

Cost: $500/Month

Vietnam is the cheapest country in the world to live, as it costs you roughly $500 a month to live in.
You can view a list of the world’s cheapest countries here. If you’re in the US, you can see a list of the worst-paying countries here.

It’s one of the most isolated nations in the world; it has the longest distance from a continental land mass.

There are an estimated 95.5 million people living in Vietnam across a total of approximately 331,212 km2.

In addition to being the capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is also the economic hub of Vietnam.

Choose the cheapest possible place to stay in Vietnam. For example, if you’re in Hanoi, you can get a studio apartment in a hostel for around $15 a night. You can find a one-bedroom apartment for around $100 a month. Or, you can get a private room in an Airbnb for around $35 a night.

All of your other essentials like food, beer and coffee will cost about $0.58 for a coffee, $0.86 for a beer and $1.73 for a meal out.

If you’re traveling to Vietnam, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that you’re probably going to find a lot for the money. You can also find some good deals on accommodation, so you won’t have to spend all your time in transit.

3. Nepal

Cost: $450/Month

The country has been described as “poorer than Peru,” and is known for the Maoist rebellion.

It is not only home to the Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth and
a popular mountaineering destination, but also contains the highest
river in the world.
The river that starts its life as the Ganges, the longest river in the world, flows through
various parts of Nepal, including the capital Kathmandu, then the
Buddhist holy city of Lumbini and finally
the country’s largest Indian city New Delhi.

It is a landlocked country in north-central Africa.
It is an oasis in the Sahara Desert.
It lies between Morocco and Libya.

Nepal is the forty-eighth most populous country, and the ninety-third largest country in the world.

Asking for $164 on Airbnb gets you a one-bedroom studio apartment in one of Nepal’s cheapest cities, Pokhara; or you’ll spend at least $23 a night in an Airbnb.

I live in London where it’s almost impossible to find decent food. The only time I eat well on a day-to-day basis is when I go to a pub.

2. Bolivia

Cost: $431/Month

Because it is a small, and landlocked country it is hard to get around.
And if you are in a real hurry, and are willing to take a flight, you can do it in just over two hours by car.

It’s current population is approximately 11,05,000 people living across a total area of 1,098,581km2.

Bolivia is made up of several different ethnic and cultural groups including Native Americans, African, White, Mestizo, and Japanese.

The Bolivian economy has grown and developed rapidly in recent years and is now the second largest in South America with a GDP approximately the size of Greece.

In most of Bolivia, Spanish is mostly spoken by the majority of the population, however, all of the indigenous languages are also spoken in Bolivia. The indigenous languages are spoken in varying degrees.

In the rest of the chapter, you’ll find some common things people have done when listing their rental in the Airbnb platform. Most of them can be done by anyone.

You can also save a lot of money if you get used to making your own meals. The typical meal in Korea is around $2, and you can easily fit a meal into your budget. You can have one of these meals every day for less than 200 won, which works out to 5 cents per meal!

1. Indonesia

Cost: $340/Month

As of now, I can live the cheapest way in the world by living in Indonesia.

Indonesia is situated in South-East Asia. It borders the Indian Ocean on the west and the Pacific Ocean on the east.

There are around 17,000 islands in Fiji, and its population is around 263 Million, making it the 4th most populated country in the world.

These areas make up the most expensive places in the world. Prices are very high and there is a lot of demand.

When you talk about prices in Indonesia, it’s actually cheaper than the prices of the other cities on the list.

The cheapest places to live in Indonesia are in small villages in remote parts of Indonesia, away from the big cities.

But places like Senggigi in Lombok can give you accommodation and living expenses for as little as $340 a month.

You’re looking at paying approximately $142 a month and for a studio apartment, or $12 a night for a hotel. I’m sorry.

The prices, though, are extremely low. One beer costs as little as $0.89 and coconut milk comes for only $0.10. Also, the prices for meals abroad are relatively cheap.

In general, Indonesia is one of the hardest working countries.


The most expensive countries on the planet to live in are the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Monaco and Brunei. However, there are many other locations in the world that are just as expensive, with the most expensive place to live in the world being the US.

If you’re from a country that has a higher quality of life than I do, sure, maybe.

Ah! I’m going to be staying in a paradise, which I’m very happy about.

You can find coconuts on the beach and drink them wherever you want. If you want to visit a particular beach, just buy a ticket for it, but don’t visit it just because you can.

These are the ten cheapest countries to live in worldwide, including countries where you do pay taxes while living there.

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