Brendan Fraser Net Worth

Brendan Fraser’s net worth is an estimated $15 million.


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Early Life 

Fraser became interested in acting while he was attending the School of Drama at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is the co-founder of the theatre company, Broken Shaker Productions, with his wife, actress and playwright, Mary Jo Catlett-Fraser.

When he was 17, he left school and moved to London, England. There, he studied at the University of Westminster’s Slade School of Fine Art, graduating in 1986.


Fraser’s film career began with a small role in the first film of the ‘Alien’ franchise, when he played “Hasta Muerte”, one of the four people who were infected with the deadly pathogen.

He made films like ‘The Twilight of the Golds’, ‘The Passion of Darkly Noon,’ ‘The Secret of Mulan’ and ‘The Last Supper’. A year later, in 1996, he did ‘The Lost Boys’. One year later, in 1998, he acted in ‘To Be’.

The movie was a hit and was praised and acclaimed for its beautiful screenplay as well as the lead performances by the two lead actors.

He began his acting career with ‘The Affair’, a show which was nominated for an ‘Emmy Award’ under the category ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series’.

In March 2018, he began playing James Fletcher Chase in the anthology series ‘Trust’, starring alongside Jennifer Garner as his younger twin sister, Jennifer.

Since being on this reality show Brendan is worth 20 million dollars.

According to Forbes, as of July this year, his net worth is around $20 Million.


There were a few highlights in the career of the actor, which was one of the most interesting characters in the 90s. The actor had great success in films such as The Mummy series and Snow White And The Huntsman, and even had a role in the Simpsons.

Favorite Quotes from Brendan Fraser 

When the punch hits a real body, you stop, your arm and fist fall to your side, and it looks like you put your whole body into it. But when you hit cardboard, the cardboard moves just a little bit, so it looks like you pulled it. And you can swing through a bunch of them, since you know where they are.

I wish I could have the 25k years of my personal family history documented in a very powerful computer or a CD-ROM that I could just pop in and my computer would never crash.

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3 Life Lessons from Brendan Fraser 

He started by getting an agent and developing his public image. Once he had a body of work, he was in a position to attract more jobs that he was good at.
He had to do hard work, and he’s not the first actor I’ve seen who’s struggled with addiction.
In the end, he’s become successful with a very low net worth.
He’s also managed to turn a failing career into a career that’s worth more than he had the first time around.

1. Fear 

Fear is an emotion that is present in all humans because we are social beings. The fear of being harmed is hard wired into us. The idea that we could be harmed by anything that cannot be seen or can’t be moved is a fundamental part of the human experience for our entire existence. This fear is a response to the awareness that we are not completely safe.

2. Emotions 

If I can’t have a feeling, I’ll just avoid all people who might bring me feelings.

3. Everyone Makes Mistakes 

This is the first time in my life that I feel like I am on the path and with purpose.


The actor, who was born in Montreal, Canada, had an interest in acting from a young age. He decided to do so while studying at the University of Western Ontario. At the time, he was studying to become an actor for the theatrical department. On another note, he received his bachelor’s degree in theatre at Western Ontario in 1986.

Since being on this reality show Brendan is worth 20 million dollars.

According to Forbes, as of July this year, his net worth is around $20 Million.

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