Can I Return Something To Walmart Without A Receipt? Walmart’s Return Policy

Walmart is one of the biggest and fastest-growing commerce platforms in the world, satisfying millions of customers. 

Like any other store, you are given a receipt to confirm your purchase, and in most cases, you can use the receipt to return an item you didn’t like.

Humans are bound to make mistakes, and you might lose the receipt for an item you want to return. 

What happens then? Will you get your money back without a receipt? Let us get deeper into the return policy and figure this out;

Can I Return Something To Walmart Without A Receipt?

Yes, you can return an item even if you lost the receipt, provided you have other documents in its place to verify your identity. 

You will need an unaltered, Government Issued photo ID since the information on the card is stored in Walmart’s database. If the item is less than $25, you can get a cash refund, but if it is greater than $25, you will be given a Walmart shopping card.

Walmart’s Official Return Policy

Walmart takes a keen interest in satisfying their customer needs. For this reason, they have a well-detailed and buyer-friendly return policy to take care of their customers.

When shopping with Walmart, you get a 90-day refund window for the items purchased. Most of the goods can be returned or exchanged for other items in the same price range at any Walmart store. 

You don’t need to go to the same store you made the first purchase; you need a receipt and the item you want to be returned. 

It is best to hold onto your receipt since it will make exchanges and refunds much simpler. You can use the Walmart mobile app to save all your receipts so that you can conveniently access them. 

You could also use Walmart pay so that the app will keep all your receipts for you. When you need to get a fresh guarantee refund, present your receipt at the store and bring the item you want to be returned. 

You could save yourself the trip to a store by starting the return in the Walmart app. You do not need to take back bakery, deli, produce items, or meat since they are perishable. 

You will get a refund and keep the products if there is a problem with them. Walmart can make price adjustments for up to 14 days, but there are some restrictions included.

If you made the payment with a debit or credit card, you would get a card refund as soon as you return the item. 

If you paid with cash, you would get the money back, but it gets complicated if you don’t have a receipt.

Without a receipt, you will only get a cash refund for under $25, but those above $25 will get refunded to a Walmart gift card.

Restrictions On Refunds And Returns

Most of the items will get accepted back, and your money will be given to you even if you don’t have a receipt. However, some restrictions apply and will prevent you from getting a refund, so you need to know them.

  • Ensure you save the receipt for all electronic items since you will not get a refund without a receipt. 
  • Some items like WIC and SNAP purchases, used or open air beds, open and unlocked cell phones can only be returned or exchanged in a store. You can’t return them online or using the mobile app since they require inspection.
  • Some items cannot be returned for associate and customer safety. You cannot return some sporting goods; you cannot return some pharmaceutical and health products and prescription drugs.
  • There are no returns on Pseudoephedrine products, diabetic supplies such as syringes, testers, or lancets. You cannot return laundry soap, health and beauty products, paper goods, and food.
  • If you buy a TV and you find that it is damaged or does not work, you can take it back even if the box is open, provided you have the receipt. However, if you damage it yourself, you can’t return it even if you have purchased a Walmart protection plan. 
  • You can return any recalled item bought at Walmart at any time, regardless of its condition. You will get a cash refund for it even without a receipt provided you have identification. 
  • Walmart has a plan for all products they sell, but it is best to stick within their time frame. Return any items within 90 days after the purchase.

What Happens To The Items You Return To Stores?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the items you take back to the store? There are other items that sellers hold onto for a long time, but they can’t get any buyers. 

These goods go to the secondary market, and here is a chance to understand this. Companies such as Inmar take all these products and process them to sell in the secondary market. 

Truckloads of goods are shipped into and out of their warehouses every day; most are merchandise that they can’t sell or outdated seasonal products.

A third of the goods are customer returns from online purchases. Ecommerce sites return between 25 to 40% of their sales, and Inmar provides services to such companies. 

The returned goods are inspected and packaged before going back on the shelves. Some of the products are examined to be in good condition; then, they will get liquidated. 

The secondary market has doubled in the last ten years to over $600 billion. Customers on the secondary market include online sellers, outlet malls, bodegas, discount stores, and free-market vendors.

Stores like Home Buys get these products and sell them at a much lower price to their customers. Most products find buyers, and those that don’t are often donated to charity. 

How To Buy Return Pallets From Walmart

Return pallets are a collection of goods returned to Walmart or have not been sold, and Walmart needs to get rid of them.

These products are boxed and sold to sellers in the secondary market, who will then sell them at a lower price.

There are a lot of options for resellers to pick from when it comes to acquiring inventory. Return pallets are an excellent way for secondary market sellers to acquire merchandise to sell at a low price. 

No matter what company you but from, there are several pros and cons any good business person needs to consider before settling. 

The most crucial factor is the quality of goods you buy. In the past, you would have to work with a network of intermediaries who would charge more for their services. 

Now you can get high-quality merchandise from reputable retailers like Walmart for your resell business. 

Walmart is second to Amazon in online business in the US market and has 4769 stores across the country. 

About 10% of in-person sales and 30% of online sales are returned to Walmart. A large percentage can be re-sold at their stores, but some still need to be sold another way.

Only 20% of the products are damaged; the rest are returned because they look different, the wrong items, or other personal reasons. 

Walmart also moves shelf-pulls and overstock into the secondary market, and this is an opportunity for resellers.

To get the best products, you should buy the goods as close to the source as possible. is a site that allows you to purchase these products directly from Walmart. 

Direct purchases reduce the overhead and mark-up costs that come from using intermediaries.

When Walmart partners with reputable liquidation companies, you can be sure to get the best goods for the best prices. 

These companies also work together to speed up the process of purchasing and moving inventory, so you get it fast.

The faster you get the goods, the quicker you can sell them and make you money. Direct liquidation does not charge a buyer’s fee; you will pay the price you see for the pallet. You can also bid on auctions for Walmart goods to get the best goods.


Walmart allows you to return almost all the goods you buy from them within 90 days of the purchase when you have the receipt.

If you don’t have the receipt, you can still return or exchange the items if you have a valid government issued ID.

For electronics, you need to have the receipt to get a refund. If you buy a damaged product, you can return it and get a refund; however, you can’t take it back if you damage it. 

You will get a cash refund for all recalled items even without a receipt. For those in the secondary market, Walmart can be a good partner. 

You can buy the returns pallets from Walmart through companies such as Direct Liquidation to ensure you get high-quality products at a low price so that you maximize your profits. 

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