50 Kaka Quotes About Soccer & Success

I do not know what I would have done without the support of my fans. I really appreciate every single one of you.

Kaka is a retired Brazilian football player and a member of the Brazil national football team winning the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics and being named best player of the tournament.

Messi’s name is well-known around the globe because of his success on the pitch, while his charitable work has been noticed by many people around the globe. The Barcelona-based player is a regular campaigner against domestic violence.

Drea is an attacking midfielder who plays for the Italian football club ‘S.S. Lazio’. He is the first ever FIFA World Player of the Year, and won the FIFA Puskás Award in 2003 for his performance in the 2002 FIFA World Cup and 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Kaka is one of the best player in this generation. He’s the reason we love football. Also he always inspire us with his words.

50 Kaka Quotes About Soccer & Success

When I am given a gift, I am grateful. I do what I can to share it with those around me. I am thankful for God’s provision for me and I do what I can to share it with those around me.

I learned that you can’t control what happens or what people do if you’re not ready.

Mourinho’s tactics are like a chess game. He wants to win every game. And the smallest detail of his preparation in training, at the game, everything.

Kaka’s saying here seems to be pretty self-explanatory. Kaka’s life is radical. He has a family, he’s married, his children are all grown and he’s got a very solid career. Also, he has a reputation for being a really good person.

He wasn’t talking about his career, he was talking about his experience against Madrid.

Kaka thinks that he could be a Zidane, a player who stops playing and then goes back to coaching the team’s youth. I agree with Kaka. I can see myself doing the same thing.

Brazil, of course, took home the coveted trophy in 2014, but since then it hasn’t been the same, as Brazil is now being dominated by their domestic league (Gol-Mar). However, Kaka feels that the World Cup was a huge disappointment as he prepared for it really hard. He admits that the Cup held no formula for success just like the league.

 The Brazilian midfielder said that he wants to still improve.

What other footballer says that he has never been into material or material things like cars and women? Kaka isn’t saying this. He is a player who is famous for being a goal-scoring machine. His comment is about his family.

10th of 50 Kaka Quotes

The Arsenal team of Henry and Vieira made the Champions League final and became champions of England. It was the year that Arsenal won the FA Cup, too.

 Kaka said that in Italy, the coaches are very attentive to the details. They really study things, and that is a big difference here. They look at your movement, your positioning. They study you and work out how to stop you.

My family and I chose to make Milan our home, where we can enjoy our life.

Brazil’s rich and poor are not on speaking terms. They have not been able to communicate with each other. It has been tough for all Brazilians when they have been with the national team. You see people come and watch us train or play a match, and then you know some of them are going home with no food on their plates. There is a deep divide in Brazil.

The world-record fee made Kaka the most expensive player in the history of the Champions League.

It’s very difficult to maintain that you have everything because your business is going to fail. But there will be more for everyone.

Brazil has always had a strong team, the best in the world. I am a huge fan of the Brazilian football. I admire my teammates and we have a great spirit. We are strong in numbers, we all share a common goal, we all want to help each other and we work together to achieve this.

It’s a great challenge to play for Madrid.

When you’re down on yourself, it’s more difficult to imagine the success as a goal. When you’re up on yourself you’re more open to the things that can help you.

19-year-old Kaka began his career with Milan and played there for 3 years. Upon becoming a professional soccer player, Kaka was offered a contract with Real Madrid in 2001. In his first season with the team, Kaka won the European Under-21 Championship with Spain, as well as the FIFA World Youth Championships with the U-21 side. He also won the UEFA Champions league with the Real Madrid senior team in 2003.

20th of 50 Kaka Quotes

Winning for Chelsea means that the club will be able to make big signings and will be able to win trophies and win games.

I usually wear a shirt that says “I belong to Jesus” when I go to important events as a way to remind myself how much I believe in Jesus. It shows that Jesus is my best friend and my only friend.

Kaka rejected Real Madrid in 2009 and, he admitted that he could not give what he had given Milan. Kaka said that he was completely lost at Real Madrid.

Real Madrid did not manage to win the 2013/14 Liga de Campeones, which the club considers to be a big disappointment. Kaka said that Ronaldo received whistles at the Bernabeu and that Ronaldo has never won the Ballon d’Or. I don’t think he meant that Cristiano Ronaldo was getting whistles from everyone.

It takes a lot of courage to say that in Brazil it’s not normal to have that kind of relationship with an Italian club. Not only with Milan, but with almost any Italian club. It’s an incredible relationship. One of the reasons is the fact that in Italy there are many clubs playing good football. That’s why it’s very difficult to find a footballer, a player, who wants to play badly in Italy.

The future is never certain. But you can choose whether you want to be happy or sad.

 After coming back as one of the favourites to win the Ballon d’Or, Kaka has had a difficult start to his Champions League campaign, with the Brazilian side currently languishing bottom of Group C in the competition. The Real Madrid star is hoping that the birth of his first child will be a catalyst for a return to form, and he looks forward to spending more time being a part of his son’s life.

It is also notable that Kaka’s favourite moments in the Club are the ones in which he can show off his skill. A perfect example is his first game as a professional, when he took part in the 2004 World Cup Final against Argentina. He scored one of the most memorable goals of the tournament, a long-range effort that was so far from the goal he had to run twice to score.

I learned the important lessons from Mourinho, who taught me that the game was won by the smallest details of your play. I learned to win games by doing small things right.

I have good memories of Real Madrid.
Since the summer of 2001, I have had a relationship with Real Madrid that has been unique in my career. My time at Madrid and at the Bernabeu has been a great experience for me and my career.
[Transcriber’s comment]: In the original text, the phrase “since the summer of 2001” was not found anywhere in the text.

30th of 50 Kaka Quotes

Mourinho helped me develop as a player. When you have a coach who loves you, who is interested in you, who pushes you to achieve and who teaches you to be better, you will reach a high level, irrespective of if you play for Real Madrid or if you play for another team.

There’s a lot of people who believe that Kaka should have quit Inter and remained in Milan. Even if it’s the truth, it’s always difficult to follow another team’s example. Nevertheless, Kaka will always do his best.

“You should let some of that (Brazilianness) show through and help others.”

In the third and final stage of the life of a footballer, they can begin to put their mark on the game and make things their own. The best of them can make it their career.

I never say it was easy, just that I always try to achieve my objectives and be successful.

The second one is from a player interview.

In this, he is saying that he felt like he had to earn everything in life, including the ball.
This can be contrasted with Ronaldo, who seemed much more relaxed with the ball.

My feelings on the national team are simple: If the manager thinks I can play for the national team, I will be ready for the call.

He’s always grateful to the team that helped him to lift two Champions League trophies at Milan.

Kaka has overcome many difficult moments in his career.

Mourinho was difficult to deal with, and I didn’t make a good impression on him. And when I thought he might give me a chance, I didn’t prove to him that I was good enough.

Athletes are different from other people. They are driven by very strong emotions. They are often seen as unapproachable. But I believe, as Kaka has shown, that a true athlete will have the heart to connect with the people around him. I love the fact that Kaka chooses to do so through actions rather than just through words.

40th of 50 Kaka Quotes

Kaka said that he doesn’t like when things go well for him and his team because the fans and the media will criticize, he said the opposite is true when things go well for his team.

Kaka was in many teams that had talent but did not win. Those teams were on the verge of getting a title when they were dismantled and he became a champion.

In football there are great teams, and then mediocre teams. But, if you are a great team, you can win trophies again.

I want to be happy in my life and make this world a better place.

Kaka is not the only Brazilian to have left Real Madrid after winning the UEFA Champions League with them, but he is the only one who has won the World Cup and the Champions League in the same season. I do not think he will leave the club; he is already 34 years old and it seems that he has already said that he will not play in any of the major tournaments, but we will see. The fans are disappointed, but Kaka is a great professional and it is not his fault that he has left the club.

When you interview the media and appear on television, you want to be the same person that you are in life and that you are on camera.

He is going to score an individual goal in each of his last three games.

I have seen the Phenomeno (the player) do things that nobody has ever done.

Playing motivates players in the same way that a mother motivates her children to do something.

It is a cliche, but without a strong group, you lose nothing in football.


 This is a collection of Kaka’s quotes, which are inspirational and encouraging! Enjoy them and share with your loved ones.

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