How To Change Your Thinking For Huge Success

to have success, it all comes down to doing what is right even though it may not seem right. We are not perfect, but we can be forgiven for our sins if we only remember that we are all brothers and sisters. We must always give each other a chance to change their ways.

Everyone is held back by one simple reason. People are held back from achieving success because they think about the wrong things. Not just about their lives, but about themselves.

If you’re always thinking about your failures, which naturally would occur if you’re in a negative mental state, then you’re not going to be able to become successful.

We only think badly because we’re only ever going to achieve shitty things.

I will show you how to get rich in very little time with just one product that costs little.

How to Change Your Thinking For Huge Success

It matters not how much you have, but how much you think you have. It is in the mind that the body flourishes.

When you think about how you can improve yourself through new ways of thinking, new ways of being, you will find yourself in the right direction.

1. How You Feel About Your Appearance Matters

The one group is saying that they’re tired of men getting away with sexual harassment and abuse. The other group says that when it looks like he’s just as guilty, the abuser should be treated the same.

This is a statement that was made by an individual who doesn’t like something about himself (his body).

You can’t determine if someone has confidence if they are walking with a confident posture because they have to act in a certain way for your benefit (i.e. in a certain way to demonstrate their confidence).

When you feel good about yourself, your thoughts become positive.
When you are negative and upset, your thoughts become negative and you feel negative.
If you feel good, you feel confident.
If you feel negative, you feel insecure.
You feel confident only when you feel good about yourself.

2. Posture Changes Self-Perception

I’ve gleaned from several articles that how we sit, move around, and walk somehow influences our thinking.

Then I looked at a computer screen and read my own reflection in a window. I didn’t see any difference in my experience with the reflection and the computer; I still perceived a sense of the distance between myself and the reflection.

I kept trying to walk more energetically. I would sometimes be tired. So I would straighten up and walk more energetically.

And that was okay, but then I took selfies on a train station platform with lots of people, some with silly faces and some with sincere smiles.

There are so many things that people can do to make themselves feel happier, like exercising, or not abusing drugs or alcohol, or having a healthy diet. But a big part of it is just feeling good about ourselves.

The bottom line is that there is a direct correlation of how much we think about how we feel to how much we feel, whether we like that or not.

3. Talk to Yourself and Rephrase Your Thoughts

“If you love your country, die for it”.

When you are in a negative mindset, you create negative vibes and this will reflect in your life. You can’t change your inner monologue and you can’t control others. But you can create positive vibes and you can control your own actions and your own mind.

 We are the sum total of our choices.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.  Most of the time we donâ€(tm)t know what we are doing.  Donâ€(tm)t blame others or yourself.  Just know you are the only one in control.  No one else can make you feel more than you already are.

I know that the greatest enemy of success is the negative thinker. But the greatest asset of success is the positive thinker. But I must not fall into the trap of listening to the negative and destructive thoughts that plague me. Instead, I will always listen to the positive thoughts of the world that can be heard.

4. Accept That There Are No Real Limitations

It is foolish to share your plan with someone before you come to a conclusion, but you should never stop dreaming.

I don’t know, I was just trying to be a kid about it.

The time we were all happy together.

Even though we thought we could fly our cardboard boxes across the galaxies, we live in the now and deal with the reality of the moment. And don’t let our self-limitations creep in and box us in.

You might be just one handshake, one investor, one viral video away from taking the world by storm. Believe in yourself.

When you dream big, you are thinking big, and this attracts huge success.

5. Redefine How You Think of Huge Success

But if you want to define huge success by the number and quality of people who can be reached by your efforts, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

In the beginning of making a film such as The Boy Who Lived, we all had a pretty clear vision of what that film should be and we were pretty excited to create the project.

If you want more subscribers, you could be the one that changes the attitudes of millions of people, influencing them to go on to live better, more fulfilling lives. Yes, money matters. Huge success matters.


* The way you think is the way you do
* The way you do is the way you act
* The way you act is the way you talk
* The way you talk is the way you think
* The way you think is the way you work
* The way you work is the way you live
* The way you live is the way you play
* The way you play is the way you think.

I hope you enjoyed the article!

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