Do Liquid Gels Work Faster? Here’s The Best Answer 

Oral medication is one of the most widely used forms of treatment. Capsules are a type of oral medication with an outer shell covering.

When taken orally, capsules break down in the digestive tract. There are two types of capsules, such as the hard and the liquid gel capsules. Liquid gels are liquid coated with gelatin or pullulan.

Now, let’s jump right back at the question. 

Do liquid gels work faster?

Yes, liquid gels work faster than hard capsules.

The body breaks down its nutrients to liquid form before it can absorb it. Liquid gel is already in liquid form.

So, when you ingest liquid gels, the body will break down the gelatin and absorbs its content.

The body can absorb every single nutrient the capsule provides. So the active ingredients in the capsule begin to work immediately. 

As a result, the liquid gel is faster than any other oral medication and more powerful.

It is essential to note that liquid gels wear off faster than other oral medications.

To know more about liquid gels, continue reading.

Characteristics And Advantages Of Liquid Gel

Liquid gel is a semi-transparent capsule with a gelatin coating covering the contents. Gelatin is a kind of protein gotten from animals.

Its content is in liquid form, which makes it easier to absorb. Faster absorption means faster cure or relief.

Irrespective of their size, they are not modeled to be broken or crushed. Liquid gels are swallowed, sucked, or chewed.

Liquid gels come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Not all liquid gels have gelatin. 

Some have hypromellose or pullulan. The source of pullulan is not animal-based.

Disadvantages Of Liquid Gels

Liquid gels have a shorter lifespan. They wear off quickly.

Liquid gels reactin a humid environment and can be unstable.

Liquid gels have gelatin-coating, which is animal-based. Gelatin-coated liquid gels are therefore unsuitable for vegetarians.

Liquid gels are more expensive to manufacture and purchase. 

The doses for the capsule are unlike tablets. You will need to take more to get effective results.

So it is safe and has been around for decades.

Various Forms Of Taking The Liquid Gel

Liquid gels come in different types.

#1. Liquid gels

 that are chewable

You chew this type of liquid gels to release the nutrients from the flavored coating.

#2. Suckable liquid gels

You suck this type of liquid gels to release its contents.

#3. Twist-off liquid gels

Twist-off liquid gels come with a twistable tag. You will twist it to get its nutrients.

#4. Meltable liquid gels

This type of liquid gel has a coating of meltable material. This material can melt at room temperature. Meltable liquid gels have specific uses.

Composition Of The Liquid Gel Shell

The liquid gel shell contains three major components, water, gelatin, and plasticizer.

Other components may include colorants, opacifiers, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Commonly used preservatives include potassium sorbate; and methyl, ethyl, or propyl hydroxybenzoate.

Colorants improve the look of the capsule. Opacifiersreduce the intensity of penetrating light. 

Sweeteners improve the taste of liquid gels. Preservatives prevent bacteria growth during storage.

Do you know that you can make your liquid capsule? Read on to find out.

How To Make Liquid Gels

Making your liquid gel gives you an added advantage. You get to include any additive you want. You can add vitamins or herbs.

Firstly, get the gelatin shell. You can find it in pharmaceutical stores.

 The gelatin shell should be big enough to hold the liquid but small enough for easy swallow.

Secondly, you have to open up the shell. The shell has two halves. One half is bigger than the other. So they lock easily.

Thirdly, transfer the liquid into a medicine dropper. Place the tip of the dropper to the capsule.

Fourthly, squeeze out the liquid from the dropper into the smaller cap. Slip in the big half into the smaller half, and lock it up. There you have it.

Remember to store your capsules in an air-tight container.

Abuse Of Liquid Gels

Taking drugs without the proper prescription of a certified doctor is inappropriate.

Drug abuse is prevalent in our world today. As pleasant as liquid gels are, abuse is possible.

Below are the various ways people liquid gels.

#1. Continuation of drugs even after the specified period of consumption

Liquid gels are expensive, so some patients continue to take it until it finishes, even after the prescribed days.

#2.Taking liquid gels between doses

Some people have the habit of taking drugs more often in a day beyond the prescribed daily dosage. 

This behavior is due to the erroneous feeling that taking more drugs means faster and quicker action.

#3. Taking excess dosage

Others take more than the prescribed dosage at a time. Sometimes, they exaggerate the symptoms to get more prescription drugs.

Others obtain the same prescription from more than one doctor. 

#4. Modifying medication

Some people alter the medication and take it as it suits them.

Benefits Of Liquid Gels

#1. Liquid gels improve bio-availability and efficacy

Bio-availability is the ability of a drug to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. The properties of a drug determine its bio-availability.

Liquid gels are absorbed into the bloodstream to produce quick and timely action.

#2. Liquid gels contain healthy nutrients from various sources

The capsules may appear small, but they carry a lot of nutrients for the body.

These nutrients may be in liquid, semi-solid, gel, or paste form. Regardless of the type, liquid gels are highly nutritious. 

#3. Liquid gels can suit your needs

Human needs differ. So, liquid gels can cater to these various needs. Some gels digest faster in a particular location in the gastrointestinal tract.

#4. Liquid gels have options suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians

If you are a vegetarian, you can go for the liquid that supports your dietary plan. These are not from animal products.

Non- vegetarians also have a wide range of options that will help improve their health.

#5. Liquid gels improve overall skin tone and healthy hair growth

Liquid gels accelerate collagen production.

Collagen helps to keep the skin from wrinkles and tightening.

The protein contained in the gelatin helps improve healthy hair growth and reduces breakage.

#6. Liquid gels are safe to use

Liquid gels are safe for human consumption. They are either made of animal or cellular properties.

There are no chemicals involved, so you don’t have to worry about having side effects. The preservatives used are not harmful to the human body.

There is little or no reaction to it in your stomach.

#7. Liquid gels come air-tight

Liquid gels come air-tight. 

Proper sealing protects liquid gels from compromise. External factors like light and air cannot penetrate.

These properties ensure that the contents are safe and can have an extended shelf-life.

The liquid gel shell is fragile. The contents leak out when the outer shell is compromised.

You cannot crush liquid gels. Potential abuse via crushing and injecting is not possible with liquid gels.

#8. Liquid gels are smooth and easy to swallow

Liquid gels are not only colorful, but they are also very smooth.

This property makes them appealing to the eye and easy to swallow, unlike other capsules with rough skins.

#9. Liquid gels have a pleasant taste

Many people avoid swallowing drugs because of the unpleasant taste and smell. Liquid gels eliminate this fear with their pleasant taste.

#10. Liquid gels keep your bones healthy

Liquid gels contain components that aid bone development. 

Generally, liquid gels supply essential nutrients necessary for the overall functionality of the body.

Some Precautions To Take Before Taking Liquid Gels

Liquid gels are safe to use. They have little or no side effects. These side effects disappear after a while.

However, before you take any liquid gel medication, some precautions are recommended.

#1. Get your doctor or pharmacist informed of any allergies

Ensure your doctor or pharmacist is aware of any allergies you might have. It is necessary to protect yourself from any possible allergic reaction.

#2. Inform the doctor or pharmacist of your medical history 

The thing is, if you have a drug/alcohol abuse history, it will help to inform your doctor. Some people have developed substance use disorder with regards to certain drugs.

#3. Pregnancy precaution

It’s essential for pregnant women to inform their doctors of their state before taking any liquid gel. Some medications pass into breast milk and may affect the unborn child.


Liquid gels are capsules coated with gelatin or pullulan. They work faster than hard capsules because their rate of absorption is high.

They are healthy for human consumption with little or no side effects. They also provide options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

They contain adequate nutrients that help in the healthy build-up of every part of the body. The liquid gel shell is composed of water, gelatin, and plasticizer.

Other components may include colorants, opacifiers, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Colorants enhance the look of the capsule. Opacifiers reduce the intensity of penetrating light. Sweeteners enhance the taste of liquid gels. Preservatives prevent bacteria growth.

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