Amanda Cerny Net Worth

She is the CEO of a $100 million hedge fund. She went to Harvard Business School. She has over $150 million of her own money invested in the market with her own money. She is the daughter of a billionaire and so she has a lot of money and that gives her an opportunity to make a lot of money. Her net worth is over $100 million.


In July of 2022, Amanda Cerny’s net worth will reach roughly 8 million dollars.

Amanda has been in the news a lot lately, and her reputation has become somewhat tarnished.

She was nominated as one of the best actresses of all time in the movie ‘Taken 3’ and is all set to star in the movie ‘The House’. She has worked in almost all types of movies & TV shows and has gained a very well-acclaimed reputation.

Early Life

During his highschool years Amanda Cerny’s career in the entertainment industry started developing. He later moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his career. He is currently working in the entertainment industry.

She is most comfortable as the lead in a film or on stage. She has a sister named Samantha. She has been in a relationship with musician Johannes Bartl since 2017.


After receiving high grades at Florida State University, Cerny joined it to study International Affairs. Later, and in between university classes, she became interested in working for Playboy after she saw the picture of Miss October 2008.

After finishing her education she wanted to show off her growing breasts and started sending photos of her body to Playboy.

For her Miss October title, she spent 4 months in Los Angeles, and had 2 shoots with top photographers. She had a photo shoot with her boyfriend and another with a group of men in LA. She also had a photoshoot topless in New York. In September 2011, she was chosen to be Miss September 2011 by the magazine. She appeared on the cover of the magazine. She got 3 more appearances on the cover of the magazine. She’s not a professional model per se, but she’s very photogenic.

Amanda’s videos, ‘5 Rules Eating Banana’ and ‘Bitch I’m Hungry,’ which she posted on YouTube, have received over 12.1 million views, over 2.5 million likes, and over 2 million shares.

Samantha also has an upcoming role in the psychological thriller film ‘The First’ alongside Jessica Chastain, Guy Pearce, and other actors.

Amanda Cerny’s net worth is approximated to be $8 Million USD.

Amanda Cerny makes a lot money because she’s very famous. She has an estimated net worth of $8 million.


She’s worked in production on a number of television shows including Lost, The Vampire Diaries, Mad Men and the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival. She’s also worked on a number of feature films including Superbad, The Brothers Bloom and Easy A.

Favorite Quotes from Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny started training with Bruce Lee in 1996. Before she joined the CIA’s Special Activities Division, Cerny was employed as a talent agent. She was the manager for artists such as Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, and the Backstreet Boys. After being recruited by the CIA, Cerny has been working as an analyst/consultant for the Division.

One of the greatest actresses alive would be featured! Drew Barrymore was the first girl to ever be featured in a Playboy centerfold, and Amanda was selected to be the featured Playboy centerfold model!

Amanda Cerny said that she didn’t know social media was a thing back then, so she started creating content just for her Instagram account. She said she didn’t expect it to make her any money, but it would prove her ability to create good content.

3 Life Lessons from Amanda Cerny 

It’s no secret that wealth can be attained differently depending on the era you live in. Amanda Cerny is another example of people of that era making it rich.

1. Finding Your Passion is Important

Your passion can only be developed or cultivated as long as you have a strong sense of principles and desires.

2. Relationships Matter

Actions must be taken in order for the relationship to be successful. To be successful in a relationship, both people must contribute to–and receive something from–the relationship.

3. You Don’t Need Everyone to Like You


She is also known for creating the Youtube challenge called “Thug Notes”.
She is currently a part of the YouTube sketch group called “The Fine Bros”.

Her videos are known for their quirky and comedic content. She started her channel in 2011 and has only been making content for less than a year. She is among the celebrities whose vlog got deleted from YouTube but was taken back due to the petition of the creators.

With Amanda’s increasing popularity, her Instagram account continues to get bigger. It now has a total of 22.8 million followers.

Amanda Cerny’s net worth is approximated to be $8 Million USD.

Amanda Cerny makes a lot money because she’s very famous. She has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

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