Angelina Jolie Net Worth

Angelina Jolie’s net worth according to the site Celebrity Net Worth is $50 million.


She began making money when she was 17 years old when she starred in “Lone Survivor” and became the highest paid actress in the world.

Angelina Jolie is a well known Hollywood actress, producer, humanitarian and director. She has played roles in blockbuster movies like Wanted, Mr and Mrs Smith and Salt.

Angelina Jolie had made her debut in the film ‘Gia’, which gave her an opportunity to portray a character in the film and then win an Academy Award. She has directed several films, which includes ‘Unbroken’ and ‘By the Sea’.

Early Life

She is the eldest of four siblings, three brothers and a sister. The youngest is from her mother, and the rest are from her father. She has a twin sister named Shiloh, six years younger, and three brothers.

The actress has an impressive resume and has worked on several TV shows. She was also named People Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive back in 2006.


Gia, for which Angelina Jolie received Best Actress Golden Globe Award, is based on the short tragic life of Model Gia Marie Carangi. Angelina Jolie is very popular and most of her movies are hits in the box office. Her movies are in the list of the highest grossing movies of all time.

In 2011, Angelina Jolie played an adventurer in the Tomb Raider movie franchise. She played a married couple in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ and in the ‘The Good Shepherd’, and another married couple in ‘World of Tomorrow’ and ‘Beowulf’.

Actress, philanthropist and humanitarian Angelina Jolie has been working hard to help refugees all over the world. In 2001, she was appointed a UN goodwill ambassador. Jolie has made headlines for her work to obtain aid for refugees in Cambodia, Darfur, and Jordan, to name just a few.

An award for her humanitarian work was given by the UN association of the USA. She has continued to work for the rights of the oppressed and the cause of peace.

Angelina Jolie, 42, has been working in the film industry for more than 20 years. She has won critical acclaim for many of her films and was nominated for an Academy Award for ‘A Mighty Heart’ in 2003.

Angelina Jolie is an actress and director. She has earned $120 Million from her career as an actress and director.


Angelina Jolie is an American actress. She is best known for starring in Tomb Raider, The Tourist and Maleficent.

Favorite Quotes from Angelina Jolie

I love being alive. I love feeling free. I wish I could keep the freedom to do whatever I want without giving up my life.
However. I don’t like being a slave to someone else, and I can’t live in your cage. So I’d rather be dead.

”Every parent feels that way when they become parents. They want to do well for their children. They want to love them. They want to keep them happy. They want to be good parents. They want to give them their best. Of course, you want to be a good mother. You want to be a good father.

Angelina Jolie’s quote says that your current actions matter. They lead to where you’re going. Don’t regret mistakes in the past because you can’t change them, and don’t regret making a current decision because you don’t know what will happen. Commit to doing the best you can, and see what happens. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean you didn’t do the best you could.

Angelina Jolie is a very talented and successful actress.

3 Inspirational Lessons from Angelina Jolie

 What can we learn from Angelina Jolie’s success?  Well, for one, she is known for her strong belief in nature and healthy living.  She is also known for her openness about her body and her health.

Also, she doesn’t wear make-up and she doesn’t wear a wig.

1. Life Comes With Many Challenges

In this instance, I think we should look at the ones we can not take on and how we can take control of them.

2. Life is Full of Obstacles and Troubles

To get our life back on track, we have to solve our problems. And that is what we will try to do, through the use of the tools and techniques that I am about to teach you.

3. Past Never Defines Your Present

The old should leave you and not you should leave the old, for you to be fresh and new in the present. But, if you wish to stay with your old things or people, you will miss out on the beautiful present.


Angelina Jolie is an actress and director of the movie Maleficent. She made her acting debut in 1995 with the movie By the Light of the Moon and made her directorial debut in 1996 with the movie In the Land of Blood and Honey.

There were no major changes in Angelina Jolie’s net worth this year. She has a net worth of $120 Million. She has a net worth of $120 Million this year.

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