20 Powerful Ksi Quotes

KSI was a famous youtube content creator and rapper, a British YouTuber who gained a lot of popularity and fame.

He is a top subscribed Youtuber and he has a channel with more than 20 million subscribers, the video views are 4 billion.

His first two fights, which were a pair of amateur white-collar tournaments, were both in 2006 and both he won. The third bout was a professional fight with a future legend of the sport, Juan Manuel Marquez.

These two fights were watched by over one billion people across the world. However, the second fight, where KSI became a professional boxer, was the most watched video in YouTube history.

These amazing words and phrases are attributed to Kris Jenner. She has been named the most powerful and influential woman in the world by Time Magazine for the 4th year in a row.

20 Powerful KSI Quotes 

There were highs and lows but he managed to come out on top.

“In the building I was stuck in I wasn’t really into school.” KSI said this about his school time. He was also not very involved in school. He had to cram his knowledge for what he didn’t really care for. But on YouTube, he found an outlet to share what he wanted and create it.

He said that he was known for his FIFA videos. Now that he is known for that, he doesn’t care if it is known that he is the ambassador of FIFA on Youtube.

KSI began uploading videos to YouTube when he was just 16-years-old. He had just discovered how to manipulate video-editing software and had also gained access to recording equipment.

KSI is very intelligent, and he knows what he wants. He says he wants to make sure that he has enough money to live during the time when he will be doing YouTube. He is also aware that doing Youtube is something that will not last forever and that he will need to be able to afford other things in the future.

KSI: I am a new entrepreneur. Now I want to do a business on YouTube. YouTube is my channel but I was excited by YouTube again and ready to start a music career. I am a new entrepreneur. Now I want to do a business on YouTube. That’s why I am looking for an investment partner.

The following are the detailed translations of all his interviews and interviews with other media.

[Translation]: In April 2013, he started streaming his shows on YouTube.

If you’re having any kind of trouble with the internet, simply block the person and move on. And if you like to meet people from the internet, make sure you do research on the person that you want to have a date with.

8th of 20 KSI Quotes

There’s no better way to put it than this. I’m a 21-year-old who’s a millionaire through gaming, vlogging, and my online experience.

10. KSI said he was told he needed to go to university, which the rapper did not go to.

KSI just wants to be a brand now. He feels that his name is synonymous with esports. He used to be an underground, not that KSI was a nobody. His name was known in some circles because he was the best known online gamer. But it was all underground, in the shadows. He started to rise and, in 2015, he became well known. He became well known to the general public and gained credibility. At that time, he felt that he was ready to start making music and to make a brand in general.

KSI’s life was going downhill after his last appearance on the MTV World Series of Gaming. This was his chance to make a comeback and he was able to do so. He began his career as a professional gamer and became good at beating other players.

I wasn’t really very happy with my path back then. I was so young when I started out, so I had no clue on what I wanted to do. With YouTube, I was pretty lucky, so I started to earn some money.

KSI grew up watching his uncle and learned how to deal with his own business through life experiences.

KSI is probably the most successful and most followed gamer in the UK, currently holding a massive following of 2.1million. He has been signed to a huge deal with YouTube channel OVO.

18th of 20 KSI Quotes 

KSI also mentioned that he did not create any content for four months and he went to the gym to work out. He also worked on his YouTube channel and other stuff like that.

That’s the only game I’m spending half of my time thinking about. For the rest of my life, at least 90% of my time is going to be dedicated to playing FIFA.

I was a teenager when I was 16, KSI grew up to become one of the greatest eSports competitors. He is a former record-breaking gamer, which earned him millions. KSI and Joe Weller from Team Alpha Male were the first mixed martial artists to earn a million dollars in one year.


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