7 Ways To Tell People The Truth Without Hurting Their Feelings

We refuse to talk to people. I find it very difficult to get people to understand me.

I could not tell you how many times we have been forced to choose between getting the job done and not upsetting somebody.

You are not alone, and I know that you are not an angry person when you are not angry.
In fact, I know that you are a great person and that you are actually very upset that some people are trying to make it harder for you to be angry.
People who are angry at the world and angry at the way society works sometimes think that they will feel better if they make everyone else feel bad.

These are people who have love for their neighbors, and who are kind and gentle toward people.

7 Ways to Tell People the Truth Without Hurting Their Feelings

I’ve been asked this a million times! Here’s what I do, you gotta remember a lot can be said with a smile! If you are struggling to answer or ask a question about something a lot of people won’t like, try a few different ways around it. Be friendly but not syrupy, don’t be overly blunt but don’t be too diplomatic. That’s how I usually approach it.

Here’s 7 ways to start telling the truth and spare people’s feelings at the same time.

1. Build Relationships Built on Truth

I can see why many of these relationships are built on lies because people think they are doing the right thing by lying.

As a former Republican, I now favor civil unions. This is not the same as marriage. Marriage is between one man and one woman, who have been together for a very long time (as far as I know, at least). Civil unions can be same-sex or two heterosexuals. Civil unions do not have the benefits that marriage has (tax benefits, inheritance rights, etc).

This is a very good question.

You can’t go in the future and change the present.

I realized that the truth was helping me get rid of the false self I had for decades. The next thing I realized was that I should be grateful for the true self that was awakening within me. The true self was becoming the personality I was afraid I was being when I was caught in the false self.

When you want to get what you need done to become a better person then you should have no fear of letting someone down. If you have done your best and someone is honest with you then you will respect their honesty.

If they were willing to lie to you, and if you stayed in the marriage that long, maybe they were actually telling you the truth. You just didn’t believe them.

Truth is the real foundation but it’s not the only one and we have to work with the others to make them part of it.

You will never be able to change the truth. The truth always comes out. The best thing to do is to put yourself in a place where you can defend yourself against the truth. If the truth is that you are not fit to lead, the truth will eventually come out. If it really is the truth, tell your friend that you will pray for her but that you do not believe in the supernatural.

Build relationships with people based on honesty.

2. Be a Consistent Truth Teller

When the Olympics comes, millions of people sitting on their couches eating cake are thinking that they could out run, out swim and generally outperform every athlete out there.

So I’m not sure that I am able to provide an example of a situation where this kind of “thinking” is a bad thing, but I can tell you that it is absolutely normal, the kind of self-doubt you feel when you think you might not be as good as other people.

But I know a truth not taught or seen on television. Only one to one direct with their own spirit or the power of God. The Bible was given as a direct answer to the problems of the world. The Bible has answers to every question of our lives.

3. Redirect

A good relationship can only be built on honesty and the sharing of truth. When we lie we hurt others and keep secrets we will end up regretting it forever.

You can help them find the silver lining in some disastrous situation. And you can help them move from grief to healing. In all situations, you can help them move from grief to healing.

4. Be Humble

You can’t always tell the truth and be liked.

How about you, the next person who tells me I’m wrong, I will punch you in the neck.

So this is the situation. The wife and the friend have confirmed the cheating, the wife’s boyfriend now has to confront his wife about this and, for me, that’s a sign of weakness. I was surprised by a girl’s power, I thought she was just a housewife but in fact she’s got a lot of power over her man and she’s ready to use it.

Love is there all the time. If you are afraid to be loving, then you are afraid of love.

The fear that you say you feel for expressing love is called “fear of love”!

When you know the truth, control your emotions and plainly, with sincere care in your voice share the truth. This is not the time to lie and manipulate. Yes you will be misunderstood and attacked.

The root canal was performed in a delicate manner and as much compassion as possible was given.

Para: the root canal is a procedure to remove diseased tissue from the inside of the tooth, and to disinfect it.

When we give people who are in need something of value, that is a form of generosity that has value in itself.

5. Use Story

For the person you are working with you can use a story line to help expose the truth of what you are doing to them.

For example, if someone has said “I need a break from you” and you decide to ask “Well, what are you worried about?” then you can see that the person is hiding something behind the statement.

I used to get really frustrated by these kids and would sometimes get angry at them. This was especially true when we were at school or if I had a problem at home. But as I look back at this time now I see it was part of my learning about being a parent.

In fact, because of the pain the man would wake up early and go to work in the fields. He was so anxious about the pain that he was constantly worrying. This made him even more anxious.

I was told to be quiet by several people, after I tried to remind someone that all of these people were making the same choice. We then went out to eat for the rest of the evening.

6. Guard Your Non Verbal’s:

Over time I have met some folks who have a powerful poker face when it comes to hiding their true feelings. People who can laugh through their pain.

…and that’s the truth about everyone; most folks loosen up too much and expose what they are really thinking.

Keep in mind that you are sharing information and not giving a hug. The goal is simply to be honest with yourself and the other person. One technique is to gently touch your own arm as if you were stretching for a hug. Another is to smile, raise your eyebrows, tilt your head, move closer, and perhaps even let out a soft laugh.

If you want to talk about something, you have to make it very clear that you’re not talking about how you are feeling.

7. Share the Truth Over Food & Fellowship

When you have food and fun at your table, you can tell your truth without worrying about the consequences.

Create an atmosphere that is light, comfortable, and relaxed. Give the person to whom you are sharing truth an opportunity to talk without interruptions and to tell their stories as they see it. Provide a supportive space so that truth can be shared, and be a servant to this person with empathy and care.


Love without truth is really only lust or anger.

Truth is a powerful tool. It can prevent or reduce embarrassment or painful situations because it requires the receiver of information to evaluate the situation.

I can be happy, and I’ll be a good boy and not do such things any more.

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