35 Famous Mark Twain Quotes To Inspire You

Mark Twain is also known by his full and proper name as Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

It says that he was born in 1835 and died in 1910 in California, USA. It is also written that he was a novelist, an author, and an essayist.

You can find the collection on the internet and the Kindle.

35 Famous Mark Twain Quotes

 The world is a stage, and if we want to be successful we need to act like we have a purpose.

We’ve all heard the words spoken by great leaders and politicians.

Having a plan and getting started is a great strategy to achieve your goals.

I don’t know that many great quotes, so it’s better to just quote me, I mean, myself.

I’ve been giving up cigarettes for years. And it is the easiest thing in the world.

To cheer people up is always a good thing. Try to smile, even in the face of adversity.

The secret of a successful life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside of you.

Not everyone’s eyes are as sharp as they once were. Sometimes you need to use your imagination to get the job done.

9th of 35 Mark Twain Quotes

Truth is stranger than fiction. But it’s because fiction has to stick to possibilities. Truth is more flexible than that.

The last sentence is slightly off, though, as it doesn’t match the preceding line.

There are two types of people. People who actually accomplish things, and people who, on the Internet, claim to have accomplished things. The latter group is less crowded.

I remember when I was younger, I could remember anything whether it had happened or not.

When you are first learning a language, the first words you learn to say are the most important and easiest to learn. Learn the “big frog”, it will do you good. Once you understand the first two, the other words are easy to understand.

When Mark Twain said “The world owes you nothing” he meant that everybody in the world was born with all of his or her basic needs met, including basic health, education and shelter. The world provides for you and will continue to provide for you so long as you live in it. You have a responsibility to live responsibly in the world.

Do the right thing and it will astonish you. It will gratify some people and make some people angry.

The character of a person may be learned by seeing her with what words she prefers to speak.

I do not understand the point of this quote as it does not make much sense.

It is better to learn from a good book than to have an opinion from a book.

18th of 35 Mark Twain Quotes

In children, you find the most interesting information. They tell you all they know, and then stop.

I think what Mark Twain is trying to say here is that, while thousands of geniuses may live unappreciated, if they were to die or never be recognized as such, the world would be much poorer.

The saying makes sense, because I think everyone could agree this is true. With the current state of the world, all people need is ignorance, and confidence. We need to believe what we want to see. And what we believe, we become. If we don’t have confidence that we can make the changes we’ve wanted, we will never succeed.

If you live life to the fullest, you will have nothing to fear. If you are afraid of death, then you have never lived a life worth living.

Age is something we have to face in life, but it is not something we have to put too much stress on. We can control our thoughts and the way we look at things.

I don’t know about the deaf and the blind but I do know that kindness is a language everyone can understand.

Money is the root of all evil. If you don’t have any money, you can’t do anything. I know that is true.

25th of 35 Mark Twain Quotes

Even if you don’t like the truth you can still get by with the right lies.

The clothes you wear play a major part in the way people perceive you. If you dress in a way that is deemed appropriate for the time, you will attract the kind of attention that you actually want. However, if you dress in a way that is deemed inappropriate, you will be perceived as a bad person by others.

The biggest dog in the fight is your opponent, and I need to find ways to beat him.

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I think you’re supposed to be able to change this…

I learned something new about my cats by the tail.

When the word “can” is modified by an adjective, then the adjective modifies not the verb “can”, but the thing that “can”.

A birth and a funeral are emotional experiences. They are not the objects of joy and grief. Joy and grief is felt by a party involved in the event.

31st of 35 Mark Twain Quotes

People, as a race, are not willing to stand up for themselves. So, instead of doing something about it, they choose to just sit there and let it happen.

This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. The first thing you should do is check your facts. If you can’t check your facts, then you’ve got no business trying to distort them.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered to you. You can’t do it when you are busy.

Communication is a key to any business: a conversation between two people who have nothing in common, and not even to be understood by one another, is the most profitable interaction of the year.

We will have a happy life because we can enjoy the climate; we will have an unhappy life because we will have to interact with people.


When I looked at the list of Mark Twain quotes, I found that some of them really make me think. If you’re a fan of Mark Twain, share the best quotes from the list in the comments below. We’ll add it to our list of favorite quotes.

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