21 Exhilarating Tyler The Creator Quotes

Tyler is one of my favorite rappers. There are a lot of rappers that I like, and Tyler is one of them. I’ve always liked him, even when he was doing stuff that didn’t work. He always had some sort of good message behind it.

American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and video director, He was born in Irvine, California, the son of Scott and Angela Griffin.

Tyler Perry is an American film, televison, and stage actor, producer, director, and writer who is regarded as the leading figure in the black film industry and the creator of the Tyler Perry’s House of Pies film franchise.

In this collection, you will find quotes by Tyler the Creator.

21 Tyler the Creator Quotes 

Tyler The Creator said that he wasn’t a fake hipster and that his fans weren’t fake hipsters, and that he didn’t want to be associated with hipsters.

Tyler The Creator sells his soul to the devil for 30% off. He sells himself to emo kids and to people who walk around pissed off.

Tyler the Creator says that if this was a game, he would be considered a legend, and he isn’t trying to gas you up like Chevron. But he is high as f**k, bitch. You really need to get on his leverage.

I was taught not to judge a person by age, rather by the quality of their soul. And it’s never wise to judge a book by it’s cover, or a person by their appearance. Instead it’s better to judge people by their rage.

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The only person who can make a Grammy ceremony a success is Tyler The Creator and this quote perfectly sums up who he is in a sentence. This person only thinks of the positive and makes sure that his friends and family are included. Just as he does not allow himself to be offended by others, he does not allow others to offend him. He is just that kind of person!

He really does hate his father. But this isn’t like the usual father/son drama.

As if his music and artistry isn’t enough, here’s another Tyler to add to the list.

Tyler The Creator’s “Yonkers” is a call to arms for the hip hop scene against the NYPD.

10. “I bet you’ve never seen a pig fly.” Well, you haven’t been looking through my eyes.

Tyler The Creator is a hip-hop artist from Los Angeles, California. He raps over beat by producers, and sings over other artists’ beats. He is a graduate of the Los Angeles Creative Arts Center.

Tyler the Creator is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. He began his career in 2004 as a member of the group Odd Future. In September 2010, he released his debut studio album, Bastard.

It takes a minute to be a true artist. You have to be very angry and very misunderstood. There are only a few that can be at their best, and that don’t give a f**k. Some people have to give a f**k and not give a f**k at the same time. And that’s Tyler.

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I’m sure they’ve all seen this before, but it’s always nice to see a few upvotes.


I noticed that your paraphrase is not really correct, but it’s really off-topic, so I’ll let it slide. Instead I’m going to point out the problems with mine.

Music is my first love, but I contemplate divorce. You make men sing songs, women sing songs. You make people sing songs and make flowers sing, say turn green, yellow.

I can’t believe you’re still writing like this! Get off your ass and start working! And as for me I’m so rich, I’ll never have to work again.

We can make music that is not meant to make sense but it does.

I have lived my life by following the rules, or at least trying to. But now I want to live my life to its fullest. The people who have lived the most beautiful lives have done so by not following the rules and fucking up the system.

I’m not in control of how I grow, but the truth is I want to grow up. I want to be an adult, but I’m going to stay a child. I want to be a grown-up but I don’t want to grow up, just grow.
I’m trying to be a grown-up but I’m still a child.

Tyler the Creator’s mother was very unhappy with his early success because he wasn’t her son. He didn’t have her drive and ambition. He was just a kid with no future.

  In 2010, Tyler The Creator released “The College Dropout.” It came on the heels of Odd Future’s previous album, “The Odd Future Tape.” The album was successful in breaking Odd Future out of the underground and the album itself went platinum in it’s first week of release. Tyler has since become a key force for a youth movement in underground hip-hop.


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