6 Signs You’ve Become Comfortable With Average

Being average and doing what one does in life is the norm in the world we live in. You may get called out for not being average but when you know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at and what you can improve on, you have a goal in mind and a direction in which to go.

When I hit the wall in the company I had worked for, I got really busy trying to pay the bills, but I didn’t stop to think about it. I just kept going through the motions. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, or where I was going. I just kept my head down and kept pushing.

So that the money men would be satisfied and then they would be able to go to their meetings with the bankers and the bankers would be more inclined to lend money because they would want to see their money returned to them and not to us.

The best thing is to make sure to make a list of all the signs that you’ve become comfortable with your average!

1) Awake when You Need to be Awake, no Earlier

It’s the same kind of thing.

We all know that we need to work on ourselves, and for that we need to find time. We have to make time for ourselves so that we don’t feel unfulfilled.

When you wake up earlier, you have an extra hour in the day to sell your website/social media campaign to the public. And when you have a full time Job, every single hour counts.

2) Start to Care Less About Anything You own

People buy cheap cars to get them from A to B.

The difference above isn’t merely a matter of how often or how long the words are repeated. I’ve repeated it at the end of a sentence, and used the same word twice, in order to make the point more clear.
Notice that in these examples, there is not any change in meaning.

When you buy something new, you don’t see it until many months down the road, and that is when you start to actually care about it.

This is a case of “pre-adaptation” or “pre-adaptive” evolution.

In terms of the car, it’s a cheap run around, but it’s more than that, it’s a way to make money off of the government. They’re playing a game and the American people are the player, and it’s all a game to them because they’re comfortable with the uncomfortable because they don’t care.

3) Been in Your Job for 3 Years with Little Progress

The first day on the job is a combination of two different jobs, that is a job interview and a “trial” or “probationary” position. The trial position is where you can see if the company is good for you. The probationary period could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the company. During the probationary period, you’ll have to do a lot of things which will help you in the job you’ll enter when you’re officially hired.

One of the things I like to remind people about is that it’s not too late. If you’re only waiting for the right moment, then you might wait for the rest of your career. But if you’re just waiting for the right opportunity, then there’s no reason why you can’t act on it now.

4) Find Yourself with a lot of Free Time

When I am lounging or calling a friend I feel the need to be busy doing something. I have to do something that is more important than what I am doing currently.

The author is saying that these things are not as important as staying focused. He thinks that if you are focused on what you do then you should not worry about what you do.

When you’re really lazy and don’t have much to do, that’s when you should try to find something to do.

5) Made Little Improvement with any Skills Recently

Successful people are always looking to improve upon their skills, even the ones they hardly use. You have so many hidden talents that you’re simply unaware of, because you haven’t even given them a chance to show themselves. Try to explore them and improve your skills at the same time.

Oh, man, now I’m thinking of my writing classes in college. That was a real pain in the ass.

Don’t lose time or focus. Get your money into some business that earns money.

6) No Longer Have any Goals in Life

In order to keep doing things with passion and purpose, you have to make time for them. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, that 10 minutes will add up over time.

I think a lot of people feel like they’re comfortable when they really are not. Some people only feel comfortable when they’re on top. Some people only feel comfortable when they’re on the bottom. And some people only feel comfortable when they’re in the middle.

This is the difference between a hard working individual and a selfish individual. You cannot force an individual to work hard, they have to want to do it. As such, you should always be in favour of the individual that is working hard for their goal, compared to the one that is only working for their own selfish goal.

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