10 Body Language Tips That Will Exude Charisma

The hand that’s in front of the mouth, the one that’s fidgeting with the keys or with the collar, the one that’s constantly looking down in anticipation of the next request–all of that is usually an indication of a money-waster or money-saver.

It’s really important to be aware of what you are communicating to others. You want to give good first impressions, and the way you communicate can either enhance or detract from that impression.

10 Body Language Tips That Exude Charisma

We will have successful interactions only when we understand how others perceive us.

These 10 body language tips will not only boost your confidence, they’ll also help you develop habits that will help you exude success and charisma in your life. You’re going to look very, very great.

1. Sit Up Straight

When you are not interested in where you are, you are bored with that place, and that is a sign of disrespect.

Being in a confident power position with your shoulders back and your feet slightly apart, is not only a good way to fill the space around you, but it’s also a good way to show others that you have power.

Asking questions
We’ve seen that assertiveness is about asking questions, but many people don’t know how to ask questions because they have never been coached in this skill. The following paragraphs will help you to ask better questions that move a conversation in the direction you want it to go.

Start with your legs and thighs on the floor. If you are comfortable, you can bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor.
For the next few movements, try to keep your knees together and your legs straight.

When you slouch you are limiting the amount of space you have to project and the amount of people that will feel your power.

2. Lean In

When people lean in, the people who lean back receive that feeling that their needs are important, and the people who lean in are interested. When we lean in to the other person and show interest, people naturally lean back to share their interest.

3. Make Gestures

People can show their competence by doing cool gestures with their hands.

A presentation is a great opportunity for you to connect with your audience and show them why you’re the best for the job. Don’t be afraid to show gestures or even use your hands. People will see that you’re confident and that you know what you’re talking about.

But on the other hand you can’t show that you’re exaggerating your gestures. If you spread your arms apart, you might lose credibility because people think you’re faking it.

4. Laugh, Smile, and Nod

While you’re conducting your business, you have to have a serious face. Don’t relax and agree with people.

When a listener is confused about how to correctly use a phrase, you are expected to clarify the listener’s misunderstanding by providing additional information.

When you understand what they are talking about, nod.
When you appreciate the person’s thoughts, smile, and laugh.
When they make a joke, laugh.

5. Use Appropriate Eye Contact

It is very important to maintain eye contact. Why do you think that is? The police officer will use this as a cue that you’re not trying to avoid something or you’re not listening. If you want to maintain a good relationship with police officers and you want to be treated fairly, it’s important to maintain eye contact.

When we are having a conversation, we usually look each other in the eyes.

It’s important to always keep eye contact with your audience during your presentation, but it’s especially true for sales presentations. We’re not just talking about gazing directly at your audience, but looking at the person in the middle of the crowd.

To make sure you look confident in a meeting, remember to not over-wink at a person. Winking seems like a fun, friendly gesture, but it can also be a come-on, which you don’t want. Make sure that your eyes stay focused on the person’s eyes when you wiggle your eyebrows and make your face into a big surprised “O” shape.

6. Give a Firm Handshake

It’s hard to get a sense of someone’s character based on a handshake. You can get a sense of how tough someone is, how likely they are to be a jerk, how comfortable they are with themselves, and how smart they are.

This gesture has been practiced around the world for centuries and is used to greet strangers in a friendly manner. Many people take on this habit without knowing its origin, but its meaning is that you want to say hello.

For example, if you are meeting with a friend’s boss, make sure that you are not shaking hands with the person’s hand, but rather with his or her arm.

7. Mirror the Other Person’s Body Language

People like people who make them laugh.

People who are engaged in some physical activity will have a more relaxed and positive body language. It makes them feel comfortable and puts them in a good mood. So use it to your advantage, too.

If the person is facing you, you should also do it.

These should be more calm and subtle, so you don’t get caught. Plus, mimicking facial expressions will make the other person feel an increase of positive feelings from the interaction.

8. Never Cross Your Arms or Legs

When you cross your arms and legs, it means you’re closed off and you’re not taking in anymore or releasing any anymore.

If you’re not, it means you’re closed off to what others are saying. Closed off to other people and other voices.

The difference between you asking if they’re hungry and you inquiring if they’d like some food is the difference between a door being shut on someone and a window being opened.

Remember that arms are there for a reason. Don’t let their presence intimidate any of your interaction.

9. Stand Arm’s Length Away

Stand near someone, then move away, then return. Stand too far and the person will not have the opportunity to decide if they want to engage or not.

10. Be Mindful of Your Blinking

It’s important to remember that eye movement is a powerful way to signal how you’re feeling. If you are smiling and your eyes are not, that can mean you are feeling neutral or unhappy. If you are not making eye contact but you are smiling, that can mean that you are feeling comfortable and confident.

try to relax and if you find yourself blinking more than usual close your eyes for just a moment and reopening to see if may slow them down.


This article about body language has many positive things to say about showing good confidence. You will find more details on using your body to get what you want!

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