8 Signs You Should Become A Life Coach

Life Coaching is a popular career choice for people to pursue these days, with many of them learning the craft and techniques of coaching and helping others to reach their goals.

As a Life Coach, you’ll have to work with all sorts of people, people who are going through different struggles in their lives, people who have different expectations when talking to a Life Coach, and sometimes you’ll be dealing with people having negative attitudes towards your profession and your services.

8 Signs You Should Be A Life Coach

Here are some signs that you have the potential to be a life coach.

1. You Have a Passion for Self Development

The first sign you should become a life coach, is when you don’t have a passion for anything else.

The greatest life coaches, to learn about the world and the people in it, and then be able to transfer that knowledge off on to another person.

Any coach I’ve worked with has seen the raw passion I have for the growth of myself and others. They have seen my dedication to self development in action, and they know that I am a capable coach.

But you’re looking for it in all the wrong places. They’re looking for it behind the scenes. They’re looking for it in the dark. You have to know how to take control. You need to understand that this is a power-based relationship.

2. You Love Helping and Inspiring People

It is very much like being a doctor without a medical school; a pilot without an aircraft license, or a teacher without a Master’s degree. Or in other words, a Life Coach without a proper Certification.

The only way to really improve the world is to change yourself. So if you’re reading this and you don’t want to help people, you’re probably not going to be very happy in the long run.

3. You Can Relate to Others Ambitions and Struggles

If you can remember back to your own life when you felt hopeless and you had no idea what to do in that situation, it can be really useful to reference that memory. Now that you’re a coach, you have the opportunity to not only help your clients understand their challenges in their own life, but you can also use that knowledge to help people in your own life.

A personal relationship with your clients strengthens the help you’re able to give to them, and the bond that you have with them. They’re unlikely to look elsewhere for coaching if you’re able to relate with them in some area or another.

4. You’re a Motivated Individual

What’s nice about working for yourself is the ability to do what you want, whenever you want. It gives you the opportunity to go beyond what the average working person does all day. Your passion for what you do and your desire to succeed gives you a feeling of accomplishment that simply cannot be duplicated in any day job.

I am a motivated person who has a lot of potential.

There is nothing more motivating than finding the best ways to accomplish goals and making sure that you’re constantly reaching them. These are things that you are going to come across in business, just as you’re coming across this article right now.

5. You Like the Idea of Self Employment

It’s not so easy to become a life coach. You need to learn a lot about the field and you need to be at least a decent person to be successful in this kind of profession.

Self-employment means that you won’t have a steady income at first, and it may take some time before you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This was pretty much how I felt when I started working at IKEA because it’s an amazing company and the fact that I can earn much more money than I’m used to working, plus work my hours I want, was exactly what I was looking for.

6. You Have Good People Skills

Good communication skills are very important in this business as you’ll have to talk to people face to face. So you need to learn how to listen and talk to people to get what they need
You can start using these techniques at work too.

People do not understand what you are saying. You have to talk to them clearly to give them the help they need.

7. You’re a Patient & Understanding Person

Having a coach is just one of the many options that people have in searching for a solution-based approach to their problems. It is a method that is still at its infancy, and has been only just recently introduced. It is not a popular approach, but when you’re already hurting, it’s not hard to justify having one.

People might think that your job is not stressful, but it is. You may find yourself at times wanting to give up because there is no end to the negativity and pressure you have to endure, but you must not.

8. You Have Some Experience in What You’re Preaching

Having a qualification in life coaching is an extremely rewarding experience, and by studying with me you will gain the skills, advice, tips and other techniques to help and support you further.

This idea, that when you think about your own situation, you’re thinking about it like a problem, a puzzle, a question. And when you think about the other person’s situation, you assume that the other person is thinking about it as a puzzle, a question, where you have expertise. And that’s a problem.

You could have previously been living a comfortable life and now you feel empty and that you need to make something of yourself. You’ve been lacking motivation and inspiration for so long and it’s time to pick it up again and finally make something of yourself.

As your guide you experience it, know it and do it, just as you do with so many activities of your life.

 I’m going to end off with the below video I found on YouTube that explains in detail the most important traits to have as a life coach.

The Most Important Traits to Have as a Life Coach

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