Dolly Parton Net Worth

Dolly Parton is a famous singer.


Her annual sales in the United States alone are over $100 million, her concerts are sold out for months, and she is one of the highest paid recording artists. Dolly Parton has more than 15 platinum albums. She was the first woman to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and was also inducted into the Billboard Women in Music.

After making her first album, Parton released “Hello I’m Dolly” as her first single.

Early Life

Parton was born in the small town of Sevierville, Tennessee. She is the fourth of twelve children with her father being a truck driver, and her mother being a cook. She eventually got the nickname “Do’l”, which is her middle name.

Dolly Parton was born as Dolly Jean Wade and was named after Dolly Parton. Her father was a musician and her mother was a singer, making Dolly and her sister Judy both feel quite comfortable in music. Bill Owens who was a minister, encouraged the both of them to go ahead and pursue their passion and not worry about the financial aspect.


In the 1980s Parton had an enormous success when she sang the song I Will Always Love You and it was included in an album by the same name. Besides that, she also sung two other songs: “I Will Always Love You” and “My Tennessee Mountain Home”.

She released her first single as a solo artist ‘I Will Be Home’, in 1968 also reaching the country top ten. Her subsequent solo efforts were also successful.

She was the first female singer to receive Grammy Award for a Pop performance. She continued singing ‘Here You Come Again’ over 15 times throughout her career and has won a total of three Grammy Awards.

Her first album was called ‘The Grass is Blue’, it was recorded in 1999 in Nashville, USA. The name of this album is about the time she was starting to study at the Academy of Music in the city of Aarhus in the Danish capital. At the time she was in a relationship with the French jazz musician Michel Crozier, who also participated in the music.

In 1999 she had written a composition for a Disney children’s show, which she later performed live.
In 1999, she had also performed a composition she wrote for the show, for which she was also nominated for an Oscar.

She made her acting debut in the film The Last House on the Left (2009) alongside Abigail Breslin and Chloë Sevigny. She is perhaps best known for her role as Juliet in the romantic comedy/drama film The Notebook (2010).

Parton’s net worth has earned over $650 million in her career.


The singer’s career started with a TV show about a group of working-class people in Tennessee.

Favorite Quotes from Dolly Parton 

“My heart hurts”. Dolly Parton is breaking down in public. Her voice is cracking, she is weeping and she says she is grieving for the loss of this wonderful artist. “I love her so much”, Dolly says and she is just one of the millions of fans who are grieving with her.

It’s not about looks. It’s about style. Dolly’s dress is a great example of style – it fits, it’s beautiful and she looks gorgeous.

Dolly Parton’s quotes on love, life and finding your self-love.

3 Strong Lessons from Dolly Parton 

The world wants to hear about the person behind the person — the
authentic, real person.

1. Reinvent Yourself

The old you will die, and that means your perspective will be lost. If you have a family and children, and the death of aging is something you fear, you will need to face the day-to-day reality of aging. But Dolly makes it okay.

2. Confidence is Beauty

She also inspired the famous and popular Disney character “Elsa from Frozen”. But Elsa wasn’t the first character who was influenced by Dolly.

Dolly’s energy is that of self-awareness

Dolly is an unapologetic, honest, confident woman who has no time for pretense. She shows off her beauty through extravagant costumes and wigs. Because she is comfortable with herself, she is also comfortable with being herself with other people. She has no need to pretend and does not feel the need to put on a show. She is just herself, plain and simple.

3. Diversity and Acceptance Matter

The only thing that is true is that the show Dolly is a lot of fun to watch and it is really funny. Dolly has an incredible sense of humour, she is an amazing actress and she is nice to everyone. In the end she still has a job and I know that’s not always easy.

Dolly may be in her 60’s, but she’s just a kid at heart. She doesn’t feel the need to talk about her age because she likes everyone and is nice.

Yes, but also, because I have a lot of respect for the President’s personal style, I appreciate the fact that he has the capacity to say whatever he wants to say to the American people and not be worried about offending somebody.


Dolly Parton is a famous singer, lyricist, author, actress, business lady, and all-around amazing woman.

The former wife of the musician Charlie Rich and a music composer for years, the singer has won many awards and has written a number of over 3000 songs during her career that has spanned over six decades.

Dolly Parton has a net worth of about $650 million.

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