21 Powerful 2 Chainz Quotes For A Good Day

My favorite quote is I’m a hustler.

2 Chainz is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. The rapper is known for his colorful and often outlandish outfits. He has sold more than a million albums worldwide.

He released his first official solo album called ‘T.R.U. REALigion’. It featured several Drake and Future songs and charted at number one.

He has developed a good relationship with Kanye West and has been featured on the Young Money’s first single ‘Welcome to My World’ produced by West.

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21 Powerful 2 Chainz Quotes For A Good Day

I don’t care what anybody else is wearing. I feel like they’re all waiting to see what I have on. If you really want to know the truth (and I’m not really good at paraphrasing), that’s what I think. They’re waiting to see what I’mma do next.

2 Chainz is comfortable with who he is. He’s confident, yet humble, and he’s definitely comfortable in his own skin. He’s an artist who has no problem wearing a suit. His sense of style isn’t limited by his age or race. It’s just a matter of being comfortable in your own skin and dressing the way you want to.

2 Chainz said that he’s done a song with almost everybody in the game. He also said that his album is coming “very soon’.

When 2 Chainz is not involved in the mixtape market, he is involved in the indie hip-hop market. He talks about a lot of things in his mixtapes, but he talks about himself. For example, in “My Life” he talks about where he grew up, his relationship with his family and friends. He also talks about how he has a lot of money with nothing to lose, which is what most of his mixtapes are about. The reason he doesn’t do many interviews is because he doesn’t like talking about himself.

I honestly believe that if you don’t take the time out to really connect with others, their voices will go unheard, and people may start to forget all that you have to say.

2 Chainz said that he had believed a lot of lies for many years and that when he became a public figure he had to learn to believe in himself and learn to speak his truth.

2 Chainz stated that he wanted to test out his style and see if he could do it.

You must be a working man to be me.

While not having to brag and boast about money is a big deal, being able to pay for all your friends and co-workers is a real blessing.

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Chainz doesn’t want to be defined as a rapper. He wants to be a rapper who can make albums and perform on tours.

I hate being a successful landlord, and I wouldn’t want to be a landlord. All the money went to a lot of my family members, like my mom, my dad. And I used to help them out in a sense.

 2 Chainz revealed that his whole story is just of him having a second chance.

In my opinion, a great way to be yourself is to do what you think is right and don’t listen to what other people say you should do. This quote shows how being your own person and working hard is a great way to make it in life.

It’s really good that 2 Chainz is getting paid to entertain people because I want to be entertained.

The rapper talked about the importance of speaking up and using your voice. He said that people don’t have to agree with each other, but it’s necessary to speak up against injustice.

Music is a great hobby for me, I get to meet new people, see new places and listen to music daily.

If you’re in his presence you’re in his world, you’re about his business, everything is business with him, this is how he is.

2 Chainz said he spent most of his adult life thinking he didn’t matter. When he had an idea, it didn’t matter; he could always be disregarded as insignificant. He’s now realizing that his voice is worth listening to, since it’s an intelligent one.

2 Chainz says he doesn’t have any reason to throw anybody under the bus, and he doesn’t have any reason to disrespect anybody, but he also doesn’t have any reason to lie about somebody.

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2 Chainz is a fan of music and fun. That is why he likes to produce music that makes people enjoy themselves.

21. In the yearbook, he was wearing a pair of chains.


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