50 Sergio Ramos Quotes About Soccer & Success

He is one of the most celebrated and successful footballers of all time. His career started in the Spanish club Real Madrid who is considered the most popular and best club in Europe. He captained the club and has won three European titles. He was also voted the best defender in the world in 2007. He has also received several awards for his performances.

Ramos has established himself as Madrid’s most important player since joining the club in 2011. He has won four La Liga titles, four ‘UEFA Champions League’ trophies and has been named to the FIFPro World11 every year since 2013.

Here is a collection of some of the most inspiring quotes by Sergio Ramos.

50 Sergio Ramos Quotes About Soccer & Success

When the former captain of the Spanish national team said that his team is not invincible, he had the eyes of all people.

I love when compliments come from people who know me and who know the game. I would say I have a great relation with my fans, and I always appreciate to have a great support. And it is not the only time that I have receive these kind of compliments.

Ramos said that they, the players of the Spain team, are always happy to learn from our English audience and are glad that they are respectful of us and our way of playing football.

“I think Pique has never attacked my teammates, apart from the odd personal remarks, but obviously, when he attacks one of our club or our institution, it tarnishes all the rest of what he says.”- Sergio Ramos.

He might have had a point. But the problem with Madrid is that they keep taking money out of the club and not putting it back.

7th of 50 Sergio Ramos Quotes 

One thing about football is that sometimes you get beat.

There is no bigger motivation than playing in a UEFA Champions League final. We need to win. We need to be the champions of Europe. We have the opportunity to win and that is what we are looking to do.

In the aftermath of a defeat, there’s no need to draw conclusions. You should be more concerned with taking action.

I think that losing is one of the worst things that can happen in life since it is something that brings you the most pain.

For the last three matches it seems our opponents have more of a plan of attack against us. We got tired too soon against Barca and now they’ve found another way to hurt us. It would be very difficult to play 100% of every game, and it’s normal if you have injuries or the team decides to rest, but we have to have a plan for all those things and try to solve them.

After almost three years of working with Mourinho, Ramos now feels that he has learned more than he has unlearned.

I have never said that everyone is free to do what they like. However, I do believe that everyone is free to express their opinion. What matters in football is what you do on the pitch, and not what you think in your free time.

Sergio Ramos thinks of himself as a hard working guy and wakes up, ready to continue to work harder.

The Spanish club captain, who has been linked with a move to Barca’s local rivals Real Madrid in the summer, feels he can be more effective if the national team’s top prize is not on his mind.

Sergio Ramos says that the coach is in control of making decisions on who is fit to play each game.

17th of 50 Sergio Ramos Quotes 

It is hard to say. It is very difficult, because he just wants to play and do what he wants and the rules don’t say anything about that. I think that the referees, when they know how the game is played here, they don’t look too much at how the game is played in England, because it is just different. It is easier to play there than here because they need more time to make the decision.

Concentration is needed to avoid making mistakes and to help the team. Concentration is also needed in order to focus on our defensive duties and to help the team.

Sergio Ramos spoke about the importance of the right motivation, so we can achieve success.

Sergio Ramos has already spoken about it.

Ramos is a winner. This is obvious. And I bet he knows that if you’re the best, the worst will come. No one likes to be the best.

The players and the coach have to talk about things that happen off the pitch and to keep relations running smoothly in this period of time where there are a lot of issues.

After the victory on 17 October against Levante, when the manager had given a press conference, the team came together to congratulate the coach and the players.

Ramos says that a bad atmosphere is bad for the team and for the fans.

Sergio Ramos is an experienced centre back and has been in the starting line-up of the Spanish national teams for the last 10 years. With his vast experience and skills, Ramos deserves to be a part of any world-class team in the world. There is no reason why he should not be a part of the current national team.

The player says that he is a great player and yet he is not playing at his best. He thinks that the fans do not believe in him.

Sergio Ramos always wakes up with tremendous enthusiasm.

I don’t agree with Ramos’s attitude. It is good to have competition, but at the same time, when a player is on the verge of retirement, it is not the ideal time to have to spend time with this player.

The day after the game, the Spain captain decided to clarify his comments, and said he meant it as a compliment to Sergio Busquets.

27th of 50 Sergio Ramos Quotes 

This quote makes me giggle. Not because Ramos was claiming Ancelotti had more experience than other coaches, but because Ramos is saying that Ancelotti’s approach to training has made Real Madrid different from the other clubs. That’s what you want to hear from a defender.

The team needs a strong leader who can control all the details and help the team to achieve the desired results. Mourinho is the ideal man for that job, and I’m delighted about it.

Mourinho has shown a preference for certain players over others, with several players going either straight into the starting XI or missing out.

-We are delighted with the support for this team that the fans have given us. We have a huge amount of appreciation for them. We must thank them for their support.

 Sergio Ramos said that Totti will be part of the best list of players in the history of football. The captain of Real Madrid is a fan of Totti, and he is confident that Luciano Totti will be remembered as one of the best.

Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid is the most experienced international player. He has been playing for the national team since he was a teenager.

It’s not easy to play when you’re defending for a team as offensive as Real Madrid.

I have to be truthful and say that I do not recall any incident in which Ramos did not show me a good example of a player. I have learned a lot from him, especially about how to deal with referees and other footballers.

There are many things to say and I don’t want to turn this into a long interview. I think the people of Madrid are a great and unique group. We’ve overcome so many challenges and continue to work on them every day. Thanks to everyone who supported me and put up with me for all these years.

 Sergio Ramos wakes up every day with a smile, and in that sense, he feels the same as he did when he arrived at Real Madrid in 2005.

Yes there is always something to say about football but we should not mix football with politics. I am tired of seeing people make their views about politics into their view on football.

37th of 50 Sergio Ramos Quotes 

Real Madrid always fight for everything right from the start of the season. They always fight for Spain, the Champions League and La Liga.

This quote was taken from an interview Ramos gave to the Spanish newspaper AS in the summer of 2016. Ramos told the interviewer that he takes a lot of criticism from the media, but that he believes the referees give him the ball more than his rivals.

It was not even a week ago that Sergio Ramos suggested the players should stop complaining and be more self-disciplined.

Ramos was criticized for going past the ref by trying to win the ball back in the Champions League final, and he also had a clash with Arturo Vidal in the Copa del Rey final.

“If we concede first, we will fail. It will be a disaster. It’s not that we are trying to avoid anything, but the team’s philosophy is to fight to the end and to never give up”.

“I want to play football for a long time”. Because of the great job we did last year, the fans will not forget us and we can win something in this year.

Sergio Ramos says that he always used to say that, “winning is not just because of these people, and losing is not fair to blame the failures on these people alone.” However, it still doesn’t change the fact that Barcelona lost in the 2009 final and Real Madrid won in 2014, and that the former has won more than the latter in the intervening five years.

The Spanish captain has decided to keep quiet and do his talking on the pitch, instead of trying to make too many speeches.

Totti was a great player and he was great, but he was a little bit too good for Roma. He would have been more valuable to a bigger team. Totti was great for us because he was from our area, but from now on he has to be a great player for Juventus and not just Roma.

In soccer, you’re not the most talented, you’re the most united. It helps to have teammates who can adapt and be themselves.

47th of 50 Sergio Ramos Quotes 

Sergio Ramos said that “Pique has been a great center-back”.

The way Ramos talks there, you could easily imagine he has never seen the Champions League.

For a club of ours, where we can not afford to lose out on quality players – and the manager has given me an even bigger challenge than in the past.

The Spain captain says he wants “to win all” with Madrid. And he believes Madrid are the best team in the world.


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