50 All-time Favorite Sergio Oliva Quotes

I like his quotes because he thinks that people can change the world if they can break their own barriers. I like his quotes because they make sense. I like his quotes because he’s a great person. I like his quotes because they are funny. I love his quotes because he is super cool.

Sergio Oliva was a Cuban bodybuilder. He is best known for defeating Arnold Schwarzenegger at Olympia and winning 20 first place bodybuilding titles. He is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

Sergio Oliva has a long history in our business in the U.S. and has worked with many famous celebrities over the years. What he says is so true and his opinion is great.

50 All-Time Favorite Sergio Oliva Quotes

Sergio Oliva has travelled all over the world attending seminars and exhibitions, including at the World Congress on Engineering (WCIE) and the World Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (WCMA).

Sergio is an Argentinian champion and has won many of the most prestigious bodybuilding contests in the world. He is the only bodybuilder to have won the Mr. Olympia title three times. He’s often referred to as the “king of the south”.

Sergio Oliva has always been known to push his fitness and bodybuilding in a way that is not always the most common. What we do know is that Sergio has a ton of great advice for those who want to get into the hobby of bodybuilding.

Nobody made me, only my God and my heart and the hard work I’ve done.

Sergio Oliva did not rely on anyone to make him who he is. He created his identity by himself.

Oliva was caught while trying to sneak into the U.S. in 1972 with $50,000 worth of gold medals. Oliva was the only Cuban athlete to ever participate in the Olympics and he competed in three games: the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the 1968 Mexico Olympics, and the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Weightlifting is about using the body weight to move a heavy load. You start with a light weight that you are able to lift, but you move to a heavier weight. The goal is to use the muscles you have, rather than relying on muscle you don’t have.

Sergio Oliva is an excellent illustration of the importance of a good education to achieve a successful and self-reliant life.

Sergio, your description of what you did in your day sounds like a lot of suffering and sacrifice. I imagine it took a lot of energy to do that. I also think it sounds like the kind of thing that could make anyone feel kind of tired. But as we’ve just discussed, it’s a lot of stuff that we need to do in order to feel comfortable with our lives, to feel happy with our lives, and also to feel satisfied with our lives. And I wonder if you could be more specific about the kind of work that you did, and how you worked, and what you did.

10th of 50 Sergio Oliva Quotes 

10. Nobody made me except my Lord. I put myself together and I did it by myself.

He won the professional Mr. America uncontested because the others were his friends.

In the 1983 World Wrestling Association, Oliva, with a shoulder injury, was the main event for the heavyweight bracket, beating Super Destroyer (Bob Orton, Jr.) by countout.

Sergio Oliva said that he started doing bodybuilding when he was an amateur.

Sergio’s been blessed by the bodybuilding gods. Sergio was born July 11, 1958 in Havana, Cuba. He was a professional bodybuilder and powerlifter even before Cuba’s revolution. He was a world junior and adult bodybuilding champion. In the end, he placed 3rd in the IFBB Mr. Universe competition in 1983. Sergio also made a successful transition from powerlifting to bodybuilding so he was a natural when the revolution came about. He now teaches training courses in Cuba and the U.S. He also runs his own gym in Havana.

Sergio Oliva began training at 13 years old and now he is 21 years old. He began training with Sergio Urbina. (he’s a very big person) He was trained in the style of a “cane”.

When it comes to nightlife, Cuba’s no longer the place to be. But back in the day, the place to be was in Havana, Cuba. In fact, some say that in those days, Havana nightclubs had more of a party atmosphere than nightclubs we’d recognize today.

The guy who was once known as the “King of Quotes”, Sergio Oliva, once again proves that he’s a master at delivering a profound statement.

For me to play rugby in front of 55,000 people or to score a kick in front of those people was a privilege. There was no other way. I had no other choice but God, and that’s why I am here today.

In the early days of weightlifting, the sport was frowned upon in Cuba, so Oliva became a part of the anti-Cuban squad which helped him get into the sport at that time.

20th of 50 Sergio Oliva Quotes 

Fidel Castro would say that this is a time of plenty. The country’s economic system is highly capitalistic. People are able to live comfortably by getting a job. However, Cuba does not have a free market. There is no such thing as owning anything, including a home, car or motorcycle. All personal possessions are owned by the government. People can only own what they can pay for.

After the shark attack Sergio was the only survivor and he spent the next three days in the ocean, getting his wounds treated and drinking water from the ocean. After getting out of the water, he called his friend Luis and they both came in on a boat to bring him to shore.

Sergio’s strength and size has proven to be the key to his success. Not only has he made waves among the competitors, but he has become a very popular model in the male physique world. He has even been asked to pose for a calendar produced by American Apparel.

Sergio Oliva spoke about the changes since last season, and how he feels more in control of his body and mind this season.

When he first entered the world of bodybuilding, Sergio Oliva said he saw the mirror and was like “Oh my God, you really did it.” He said he couldn’t believe he was able to accomplish it all that he did, especially considering he was a high school dropout, who had a third degree black belt in karate.

He also says this about his wife of thirty years:


Sergio Oliva was known for his violent style of play. He was born in Carapeguá, a city in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Sergio also played for the Brazilian club Corinthians, but he was not given many chances at the time, and he was traded to the Italian club A.S. Juventus. He would win the Serie A championship with Juventus in 2004.

The author is referring here to the period when a worker has a contract with an employer who pays a wage without being able to deduct any expenses for social contributions, health, transportation or other costs.

His diet was so intense that it started right after he won the 1985 World Championship, where he didn’t need to diet any more, or he didn’t need to eat as much.

Sergio Oliva, originally from Argentina, started training with Bob Gajda in April, 2013, at an old gym in Krakow. Bob had become a very good friend and was a very valuable mentor to Sergio, who was a very shy fighter at the start, when he started at Gajda’s gym.

“John Grimek” is a character from the movie Hercules, a former bodybuilding champion and the one who trained Hercules. “Steve Reeves” is a movie actor, the winner of the Best Actor Academy Award for his performance in the movie Ben-Hur.

30th of 50 Sergio Olivar Quotes 

Sergio Oliva and his friend were discussing plans to defect to the United States when they were stopped by Cuban authorities. The authorities told Oliva and his friend to only bring one person into defect. They were told to put their legs outside the boat, but Oliva could not do that and said, no way Jose!

There isn’t much of a need to explain Oliva’s love for food, since we all know he’s a huge eater.

Sergio’s diet is very high in fat. He does not need to drink that much milk. It’s true, the best fat food is olive oil. We eat olive oil with bread, and the best food source of Omega-3 is fish from the ocean.

Sergio Oliva spent his youth on the streets of Monterrey, Mexico, selling CDs and running between classes. But by the age of 22, he was one of the most experienced street rappers in town, as he rapped in a local style, called Loreto. But as he got older, that all changed.

I always worked hard. I always had respect for this team and the club and everything I did, I always gave 100%. I never thought about leaving, of anything like that. I never expected anything from the club or from the president or from the people who were involved.

Sergio Oliva talks about how in 1990 he worked out for WWE and they didn’t care about his size. He also talks about the one person who measured his arms, and that was WWE’s own Arthur Jones, who said that he was the biggest dude he’d ever seen.

When all the people were laying down on the beach and getting paid by Joe Weider, I was working in the factory.

You’ll definitely need to strengthen the small muscles around your shoulder joints for shoulder stabilization and for good posture.

I would like to add that if you are training for powerlifting, a lot of what Oliva is saying is going to be useless to you. He is clearly talking about doing things that would help powerlifters do deadlifts, squats, and bench presses.

I was born and raised by a single mother who did not have a formal education. My parents worked extremely hard for her to get an education, so that she could teach and support us. We were poor and struggled for many years, as did my siblings.

He was at the same time training for weightlifting, for the Olympic games and also training for boxing.

40th of 50 Sergio Olivar Quotes 

Oliva was asked about his first loss in a big tournament and he said he never lost in the big tournaments. However, Sergio said he has experienced a loss that was very hard but he never would’ve thought that he would lose to a fighter he had never faced.

After the death of the wrestler Bruno Sammartino, the wrestler Bruno Sammartino Jr. appeared in World Wide Wrestling Federation to replace Bruno. While working for the World Wide Wrestling Federation, Sergio Oliva was asked to try out for that role.

Sergio Oliva told ESPN that he had never been an “aggressive” person and he had always kept a low profile because of his physique.

Sergio was born in the village that he speaks of. His arms were so big that they were bigger than his head. Sergio was the only one, and he was cold.

Sergio Oliva is the creator of Musclemania, the one of the pioneer of bodybuilding. He was a big influence in my bodybuilding career, because he was the one who first brought to Spain a magazine format (and not the typical newspaper format as we use in the Spanish market). Sergio Oliva (and the magazines he published) were the first to have a magazine format with all the features that we love today: pictures, articles, interviews, interviews, etc.

Sergio Oliva was a professional boxer who fought in the middleweight class. After the retirement, he found an opportunity to get closer to physical fitness and nutrition. After the start, he reached the world champion status.

1) Sergio Oliva said that as an amateur he was not entitled to pay, but as a professional he was paid.
2) Sergio Oliva said that if as an amateur he didn’t get paid, he would continue to be one.

The feeling you get when preparing for the Mr. Olympia is like dynamite, you know you can go all out and kill with your posing.

Many Americans were taking trips to Cuba during the 50’s. Cuba was connected to all of the countries in the world. Americans had no real issue with traveling to Cuba. The big change arrived for the Americans who had money. They couldn’t go abroad without going through a lot of trouble. The change was made after the Cuban revolution.

Sergio Oliva didn’t just want to work and have the same opportunities many Americans have. He wanted to work and have a life like most of his friends. He lived his life the way he wanted to live it and got to the top of his field by doing so.



It’s been 20 years since Sergio Oliva took over from Antonio Banderas in the critically acclaimed “Spy Kids.” This time around, he’s been cast as a father to his “Spy Kids” offspring.

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