50 Famous Residente Quotes & Sayings

I usually listen to Residente’s new material, but some of his older stuff is amazing too. I’m definitely a more modern version of Ricardo Arjona.

The Grammy Awards is held an annual music awards show that was first held in 1958, to honor the best-performing albums and singles in the previous year.
The Latin Grammy Awards is a music awards show held an an annual music awards show that was first held in 2000, to honor the best-performing albums and singles in the Latin music industry.

‘Sin Mapa’ is a documentary about his life, his group and his music. It was released on DVD by Universal Music along with some of his music videos.

____ I am not scared of death. I am scared of failing to live. I am scared of the future. I am scared of a life without a reason to live.

50 Famous Residente Quotes & Sayings

The podcast is about people of Spanish and Cuban ancestry and their different experiences and experiences with ancestral DNA.

Residente needed to connect with the people of Puerto Rico to help him find a new home.

When I was younger, I used to make music in my room. With my older brother, we used to collect sound samples. I’d hear music on the radio and copy the artists’ sound.

The idea here is for others to take note of my actions and maybe also follow suit.

If you have enough money and you can convince someone else to do the job of making a community better, it will make a big difference.

Residente explains that he wanted to tackle certain themes on the album, and follow through on its authenticity through his travels to his native Colombia and Cuba.

The main thing to keep in mind about Trump not being the end of the world is that his actions are only the beginning.

10th of 50 Residente Quotes

When I’m writing a song, whether it be for my upcoming album, or for a specific project that I have, I don’t really think about whether I’m going to get airplay or whether or not it’s going to be more successful than others. It’s all about my feeling — the inspiration behind the songs.

Residente, one of the best rappers in the world, said he’d like to take a break from his recent string of albums. The last few years have been a little rough for him musically, with his last two projects, El Mal Querer and Tren de la Memoria, receiving low ratings. Despite that, he seems to be doing well and recently launched a new clothing line, Residente Artistry.

There was a lot of people at the Wall Disney Concert Hall. It was like a first time for a lot of people to see a concert at the Wall Disney Concert Hall. I think it was nice to see them and also feel the energy.

I’m helping out in the recovery efforts by volunteering. The government is paying me and I’m doing what a lot of other people are doing, and it’s simply helping those affected by the hurricane.

On Saturday August 24, Residente was interviewed in his studio for a new episode of our podcast “What’s Good.” In the interview, the Puerto Rican rapper-producer discussed his new album, Unorthodox, as well as his current struggles in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and his native country.

You can learn a lot from books and paintings, but you can take that knowledge one step further by making a piece of art that reflects what you feel and/or what’s surrounding you.

He makes the music he wants to make because he makes the music he wishes to hear. It is the music he wishes to hear that is the real reason of his existence.

As an example of how the duo connects, Residente told the outlet that they often connect through music–but now he wanted to be precise.

The Cuban-born, multi-platinum artist and DJ said that he often felt like he was small and the world was big.

A war can not be isolated. War is a global phenomenon, because of its ramifications in every country, which makes it a political issue rather than an individual one. As a result, it is necessary to go to war to know more, to ask more questions and to create bonds with the people of the place.

20th of 50 Residente Quotes

 I’m still in that mode a lot, even though I had a number of songs. I’m still trying to get down to a certain tempo. I’m trying to really get into the details of music.

You can hear it in her voice, the way she smiles, and the way she laughs. Even though we are hundreds of miles away, her voice tells America that she is safe.

Residentse is part of the LPD, which is an organization that documents human rights abuses in the police against the Afro-Colombian community. Residentse is known for their work with the Colombian Ministry of Justice and the UN, as well as providing medical services and information to local communities.

The salsa, in the early 80s, was one of the most important types of music. It brought together three basic elements: the sensual, rhythmically, with a lot of percussion; with a very emotional part which is what gave the sound that people were feeling.

It was a really dark and confusing period. He never felt like this before. People weren’t getting his music, and he was really feeling the backlash from being on the wrong side of the political spectrum.

In a quote from Residente, it can be said that the video contains a depiction of aspects of the situation in Africa which were not known.
[Transcription]: In the video, the artist talks about the reasons for the war in Africa and the fight to survive. In this, it can be said that the video contains a depiction of aspects of the situation in Africa which were not known.

 Residente mentioned on the latest episode of Revista Del Sur that he did collaborations for the album that were not like the ones happening in the industry today. Nowadays, artists want to jump on a song because it’s a hit and doing so well. They’ll do it even if the collaboration doesn’t make sense.

The Philharmonic was a new energy because they were standing up and singing and cheering. In a way they were also celebrating the moment too. Usually, people stay quiet and listen. They were listening but they couldn’t resist dancing!

The song is about a period in his life when he was a teenager, where he was a part of a gang and used drugs. He feels that he can’t go back to that because it might affect the rest of his life.

30th of 50 Residente Quotes

People in Puerto Rico are starting to realize that there is no help coming from the government or the United States. They are starting to realize that their problems are only going to get worse.

I have a mixed crowd. People from different neighborhoods: some of my people and some of their people.

Puerto Rico’s Residente has been one of the most outspoken artists about the Puerto Rican debt crisis. When he released his album ‘Llamada Boricua’ in 2017, it was a powerful anti-government anthem.

33. I have a priority order, and the first one is not to sell, it’s to challenge myself and make good music. It can be selling a lot of music, just that the music be good.

While this may have been said in an interview with a Spanish reporter on April 7, the song came about because of the recent political turmoil in Venezuela.

As a result of the success and fame that his music has received, Residente has decided that music is not enough to sustain him; he needs to be able to spend time with his children and he wants them to grow up in a different world than today’s.

When you try to make music for money, you end up missing the magic of making music. When you focus on your art, then you don’t ever have to worry about money.

I mean if you’re in Africa and you’re trying to get a beat from Africa, you go to Africa and work directly with a tribal voice.

Â!Residente! A Puerto Rican DJ named Residente was in NYC yesterday, so I had to go check him out. I did. I actually liked what I heard more than what I expected. For starters, the first track was good. In fact, it was better than the version that I heard elsewhere. From there, Residente brought back the past with two tracks that are definitely worth listening to. He also did a good job at closing it with yet another great track. It’s all good- you don’t have to worry. I’ll give you more info about Residente later.

Well, I’ll take the laughs and definitely the happiness. When it comes to making us all cry and thinking about the things that make us happy, that’s pretty standard of course.

40th of 50 Residente Quotes

Although Puerto Rican artists like Residente and other artists are not eligible to vote in the United States, they have managed to become important political figures, such as Residente, who was elected mayor of their town, and other Puerto Rican artists such as Bad Bunny and Ozzy Osbourne.

The whole experience really taught me to embrace humanity, to look at humanity in its most basic sense, but also the basic principles for being human.

-He always knew my music, which was why I invited him on tour.
-He told me that he was going to be big, but I didn’t know at first.
-I met him in my first concerts when he was singing at the Teatro Martí in Bogotá, and he was a lot smaller.
-I saw him grow very fast and after becoming a success I have seen him in festivals and huge concerts.

Residente says that Ruben Blades inspired and has influenced his music. He’s like the Jedi Master.

I’m not sure if I agree with this, but in all honesty I appreciate any type of art including visual art, music, dance, sculpture, etc…. I mean sure, in many cases people don’t like or understand what is going on with the art, but as long as it is being made and someone is enjoying it, I can’t complain.

This one’s not a concept album but it was written around the same time, it’s called ‘We Come As A World’. It’s not as heavy as his other work, and that actually was a challenge for him, not as heavy, but I like to think this is what he’s been waiting to release.

Well if you look at the way they’re acting in Puerto Rico it is clear that we need to move fast to avoid a total disaster. And there are people already doing what they can with what they have for Puerto Rico. I’m doing my part.

We all remember and learn from the world events we experience, but sometimes we just need to keep our heads up. If you are feeling helpless then you are part of the problem. There is power in being an artist in this world.

I’m helping monetarily, and by distributing water to people who need it most.

Â!Aqui voy! I needed to explore another level of reality, outside the confines of the studio.


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