21 Motivational Gareth Bale Quotes About His Career

Gareth Bale is a Welsh footballer who plays for Spanish Club Real Madrid. He is a winger. He also plays for the Wales national football and rugby teams.

Bale has been acclaimed from his peers, who have stated that he has great speed, great crossing ability, a great left foot, and exceptional physical qualities.

You can’t get a better player than Gareth Bale. As a person, he has got the makings of the World Cup winner. I think he can be a great leader. He works hard. He is very strong in the mind. I am convinced he will have a great World Cup – he is my player of the tournament so far.

21 Gareth Bale Quotes

 The Real Madrid captain thinks the Wales international could play more as a central midfielder while he’s on the pitch with Ronaldo and other attacking superstars. However, he added that he can adapt his game to his teammates and opponents.

Gareth Bale said that he wasn’t sure whether he had said that he thinks that Julen is better than Zidane. It’s hard to tell what he’s saying.

While growing up in North Wales, the Wales international had a close friendship with the likes of David Beckham and Ryan Giggs. In 2005, Bale scored his first senior international goal and has since then become a key player for the national team.

Gareth Bale said in an interview that he was excited to play for Real Madrid and it was a dream for him.

Gareth Bale says, that the most important thing is not to spend all your money, but to invest wisely in your team.

Gareth Bale said he would prefer to play in Spain and said that the La Liga is the best he’s ever seen.

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8. “I’ve certainly not got any famous people’s numbers on my phone. It’s just not my thing, really.” – Gareth Bale

The Welshman said that he believes that the La Liga is the best league in the world.

He wants to play in the Champions League. And it’s Spurs’ ambition to start qualifying for the Champions League on a consistent basis.

 It has been a long, uphill battle for the Spurs to get back into the Premier League, but they did so with a 2-0 win over the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United. The Spanish game against Atletico Madrid is an excellent test for the team, and hopefully they can continue the good form and keep a clean sheet.

I’ve gone with the quote above from Gareth Bale. As you’d expect, he’s talking about the Champions League. The quote itself is from his 2013 Ballon d’Or acceptance speech, in which Bale stated that his best performances came against the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“I was 15 and I was a big problem for myself and for my family.”

In the summer of 2017, the club opened a medical centre to help the young player to recover his form. After a while, he started to get back on the right track.

The Welshman is a computer whiz and a regular at the Playstation and X-box. He also likes to watch television as well as playing computer games. He’s a good boy.

I don’t believe we have won the Champions League with a lot of people in the squad (apart from Víctor Valdés), but it was still an amazing feeling for me to score in the Champions League final.

The football player, Gareth Bale, lived in his bedroom because he was always watching football. He used to look out of the window to his watch. He told the interviewer that he was always thinking about when he could go back to the football field and play.

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In the year of the golden boy, we look back on the game when Gareth Bale was a kid. You can watch his first professional game, an academy match against the Barcelona youth team in 2004, and you can still see that boy he was.

Bale was disappointed not to start the match against the Seattle Sounders, but the Tottenham midfielder did not seem too concerned about it. He’s already started three matches for Tottenham this season.

It’s a team game, but I want to make an impact. I am very disappointed that I am not starting tomorrow but I believe this is a team game and it’s all about the team.

Gareth Bale said that playing for Real Madrid is a game of 11 people. When you’re a sub, it’s a game of more than 11 players starting the game. You have to make an impact and I did.

Gareth Bale said that he needs to play week-in week-out but hasn’t been able to because of some reason or another.


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