50 Powerful Saweetie Quotes That’ll Motivate You

Oh, I can’t remember the exact quotes but I really liked the one where he talked about his dad, how he’d take him to the beach, and then go out for a sailboat.

She is also part of the YouTube channel ‘Saweetie Family’. She has released two EPs and three mixtapes since 2010. She has collaborated with various artists and has won numerous awards for her work. Her debut album was a worldwide success.

While Saweetie doesn’t just sing, she also writes, produces, and writes and records her own tracks. She writes all of her original songs and records her own music.

So, I like to get in a good workout, do some stretching, and then do some sit ups.
So, I will do like, a full body workout. And then I’ll do some
stretching, maybe some jumping jacks, and then I’ll do some sit ups.
And, then I’ll like hang out with my friends and have a good weekend.

50 Powerful Saweetie Quotes That’ll Motivate You

1. After graduating, I didn’t have the resources to go to the

The ‘original’ is a ‘paraphrase’, but when you combine them, you end up with the original sentence.

She says that she’s always been proud of her skin color and that it never stopped her from being who she was. She adds that she’s the same with her music.

As I mentioned earlier, Saweetie has been very active in the world of the Korean Wave. From being the first K-pop group to get a US deal on MTV2’s TRL, to being the first Korean artist to get the chance to perform at the United States’ biggest music festival, SXSW. She continues to be an active figure in the K-pop world.

She attended an after-school program during the day and a local performing arts high school at night, and was able to make a name for herself in her local music scene.

Saweetie’s style went from writing poetry a cappella to writing over beats, and it was way more exciting to her to write over beats.

The “Different Emotions” song is one of my favorite songs from Saweetie. The music video is a perfect representation of the song. It shows Saweetie dancing around as two different people and playing with different instruments. I also like how the music video is very colorful and fun.

I think because I was educated and because I’m a student, I’m so open and I’m a sponge, and I just wanna learn everything to make sure everything is perfect.

I use an eyelash curler to get the eyelashes to come out at weird angles because we do not have enough money to go do fill ups.

It’s time. We are ready to start. We’ve been waiting so long. We are ready to take the next step. We are ready to create, and we are ready to learn, and we are ready to build.

10th of 50 Saweetie Quotes

One of the first hip-hop artists that Saweetie listened to was Young Money. This is the group that Big Sean is a member of. He is one of the most beloved rappers from the Young Money camp.

After she worked as a bartender in the ‘burbs of America, she decided to move to New York and make music. She met other rappers at one of her shows and they encouraged her to do music, which she did, and now she has a record deal with Epic Records.

My audience is very diverse as far as the ethnicities and the ages. I have people aged 7 to 70.

As we watch her go through this new growth, it feels very therapeutic and empowering to see her confidence grow.

Saweetie used to spend hours in her kitchen mixing weird concoctions of Kool-Aid and baking soda. She would dye her hair bright pink, green, blue, or sometimes even purple. The crazy thing was that she actually liked how it looked.

Saweetie was nervous and anxious for a reason, since she was about to debut as the main artist of the night. Her performance was everything that was expected to be and more, as those who were at the Bowery Ballroom were there to witness an incredible performance. A live vocalist, pianist, a great story teller and performer were all in one. If you weren’t at the venue you missed one of the best shows of the summer.

While people can enjoy doing regular things, it is even harder to be at multiple tables than it is to be at one table, since people can take photos and video of anything. The potential for misinterpretation increases with the amount of people involved.

Saweetie took a lot of criticism when she said that she was going to go crazy. She also said she was going to reach all her goals which she did. So you can’t say anything bad about that comment.

Saweetie’s music has always been honest, but she is currently making music with an all-new sense of honesty. Her music will be a bit more straightforward than before because of this.

Saweetie loves helping other people and she wants to have many streams of income, but she doesn’t want to be rich. She says that to be wealthy you need seven streams of income, so that’s her goal. She has a big family. She wants to take care of everyone.

20th of 50 Saweetie Quotes

Saweetie was one of the most famous Asian American influencers on the platform, and while she didn’t like to be on camera, she’d happily answer questions on her Instagram and Snapchat.

This year, the world celebrated World Cancer Day on 4.4.18.

It’s a day where we remember those whose courage and determination to fight cancer, and the courage of those who have dedicated themselves to its research and prevention, are an inspiration and are helping us all to live in a better world.

Saweetie says that she never gets a moment of sleep and is very active. However, as a result of taking on so many opportunities, she was able to get out her music and brand to the world, eventually becoming known as a multi-talented artist.

Saweetie’s self-motivation and drive to be successful lead to great success. She took some risks and decided to pursue Icy with her passion, persistence and creativity. She believed in herself and her talents and was willing to put in the work.

There are certain things that are not in our power and we can only hope that we’ll be successful. I also want to say that I’m not trying to be mean, but I have my own morals that I live by myself. People should learn to respect your work and your own will, and if they don’t it’s fine, you’ll succeed anyway.

“When I got in the business, I didn’t look at myself as a rapper. I was trying to be a fashionista and I didn’t even like rapping. I thought it was boring. I’m good at fashion, so I did all these Instagram posts about that, and my following skyrocketed. I didn’t realize that I was kind of playing into the stereotype of the girl rapper. I just wanted to be a rapper that did fashion. But my label kind of forced me into it. I like fashion and I like rapping, so I needed to do two things.”
— Saweetie on her label’s refusal to sign her.

I grew up very fast because of the bad influences at my home. But now I’m a responsible person. I’m working hard to improve my family’s fortunes and to help all those who need my aid.

She decided to give music her all. If it didn’t work out and she had to move home, fine. She had to give it 100%.

The main reason I can relate to this quote is how I see myself. I am not very open about my sexuality being bisexual, because I am not very comfortable with it. But I am open about it on the inside. I will not tell everyone I know, because I am scared of getting attacked. But I am happy to tell people I interact with on daily basis.

30th of 50 Saweetie Quotes

When she’s done with her makeup, Saweetie can’t wait to treat her skin to a day of peace and quiet.

 It seems like the more we get comfortable in our careers, the more we tend to forget they’re there. I feel like it’s more about being true to yourself than thinking that people could be judging you.

There is a lot of pressure especially if you are the main one that holds the whole thing together.

Another point I wanted to mention is that, Saweetie and I met on Twitter, so having her as a part of my team is really awesome. And I like to make her feel like she is part of my team as much as I can. I know that I have to make sure that she’s working as well as possible but I want her to be part of the team and not feel like shes on her own in this whole thing.

Saweetie grew up in a home where women were strong and confident. Even though many people think of her and her father’s relationship as unusual, she doesn’t deny the respect her family’s had for each other and her mother.

Saweetie grew up in Hayward and Larkspur. Her childhood home was in the Berkeley hills, a big apartment community that has since been torn down.

After releasing a string of successful mixtapes, Saweetie became the first ever unsigned artist signed to Metro Boomin’s 1017 Records in 2017. However, Saweetie’s career is not just a success story. It is a tale of success, perseverance, dedication, and hard work.

Saweetie says she loves to perform for her audience and she loves seeing other musicians perform too. She also loves to be inspired to keep doing good work.

Saweetie says that when she was a student she was inspired by rappers with dropped out stories. She says that as a college student, she hears these rappers talking about “dropping out” and this made her want to go back to school too.

When she’s feeling down, Icy Girl is her anthem of inspiration. She’s a fan favorite in the music industry and a powerful songstress. She wants to promote new artists, especially female artists. She even created the project ‘Crazy Icy Girl Girls Club’ to help young girls from around the world become singers. She even performed at the American Music Awards.

Saweetie is an American rap artist who was inspired by seeing her mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers all look good every day.

40th of 50 Saweetie Quotes

Saweetie also talks about the fact that she cares so much about her relationships with her friends and family. She also mentions that she takes care of her body by eating healthily and going to the gym. She also mentions that she prays a lot, which I think is really important to show that religion is a major part of her life and that she is trying to live a life of devotion to God.

Saweetie has been doing really well with her project over the past few years. She has even made headway with the mainstream rap community after making a name for herself on the scene. In addition to her rapping, she is also an actress and singer and has been working on her own label to see her voice on the charts as well.

This is probably the most interesting quote. Saweetie really likes hot Cheetos, and she seems to have a good sense of humor about it. She is a pretty funny person in general so I think she knows how to make a joke about herself.

This is so true. The EP is just a little taste for when you have more time. I think an album is a more important or impressive project. I think all the songs are better on the album, and I think the whole thing comes together as a stronger unit.

I was wondering, how does your band feel about the label? There’s been a lot of controversy recently about labels and the lack of representation from indie labels.

“Social media has changed the artist and music industry. If you aren’t on social media you’re missing out.” Saweetie added he always had a plan B and C in case of a song flop.

Saweetie said in an interview that her schedule is very full, but when she has time and thinks about all the great things that have happened to her, it’s just mind-blowing.

– The Saweetie makeup looks are pretty much always a step ahead from other look.
– I love her lip glosses, which are so soft and make my lips look super smooth.
– She says she likes it to look nice, dewy, glowy and to be perfect.

In the beginning, Saweetie was listening to just the east coast rapper 2Pac, and when he started listening to more rappers, he realized how much 2Pac influenced the rest of the west coast rappers. This shows how he was influenced by east coast rap that he wasn’t aware of until he started listening to other west coast rappers.

Saweetie is a rising star in the hip-hop world, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. After taking the industry by storm with her single, “Bath Water”, she’s set on furthering her career in the world of music. She’s an interesting rapper, capable of making a beat seem beautiful, but her delivery is a bit…off. And her name is not even Saweetie… Her first name is Sheena, which sounds strange after the last five names.

So a label that really goes off isn’t a label that is always going to be supported, and it’s important to me that labels are supporting all women.

Saweetie has been making music in her young life, and she’s been taking in the world around her and her dreams. She’ll be giving us more to listen to this year.


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