25 Powerful And Inspirational Timbaland Quotes

Timbaland produces for artists including Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Kanye West and Usher.

 In this collection of Timbaland quotes, I’ve listed some of his most inspirational quotes, such as “Let’s go back to where we started from” and “You’re so good in the studio, you’re so good in the game”.

I’m not really a rapper. I make music. I’m not a rapper.

25 Timbaland Quotes

In the music business, you have to be able to identify who is hot and who will be a star before they become stars. You have to be able to identify the trends. So you need to be able to recognize these things early.

People who listen to Timbaland are accustomed to a lot of musical variations and unexpected turns, which also helps him with his musical decisions; the best example being how he changed the production of “Say My Name” from a piano-based song to a very powerful beat. He’ll also sometimes let his ears guide him.

I mean, there’s no way Timbaland can go and stay on some private island somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Timbaland has to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

In life, I know somebody in every culture.

People sometimes think I’m crazy. I really think they do.

Just because you can let go of something, it doesn’t mean it’s done.

I’ve been through some junk. It didn’t all go the way it’s supposed to, but I’m not gonna lie.

Timbaland says that hip-hop is boring because of the lack of innovation and originality.

9th of 25 Timbaland Quotes

It’s hard for me to compete with a Timbaland. I’m above everybody, and I’m going to leave the competition behind.

Timbaland is talking about the whole music industry. The people who smile in your face are the ones who give you a good reputation, but you can find out that they are actually hating you deep inside. The same thing happens with all of the business world.

Timbaland was in high school and wanted to become a DJ. When he bought a Casio keyboard, he started to sample sounds he liked. He said he was able to create a lot of different sounds using the keyboard.

Timbaland made a comment about how he believes the music comes from God. I thought it sounded more like he was talking about the divine power or strength of his music. I had intended to use the word “soul” when I put this into this paraphrase, but the idea of “soul” came across as very religious.

If an artist stays together long enough, the work will be better.

He made two records, The Way It Is and Shock Value, that he didn’t think were that hot, and he just wanted to clear the air. He’s saying that he doesn’t think there is any beef with anybody.

Timbaland said that he has a lot of ideas whirring around in his head.

  Timb will use just about anything in the studio including rakes, spoons, cans, hammers, and a hammering, driving and pounding, banging and clanging, banging and clanging, banging and clanging, banging and clanging sound.

He is not like the average one. He has a different style and way of writing music and making songs.

18th of 25 Timbaland Quotes

As an artist, Timbaland, even though he has not earned it, has made an impact far greater than his peers. He has created the largest market in rap music, and he has used his position to help thousands of artists, producers, designers, and other industry “hustlers” rise to the top of the game.

Timbaland is a well-known producer who has released many rap and hip-hop songs. Timbaland has also won Grammy awards, including a Grammy for Best R&B/Soul Album. The Grammy Awards are awards given to musicians and bands for artistic and technical excellence in the recording industry.

For example, in a recent interview, Timbaland revealed that he loves working out.

Timbaland has a lot of respect for various types of music, which he considers are all the same and he doesn’t give a fuck about what it is called as long as it makes you feel good.

Timbaland said that if he was married to Iggy Azalea then she would probably be a lot happier than she is now.

I used to make music like Timbaland when I was a teenager. I wrote all my own songs. I wrote about half the stuff I wrote at 15,16, and 17. I’m just giving some credit where its due.

24th of 25 Timbaland Quotes

I’m not too concerned about that. I am more concerned about us being able to get our career in a position where our personal life doesn’t have to get in the way of us doing what we are doing.

There’s a lot of things that Timbaland would like to do, and he would like to bring the street to pop. That’s very unusual; I don’t know if that’s something that everyone has thought of. You have to ask different people when you’re working on a project.


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