23 Fearless Jordan Belfort Quotes That’ll Motivate You

Jordan Belfort, the author of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, is actually a former stockbroker that was found guilty of multiple fraud crimes involving penny stock scams and stock market manipulation.

He was a broker at the firm which was trading millions of dollars in stocks using a ‘pump and dump’ scam.

Some people are smart, smart people are capable of doing things that other people may not be capable of doing.

1. “A major purpose of a business is to create goods or services, to have a positive long-term impact on the customer and society.

23 Genuine Jordan Belfort Quotes

If you want to become Rich, you need to learn how to get Rich, or at least, be really good at learning and using the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in becoming a rich person.

1. “Don’t do a single fucking thing until you get this report.”
2. “You are going to wait for the report?
We are going to wait for the report?”
“Well, why don’t you come here right now then!”
3. “We’re going to wait for the report.”
Why fucking wait for the report? Fuck the report!

When communicating with others, we should use words that demand rather than invite.

You have to live your life to a certain set of standards. If you let everybody walk all over you, then you’ll end up hurting yourself and everyone around you.

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You need to be willing to do many things just to get started in life. If you have a job or a profession today, you must know that you can change your life by doing things differently. You can start earning money today by doing things which you are not doing today. You can build a career today by doing things which you are not doing today. You can make a new friend today by doing things which you are not doing today. You can make new success today by doing things which you are not doing today. And there is no limit to the things that you can accomplish in life if you are willing to do them.

Whether you say ‘I can’t’ or ‘I can’ you’re right either way.

No matter what happens in your past, you are not your past, you are the resources and capabilities you glean from past events, and that is the basis for all change.

Creating something of value is the easiest way to make money. For example, if you create a new, reliable product, you can offer it for sale. You don’t need to spend time or money marketing your product. You can focus all of your time and money on making and creating the product itself.

As the author states before his demise, the reason why he committed such a heinous crime is because he was “too much of a coward” to live out his life. I couldn’t help but think of the quote from Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining: “Here’s Johnny! Anybody home?”.

Jordan Belfort says that if you give people a good enough “why”, they will always figure out the “how”.

You should not care about things that happened in the past. All you need to look forward to is the future.

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Success is about failing forward. You have to start with not getting what you want. Then it’s about figuring out what more you can do.

The real Jordan Belfort had to convince his rich clients to pay him to get them rich, while the fictionalized version has to convince his poor customers to pay him to get them rich via a scam.

This is a great quote. I’ve never heard of it before; but I can remember
someone else using it before. It is very true, and I think it also
applies to marketing. If you want people to become aware of your
product, you should be telling them about it.

 The reason Jordan Belfort is still alive is because he knew how to make money. If you are a dream stomper, people like Belfort are going to crush your dreams.

If you’re looking for a quick and dirty way to make money, then Jordan Belfort’s book is a perfect resource. It’s also the basis for a really good screenplay. I’d say it’s less like reading, and more like watching a movie.

Average people have no idea how to succeed and just follow the rules, which leads to average results. While the rules may seem hard, if you know how to work hard and adapt, you will succeed.

Have a vision of your future that makes you want to walk out your front door and have a great day.

You have to learn to see patterns in everything, and develop your intuition, and learn to see those patterns. You need to learn to see patterns in books, in human behavior, in success, and things in life.

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