50 Joe Biden Quotes & Sayings

Joe Biden has always been good at coming up with some memorable quotes. Here are a few that I found interesting.

Joe Biden was elected as the president of the USA. He defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Biden joined the Senate in 1973. During his time in the Senate, he helped to pass the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Violence Against Women Act.

Biden said that he was not a virgin, so he does not think he can run as an innocent man from the 1990s.

50 Joe Biden Quotes & Sayings

Biden: Oh it is a live ball. No it is a live ball. We’re gonna have to do that. And you’re gonna find there’s a lotta conservative constitutional scholars who are saying it as well.

Joe Biden said that Russia is a greater threat to American national security because of what is happening with the Trump administration. He said that he believes that Russia is interfering with US elections and that Trump has not taken a serious stance against Russia.

Joe Biden is saying that Donald Trump is very ill, mentally unstable, and is at an edge of being a threat to himself and others. Biden is saying that it is a danger that the United States is at the brink of having a man at the helm of the White House that is not in control of his own mind.

No one has seen a political campaign that is more consistently negative than the Biden campaign. It’s been about as consistently negative as the Trump campaign. It’s a campaign about attacking the president and his supporters rather than presenting any positive agenda the voters might have any interest in.

The Supreme Court is a political hot potato with the Democratic Party. All they do is to take away rights and they know that they cannot win a fair and balanced election with that in mind.

I am not confident about anything either. I might be lying. I have a secret plan to end all of this.

Biden claimed that there’s no need to impose a total lockdown or quarantine on the economy in the United States. He thinks that the economy will rebound if people just remain calm and do their part to stay healthy.

Joe Biden is saying that if we just make a corporation pay 15% minimum tax then we could collect $400 billion in taxes from corporations.

Biden claims that he wants to give a tax breaks to the middle class, but his plan is going to be a tax increase for people making less than $400,000 per year, according to the nonpartisan organization, The Tax Policy Center.

10th of 50 Joe Biden Quotes

In 2016, after the American public learned that Biden had touched women with his hands without their consent, they were not eager to hear his thoughts on the importance of electing a Democrat to the White House. They were even less keen on his statements that he’d be an “honorary Caucasian” on the campaign trail.

Biden thinks that Putin’s threat to “punish” Ukraine is nothing compared to what he could have done in the past. Biden says if Putin becomes president of Russia someday, he will “punish” him. Biden does not believe that anything Russia could do would be worse than what he expects Putin to do if he ever becomes president of Russia.

I’d like to see what the Vice-President thinks is a “different world?” The world of 1950s or the world of 2016? I think we have to make sure that the world he lives in is one that reflects us as Americans. We are an increasingly diverse nation, we are a nation that lives in the inner cities and the suburbs, we are a nation of people who come from different backgrounds. We are a nation that has evolved and changed. Let’s not bring back a time in our country, when people were treated with suspicion or even hatred.

“Democrats are in a minority at the Court.” As for Biden, he has no fear that he will be replaced. He has a lifetime appointment.

Biden claimed that Trump had sent American products overseas. In fact, it was the other way around. America had more than $180 billion surplus trade with China in 2017, and that year it was the US that sent more Chinese products overseas.

What Joe was trying to say is that Obama would be the smartest person if he had dementia. He also pointed out that they had to call him because he couldn’t speak for himself or he would go crazy. He made a comparison between Obama’s memory loss and dementia.

As a former two-term Vice President, Joe Biden is in the midst of a comeback of sorts, even though he hasn’t held a major office since 2013. This election, however, he has a chance of a first, becoming the first white non-Republican VP to be chosen by a Democratic candidate. His campaign has been riding a wave of success, culminating with a strong showing in the Iowa caucuses.

No promises. We’ll work things out. Biden is making a guarantee that doesn’t mean anything.

 I’m wondering why Joe Biden is so confused about the election. He has spent the last 7 years telling people that they are not as important as he is. He has told them that they can’t trust their own government and he has told them to be afraid of the terrorist threat. Yet he is now confused about what is going on. We need to do a better job of helping Bernie Sanders supporters understand what really happened in 2008 and 2012.

20th of 50 Joe Biden Quotes

I said that when I was campaigning in ’08 because I was told I was not allowed to say anything else, that we were not allowed to talk about anything else. You guys covered it.

I want to ensure that my campaign is one of the best-run campaigns in the history of the Democratic Party.

Well, here’s the reason he’s not going to be able to achieve that with any kind of funding. The money has been taken away from community colleges. He has to make it back from a source somewhere. And since he’s not willing to cut Social security or Medicare or Medicaid, he’s not going to be able to make it back.

The problem is that Biden supports the bailouts, including the recent bank bailout, and therefore supports the accumulation of wealth, for example, by the banks that are bailed out.

Biden would appoint a 21-member commission to draft a new court system and then have the commission make recommendations. The commission would be made up of liberal, conservative, and moderate members. Biden has spoken about the idea before. After he was defeated in 2008, he released such a white paper. He has also talked about the need for a neutral party to make such a report.

I don’t know if I would say it’s a patriotism; I would say it’s a responsibility, and for some people it’s a necessity.

From a number of sources, especially the New York Times, we know that in 2016, Giuliani was being fed disinformation from the Russians and that Putin wants to spread disinformation about Joe Biden.

I think Joe Biden is worried the government is going to take away his free testing and drug tracing. He doesn’t think the government should be controlling how much people earn. He thinks the government should just be controlling how much people spend.

Scientists say that we will all be gone in a few decades, but it’s not going to be pretty. Biden is probably referring to climate change. It’s a fact that scientists say is going to cause major catastrophic damage to the environment by the year 2100.

Joe Biden said we need to fundamentally change the way we deal with racism in the U.S. when he said we need to fundamentally change the way we deal with institutional racism.

30th of 50 Joe Biden Quotes

He probably wouldn’t run against Biden, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did run against him. Trump’s record is weak compared to the experience of his opponents. When it comes to foreign policy, for example, Trump’s record is less successful than Obama’s.

As a former presidential candidate himself, Biden has a unique perspective regarding the current state of the Democratic Party and the potential for the Democratic Party to remain strong.

Joe Biden said: “I’m going to make sure you’re represented.” At the beginning, his campaign said that the goal was to reach out to “every single voter out there.” However, the candidate has since clarified that he was trying to reach out to all voters – including people who did not vote for him.

The Biden campaign is a joke. His policy is to make America the laughingstock of the world, to have the rest of the world despise us. He wants to bring illegal immigrants here, so he can be a laughingstock to the world.

34. Mr. Trump’s attacks on Biden are based on the notion that Biden is illegitimate and is trying to take advantage of Biden’s family’s name to gain power.

“There is no conflict between law and order and dignity. They are one and the same”.


The following are your sentences.

All I hear are the people clamoring to take away our hard-earned freedoms; to strip us of our rights as Americans.

Joe Biden is feeling lucky today on his prediction of a hard fought Democratic Primary.

Joe Biden said that the super-wealthy shouldn’t have to pay 39.6% in taxes, and that if you’re a millionaire, then you should be able to get away with paying no taxes.

On the topic of health and the issue of life expectancy, Joe Biden says that he thinks that what we need to do is invest more money into health care.

He just made the decision of this commission.
[Sung In English]: I think we should wait for the results of this commission.

40th of 50 Joe Biden Quotes

Biden said people who commit crimes should be arrested. He said he has never supported defunding police. He also said people breaking windows should not be arrested.

The second quote we’re using is from Bernie Sanders.

In the past, President Trump’s political opponents have claimed that he is mentally unfit for office. This goes back to Donald Trump’s “low IQ” comments about his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton during the presidential debates (2016).

Joe Biden was also very pleased that there was a strong turnout and there would be more people voting for Joe Biden, “especially in the early voting states”. Joe Biden added that the crowds would be “overwhelming”.

Biden said that China and India are the biggest competitors to America. He believes that America’s best way to handle both China and India is to maintain and increase its budget spending.

It’s great that Black people have opportunities in this economy, but it’s amazing that we have to remind Biden that Black people are qualified for those opportunities.

Biden has not explained how people in rural areas will be able to get kits, given how expensive they are and that many people live far from health care providers. It is unclear how Biden would get testing kits to the rural areas and for the homeless, as he says he wants to bring back the summer meals programs.

According to Joe Biden, Donald Trump has said that we are learning to live with it. People are learning to die with it.

President Trump has consistently talked about how he is a defender of the Constitution and a constitutional conservative. Joe Biden wants to have a government that makes the laws and then issues regulations. Joe Biden has a disdain for the Constitution and wants to increase the size of government and reduce liberty. Biden will destroy the Constitution in order to have a socialist government as the law of the land.

Joe Biden said that the $700 billion bailout bill was an opportunity for President Obama to “right the tax code” and make sure that billionaires like Warren Buffett were paying their fair share.

I believe that what we also need to do is we need to help the countries of the world, especially in the area, like Iran, where I hope we can create a coalition of great powers so that we can bring about, we can create the necessary sanctions, and he will feel the pressure that they feel and we can get the deal. I have no problem doing that. I think that is the only way we can bring about a change in their behavior.

The Democratic candidate said that the president’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic is “absolutely, totally, totally irresponsible.” This phrase shows how Joe was talking about COVID-19.


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